10 common problems on iPhone 6 and how to solve them

IPhone 6 problems

We all know the problems that the new iOS 8 is giving and we wait for the update like May water, but we must be aware that this update will not fix all problems with which we can find in our terminal.

The list of iPhone 6 problems It is wide (it is also valid for the iPhone 6s), but the most common are the ones that we are going to analyze and we will expose a way to fix them while waiting for the update, this or the next, in which it is fixed directly.

If you have a iPhone 7, do not miss what are your most common faults and how are they solved

How to fix iPhone 6 battery problems

All updates have a negative impact on the battery life of the terminal and iOS 8 has not prevented it. We have to have a more general vision of this problem and understand that the use of the battery is also determined by usage pattern that we give him, this is why I do not think Apple does no improvement in this regard in future system updates.

There are many things we can recommend, but the best thing is that look the recommendations we have already made in a previous post and choose the one that best suits your needs and use.

How to fix WiFi connection problems

For the past two years, Apple's discussion boards have been full of complaints about WiFi, from attenuated signals to unstable connections. These complaints have not stopped with iOS 8. While there is no guaranteed solution there are a few things to try before taking drastic action.

  • The first option is to reset the network settings: Settings > General > Resetting > Reset network settings. You will have to re-enter the password to access the WiFi.
  • The second alternative is to turn off the system's WiFi. For it: Settings > Privacy policy > Location > System services. Turn off the WiFi Network Connection y relapse the phone. Once a repeat offense there is a chance that the WiFi is working normally. IPhone 6 problems with wifi

If your problems with de sync with iTunes, please visit the  guide to solve this problem.

How to solve iPhone 6 problems with Bluetooth

Oddly enough, this is an issue that has many complaints, especially from those who use the function to connect with car handsfree. Yes OK there is no one-size-fits-all solution hands-free vehicles and brands, if we can improve the connectivity of iOS 8.

Follow the path: Settings > General > Resetting and here proceed with Hola. All saved settings will be lost, but they seem to fix the issues for many users.

IPhone 6 problems with Bluetooth

Learn More: How to recover the bluetooth connection with the car after updating to iOS 8.0.2

How to fix app-related glitches

Complaints and concerns have also been heard about the applications that in the new operating system freeze or just close. Personally, the native Mail app closes every time I try to reply to a message. So I'm not surprised when third-party apps do it.

Native apps will suffer adaptations and bug fixes, but those of third-party developers will be responsibility of each developer, Apple will not help or intervene and, in this I agree with the company.

Therefore, the only thing left to do is keep apps up to date. For the lazy, remember that you have the option to activate automatic updates, for this you have to follow the route: Settings > iTunes Store and App Store and in the section Automatic downloadsYes, you should activate the option updates.

Problems with apps on iPhone 6

How to improve performance

While our experience with iOS 8 on the iPhone 6 has been good and fast, others have come across a random slowdown and some slowness on the new iPhone. Even though this is not an issue at the moment, we could have performance issues for the next few weeks.

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A slow iPhone? Changing the battery might fix it

There are some ways to speed up iPhone 6 performance that can be helpful, they are basically reduce the effects from iOS 8, some are;

  • Remove parallax effect using path: Settings > General > Affordability > Reduce Movement. See that it is put «Si»To remove the effect, if it is not, go and click the switch Reduce Movement to turn it green.
  • Get rid of the transparency, go to: Settings > General > Affordability > Adjust Contrast > Reduce Transparency and activate this function. Reduce Effects to Avoid Performance Issues on iPhone 6

How to Fix Jams in Landscape and Portrait View

IPhone 6 stays stuck in landscape view after switching to vertical. This is a big problem, especially when using the camera app. There is no solution, but there is a band-aid.

When you are going to use the same vision mode, locks the phone's orientation in the control center menu.


How to solve problems with iMessage

Some problems are the inability to send new messages, mark new ones as read or messages arriving hours late. In these circumstances there are some fixes that we can test.

  1. Deactivate and activate iMessage (keep in mind that it has a cost)
  2. Reboot the terminal.
  3. Reset the setting mobile network: Settings > General > Resetting > Reset network settings. The phone will reboot and saved WiFi networks will be lost. Network-settings

How to avoid random reboots

For some users the random reboots (memory leaks) on iPhone 6. This error has happened before on iPhone 5, 5s and iPad Mini, Air and Retina. While it doesn't happen as often as it used to, it still happens for some users.

While there is no permanent cure, there are some tips:

  1. Restart iPhone 6.
  2. General reset by: Settings > General > Resetting > Hola.
  3. Uninstall recent apps
  4. Wait for iOS 8.1.

How to improve keyboard late response

Occasionally a slight lag on iPhone 6 keyboard when typing email or message. There is no definitive cure for this either, but you can reset all the settings: SettingsGeneral > Resetting > Hola.

How to avoid mobile data problems

Slow connections, total absence of connection and other similar problems and concerning the connectivity with the operator are reported. To try to fix these problems;

  1. Reboot iPhone 6.
  2. Disconnect mobile data: Settings > Data Cellphones, turn off the mobile data and 4G option.
  3. Activate airplane mode, wait 30 seconds and disconnect it again to activate the search for mobile networks. mobile networks

Space issues: how to free up memory

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Space problems on iPhone 6

If your mobile has stayed no free memory to save more applications, photos or whatever you want, do not miss these tips to free up space on your iPhone.

Sound problems

Related article:
IPhone sound problems

If your iPhone is very quiet or not directly heard, you may have a problem related to its speaker. In that case, here we show you the reasons and possible solutions for those iPhone sound problems.

If nothing works

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Restore iPhone

If none of this works and you can't find a solution in the Apple forums, I recommend two ways. First, grab the iPhone and take it to a Genius Bar from an Apple Store. For those who cannot or do not want to go, they will have to consider conducting a rfactory setting.

Which of these iPhone 6 problems have you suffered? Are there any that are not on the list? Tell us the bugs your iPhone 6 or 6s has had and how you have solved it.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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  1.   gabrielort said

    in general do not use the phone or remove everything new from ios 7

    1.    richard1984 said

      Someone has had a problem with the phone 6 plus camera, in mine he takes a photo and it is cloudy. It only happens to me with the 12mpx front camera. I need HELP. BECAUSE IN URUGUAY IT SEEMS THAT I HAVE NO ACCOMMODATION ACCORDING TO WHAT THEY HAVE TOLD ME A DISASTER

  2.   Xabi said

    What a hell of a post.
    Reset everything, if it doesn't work ... there is no solution.
    Within 1 month you will publish it again with another title.

    1.    MARION said

      The same thing happened to me and it was that I had to clean the lens area .. pfff I hope it's just that! luck!

  3.   Damian said

    Carmen, please, pay more attention when writing both the spelling and the text and its coherence. I quote some of the errors that are seen with the naked eye "conscious" is conscious, "we have to see a broader vision" How are you going to see a broader vision? In any case, it would be to have a broader vision, "this is why I do not believe that Apple will make any improvement" it would be I do not think that Apple will make any improvement because if it does not make any improvement, it would make an improvement. And on the other hand, this post is repeated, it is more of the same by the same author and it is also useless since all this is already more than said, as they said before, restore and if not there is no more.
    Guys, if you hire editors, please be aware of what they write and, at least, know and know how to write in their mother tongue.
    Gracias y saludos.

    1.    Carmen rodriguez said

      This post is a compilation (as indicated by the title and lead) and as for the expression and grammar, I will only tell you to read your comment again, which is full of spelling mistakes and absence of accents before you start to criticize others.
      If you have nothing to do, find yourself a hobby but stop saying nonsense, by the way, Spanish, despite being my second language, is not my mother tongue, so you have done a complete one.

      1.    The_King_Barbarian said

        I have been a reader of this page for a long time, Carmen is always criticized, sometimes with more reason and in others with less, forgive me for telling you Damian, and with all due respect, this is looking for the impossible ... you have skated a lot this time, everything for wanting to follow «the fashion of insulting» do not try to pretend, because it shows that you have no **** idea to speak ...

      2.    Marcelo pepe said

        Good Carmen! These are the ones who have nothing to do and read to see what they have to criticize…. Greetings, keep it up, informing or compiling us, since we cannot read everything and it suits many of us.

      3.    Caesar Salad said

        Your mouth is full of reason, Damien, if you give the advice, stay with it.

    2.    George said

      By the way Damian, it is NOT "conscious"; it is "conscious", as Carmen had well written. For the rest, well, the same thing that Carmen tells you; Has it occurred to you to review your comment? You have not put a single tilde (and there are several that are missing). Anyway, don't give spelling lessons if you don't even know how to write correctly.

      A greeting.

    3.    Mercedes said

      Damien: conscience and conscience come from the Latin cum scio, at the time of freíd the term conscience is popularized and it is the only one that loses the sc group.

      1.    Mercedes said

        Errata Freud did not fry

    4.    Ismael said

      Damien, here you enter to expose problems you have with iPhones, not to display the ego of a superb man, who is wrong in the wrong place.

    5.    German said

      hahaha, tremendous asshole ... saying bad things to others about the fouls and on top of that, putting the fouls on you hahaha what an idiot

  4.   Carmen rodriguez said

    The truth is that seen like this you are right, I suppose we are masochists who also have blind faith that everything will be fixed, but hey, these problems happen even in the best families and, in this case, in all manufacturers to a greater or lesser extent. .
    I have gotten used to the iPhone and I do not switch despite having some of the problems that I summarize above….
    Thank you for your comment and for respecting it, it is honestly a bit of fresh air.

  5.   Abel said

    We all know that the first versions of each version ios and osx bring bugs.
    That they fix over time, in case of ios if it has to be updated according to going out in osx stay in the last stable until the new one is more stable, I say it by yosemite that is when it arrives.
    As Carmen says there is nothing perfect or nobody perfect, they always have the option of going to another platform if they think they do better.

  6.   vndiesel said

    How funny that absolutely everything you name does not happen to me on my iphone 6 plus, it is perfect for me

  7.   Sergio said

    The 6 plus is doing quite well for me, but another point of view is always useful and there is always something that escapes you and even more so when you are involved with other things that are not telephony, the post is appreciated as well as the others and the news, both the content and the background, every day I visit you several times to see if you put new posts and although I have been with Apple for many years you always teach me something both you and your friend pages related to mac and ipad.

    Thank you.

  8.   fgwgf said

    the correct thing was to headline "10 common problems in iOS 8"

  9.   noe said

    See I work with cell phones and there are often too many problems with the iphone 6 and 6 plus now apparently to my belief they launched their product without testing well since it has many errors that are only solved with reboots, but I used to happen again and the truth we are not going to spend it rebooting

  10.   Juan Carlos said

    I have an iphone 6 plus with ios 8.1 and jailbreak and it goes like a shot, I am super happy with the purchase I also have to say that before I had an iphone 4 with jail and there is no color the battery lasts much longer, the wifi goes very fast and I don't even tell you about the games anymore and I don't have to be like a Chinese staring at the screen, it fits perfectly in my pants pockets unless you're wearing tight skinny pants which is not my style and I've sat on it more than once when I got into the car and it did not bend a millimeter, that is if I have it well protected with a ringke fusion cover and tempered glass on the screen.

  11.   Daniel Moreno said

    I bought an iphone 6 and many times when I am at home with wifi ... No problem ... But if I leave home ... I have to deactivate and activate mobile data for the 3g or 4g to work well.
    This breaks me down…. Given the value of the team

  12.   Arturo Glezca said

    This is the third time I have restored my iPhone 6 (By myself). I have taken it to guarantee another 3 I demand a change or refund, but they restore it and they tell me that it already works and they do not want to change it. How there I do ??? Apple should pay more attention, since we do not spend on a 200Dlls terminal ... It costs more than 900Dlls, I go back to my Galaxy S5

  13.   EDWIN said

    good afternoon can someone help me
    I put my iPhone 6 plus in resets because I sold it and it stayed on the home screen with the apple logo and it did not restart or do anything it stayed there…. ? What should I do to reset?

  14.   carmen said

    Well, I have a problem every time I buy a ringtone, he puts it as a tone, even there is everything prefect, only that after a few minutes the tone is removed and when he calls me the default tone comes out but the tone is charged and I do not get it in purchases made or downloads,

  15.   Rachel said

    Carmen, it has helped me a lot, thank you.

  16.   claudia said

    My problem is that while at work it connects to the office wifi, but once my working hours are over it does not connect to the internet of the iphone plan, I don't know how to solve it

  17.   Elias said

    Hello, can anyone help me?. How do I fix the extended screen problem and it won't allow me to unlock or turn off the iPhone 6 as it doesn't allow me to see the keyboard. Thanks good night. By the way, I already tried draining the battery and recharging it activates the extended screen again.

    1.    Carmen Rodriguez (@carmenrferro) said

      Hello Elias, try to do a DFU to force restart all processes, I hope this helps you, it solved many problems for me.

    2.    Angeles guidobono said

      Hello ELias, were you able to solve the problem? The same thing happens to me with a new iphone 6s. = /

  18.   Mark said

    My iphone 6 plus does not link with my mac by bluetooth, I only get a code ad and they are the same, I give it a link, but I don't know what to do, someone can help me with this problem, thanks, greetings

  19.   Carmen said

    Why if I have 895 photos when I consult the album «All photos» I get 1.975 when I consult Photos in Settings Information?

  20.   nandocell said

    they don't say anything new
    this does not help at all

    1.    Marcelo said

      Lately I have not much luck with the apple The iPad Air stopped working, I had it replaced in a STORE in Washington DC and I had no more problems, but the iPhone 5s that I changed that same day after three months stopped working, just when the replacement warranty ends. The MacBook Pro suddenly became a mine card, the opposite of the Air that is getting better and better. Now the whole family has iPhone 6Plus and not two days go by that I don't have to force a restart. They are not cheap things for this to happen. I liked the MacBook that is about to come out, but the expensive one is already obsolete and it does not even have a tunderbolt 2 adapter (a 1 either).
      It would be good if the site answers these things because those of us who write are users, not technicians.

  21.   Mariquita said

    For help me I need to delete the factory applications that the
    Cell phone iphone6 ​​then told me that I had to update ️I did it put on the screen 1 app of a clock as I delete it axuliooooo !! Urgent help !! ☺️me
    They are removing memory from ️my cell phone 😔

  22.   jose said

    Well, if they have screwed it up with how useful it was for me to connect the maps through the car hands-free and when putting this new version they remove it, well if they put it again

  23.   lulu perez said

    Hello, I'm sorry, I have a big problem, when my cell phone is blocked it turns off and no longer turns on, someone can help me with what I can do, besides that apparently the Wi-Fi option is also blocked and I can't even enter to delete it and go back to put it .. help please!

    1.    Cristian said

      Good night, could you solve that problem? I had the same one but I had to turn it on pressed power and home at the same time

  24.   Eduvijes said

    I have an iPhone that I bought in February 2015 at an Apple store in Panama. Today, May 07, with an almost full charge, it suddenly stayed dead and did not turn on. What should I do?

  25.   Eduvijes said

    I have an IPhone 6 Plus that I bought in February 2015 at an Apple store in Panama. Today, May 07, with an almost full charge, it suddenly stayed dead and did not turn on. What should I do?

    1.    Marcela chediack said

      Hello everyone!! 3rd iphone 6s that remains dead, in less than two months !!!
      When I go out for a run, with the cell phone on my arm band, bluetooth on ... when I get home it is perfect. suddenly it goes out, and does not turn on anymore. They already changed the 1st with two months of use, the second with a week and the third with 6 days of use ... !!! Furthermore, in Argentina there is no official Apple store, I have to wait for someone to travel and do me the favor of going to change it. No more iphone for me. the 3rd is the charm. Brand change.

  26.   Angeles said

    Good morning, I have an iPhone 6 and touching the screen it seems that everything became super super large and it does not respond or restart it…. Will there be a solution?

  27.   Diego said

    Well I have the iPhone 6 there are times that it turns off only if it still has a full battery I want to know why it turns off by itself and there are times that it no longer wants to turn on

  28.   Patty G. said

    Thanks I need to know about all this! Do not listen to the critic who only want to annoy you, Carmen I have a problem on my iPhone6 ​​with the I Message the screen is half horizontal and half vertical and I cannot remove it, could you help me or someone who knows about iPhone 6 and comments here. Thanks

  29.   Fabian said

    When the screen is enlarged it is because you have activated the zoom, it has happened to me a few times. I connect it with the computer in iTunes or deactivate the Zoon that way

  30.   XAVIER DUKE said



      Javier, good afternoon, the same thing happens to me with my iphone 6, what answer did they give you. Thank you.

      1.    Rocio said

        The same thing happens to me and I can't solve it)) =

    2.    LAURA said


  31.   Manuel Miguel said

    aifon 6 small tangada

  32.   Manuel Miguel said

    I had the aifon 5 and it was perfect for me, I bought the aifon 6 and with less than a month it already gives me coverage problems when I enter garrefur, people call with mobiles of 100 euros
    and I have a 700 euros I can not call the chestnut cell phone fence and we like gelipollas to spend the money, you call appel and not a fucking case so you fuck yourself and you still cannot call in the garrefur, buy another mobile that is not aifon

  33.   Constance Lillo said

    Hello! .. myiphone turns on the screen every 5 seconds .. and that makes the battery last almost nothing in the day, I have to carry the charger everywhere so as not to stay if it charges: (who knows if there is a solution?

  34.   niko said

    hello ... I reset and I turn off the iphone and I am left with the apple icon
    please answer that helps me

  35.   Mariana Demczuk said


  36.   Pedro Pablo said

    Dear Carmen: I appreciate your comments and tips regarding the iPhone 6, although I have not presented any of the complications mentioned above, I consider it a great contribution that allows us to share essential information for the correct operation of the equipment. In my opinion, based on my personal experience, I am more than satisfied with the performance of the device that I consider an excellent work tool and that interacts wonderfully with all the technological elements that surround us. The iPhone 6 despite its negative reviews is the best smartphone that Apple has launched on the market, it is very efficient and has the perfect size considering hardware that would be completely obsolete on Android devices. Again I thank you for your contribution to the forum and people who are not very constructive, for example Damien. They should analyze the background of the text rather than the form. Although Carmen had some writing errors, the meaning of the phrase is never lost. Does Damien think that this is definitely the most relevant?

  37.   Damian said

    Dear Carmen, or members of the forum; I bought the iPhone 6 a week ago, and I noticed something that bothers me too much since with other cell phones I did not have this problem; I connect to the Wi-Fi network, I use it but when I stop using it, it automatically disconnects from said network, leaving me connected to the network of my telephone provider, and to reconnect I have to go to network settings and click on the Wi-Fi network that I have saved; the truth is that it is quite annoying to have to do this process every time I try to use any application that needs to be connected.
    I've been looking at the WiFi options to see if I see anything strange, but I can't find anything at all. Someone would be so kind to comment on experiences in this regard. Thank you.

    1.    Paul Aparicio said

      Hello Damian. Have you tried using WPA encryption? I'll tell you: I know of several cases in which the same thing happened to us and it has even happened with Android devices. In the cases that I know of, with WPA encryption, which we could say is more robust, there were no problems of this type. I tell you this because I do not know what can happen with your iPhone 6. Since I started to encrypt in WPA I have not had problems.

      a greeting

  38.   diego said

    hello, i have an iphone 6 3 days ago. The first night I put it to charge I wake up the next day and the phone is dead. It does not turn on. it cannot be reset. And neither does the battery charger nor the usb cable of the computer detect me.
    What problem can it be? the charging pin, the battery or did the cell die?

  39.   lautaro said

    Hi, I have an iPhone 6 and since the last update I had a problem. I activate the mobile data for an application (in this case YouTube) I exit settings and re-enter and the application is not active to use with mobile network. with which I can only use youtube with wifi.

  40.   Gera said

    The same thing happens to me, only with Facebook I cannot activate mobile data for that application

  41.   Isabel said

    I have an iPhone 4s and I have found an application that sends Bluetooth music to my car handsfree, I think it is a good idea and I find it very useful especially for audiobooks, the only thing I would like to know if there is any other option .. The application is called Blue2car and I can't find much information about it, can you help me?
    Thank you

  42.   jairo ivan said

    How can I restart my iPhone… .with the security pattern locked… .. as long as the phone was unlocked. . . . . . give me tips, options .xfa

  43.   cleovea@gmail.com said

    Hello, I have an Iphone 6 and it's stuck, I can't do anything, it won't let me park it either, what do I do?

  44.   Guido said

    Hello! i have an i phne 6 and i am having trouble finding wifi networks. I hardly find networks and the ones I find are very slight. What can happen? I already restarted everything as explained above but the same problem continues, can I claim the guarantee? I am within the to; or to buy it

  45.   Guido said

    Never do it to restart the cell phone. Because later it does not work and you have to take it to fix it. It loads a bit of the reboot or restore and then it doesn't load any more and so on. NEVER RESTORE AS IT SAYS ON THIS SITE

    1.    Miracles said

      Uia I just restored it because I did not know and now that is happening to me, it is checked, the issue is that I am from Argentina and here there is no App Store, please someone who knows how to solve it.

  46.   olga cubillos said

    Hello, I have an iPhone 6, it was working fine and suddenly it stuck, it doesn't allow me to slide anything on the screen or turn it off ... what do I do to unlock, I see that it is a common problem in these cell phones, but I do not read the solution,
    Thank you

  47.   johanna said

    Hello ! I have a phone-6 and I'm dead, what could have happened? If someone can help me, I appreciate it.

  48.   Luis said

    Today in the morning I bought 50 megabytes of space in Icloud, they have charged me to my account (by the way, double what was published: € 1,98 when what they offered was € 0.99) but I also do not have 50 mega capacity but the 5 that they give for free. Does it have any delay time from when you pay it until it is awarded to you?

  49.   abraham said

    Hello, I have a problem with the iPhone 6, it is slow and my memory is almost vasia, someone can help me

  50.   Hector said

    Periodically, the camera of the IPhone 6 cell phone crashes, the screen is black and nothing works, it fixes itself after several days. Please if anyone knows what to do to make this happen, let me know. Thanks. Hector

  51.   Hector said

    I correct, so that it does not happen

    1.    Hipolito said

      as this

  52.   Marcelo said

    Hello, I have an Iphone 6 Plus and a legend appears that says… .this cable or accessory is not certified, so it may not work correctly with this Iphone ……. but it turns out that I have nothing connected…. I have the problem that I cannot listen to music, Wapps voice messages or any kind of sounds, only the call, with which I can see that the speaker is working…. but I don't know how to activate the rest ... it was perfect

  53.   Richard said

    Hello, I have problems with my iPhone, after having called the minutes the screen turned off, not the phone, since pressing the lower round button for a few seconds activates the voice operation.
    Sirs, how do you think I can solve this?

  54.   Gabriela said

    I have iPhone 6s and I have a problem sending emails .. It won't let me .. I can receive but not send. I get an option that says that my email or password is wrong, and it is not. How could I fix it? I tried deleting my email and putting it back in and there is no solution

  55.   Rossy romero said

    Carmen: I hope you can help me. I am new with this iPhone I have a 6 plus but it does not have the 3D application nor does the camera have live photo or front flash. I cannot find any of those options.

  56.   Ricardo said

    Hello I gave a back up to my iPhone 6 s and the screen went off but the phone is still on, it receives calls and I can answer but when I connect it to the pc it asks me for the number code and more or less I touch the screen where the numbers are but no Unlock, what can I do? The screen went off

  57.   jesus said

    Hello, my iPhone 6 is already the second time that it has no image, this means that if calls come in but I can't answer because the screen doesn't turn on, I can't turn it off, etc. if someone could help me I would appreciate it very much

  58.   Marcelo said

    Hello, good day, I have an iPhone 6 plus and since I updated it, it is ticked, it sticks on the screen of aprtuna and I have to wait for it to boot, is there any solution

    1.    godaro said

      the same! 🙁

  59.   godaro said

    Marcelo, the same thing happens to me! 4G is super slow too? Since the last 2 updates go backwards, it is the first time I have a problem in years with iOS. He's going to get up, Jobs, one of these days and he's going to burn tooooddooo !!!

  60.   alfredo said

    When I speak on the phone with a bluetooth headset I hear but they do not hear me, what can I do?

  61.   Military service said

    I have a problem with my iphone 5, I play youte music and I listen to it very well, but if I put the headphones on, only the music comes out but the voice comes out only noise, the voice notes that they send me are not heard through headphones… Only when I use a hearing aid, it doesn't work… what should I do ??? can you help me?

    1.    Manuel Alejandro Chacin Rodriguez said

      you have to buy other headphones, they were damaged.

  62.   Roberto Becerril said

    I have problems with the brightness it stays dark and it takes a long time to return the brightness is iPhone 6s

  63.   JESUS ​​DIARTE said

    Nice night from the northeast of Mexico dear forum,

    I have a wifi problem with my iPhone 6 after updating last night, I just move away from the router a bit and the wifi intensity is lost, it is only moderately stable when I am 1 meter from the router. I keep investigating and nothing. There is no clear solution yet unless waiting for a new update or even if you can share some ideas with me. I have iphone 6 with iOS 10.0.2 (latest).
    I already tried all the basics, restorations via settings, via itunes, via icloud and nothing !!! ….
    any ideas????????'
    first of all, Thanks.

  64.   Juliana Garmendia said

    Hello everyone! I have an iPhone 6 and the main screen does not work, that is, I receive messages, notifications and calls, but it does not let me answer because nothing appears, only my enlarged background image, I can not turn it off or unlock it, it just lets me download the tab and see the notifications, when selecting one it sends me to unlock the phone and there it no longer lets me unlock with a fingerprint or puts the keyboard on me, does anyone know what happened? or what can I do? Obviously I can't turn it off either! Thank you!!

  65.   Alvaro said

    Hi Marcos, I have the same problem that you comment. You were able to fix it I have the late 2015 Mac.

  66.   Gladys said

    Hello, good morning, I need to know why the iPhone 6 Plus does not let me enter my applications no matter how much I touch the screen, in the application it does not let me I have to turn off and touch again to top it off every time I touch the screen to put my password. leave and I have to do it with my footprint, someone can help me thanks

  67.   Alice said

    Hello. I am new to this forum. I have a problem: my caller ID has been disabled. All calls come in as Unknown. When you enter the configuration / incoming caller ID, the button is "shaded" and does not allow me to activate or deactivate it. How can I solve that?. I will appreciate help. Alicia

  68.   Carlos said

    good afternoon
    I have an ipone 6 plus of 126 gb
    The problem I have is that the screen remains locked, you can go from one screen to another or I can not open any program.
    after a while it works and after a while it gets stuck again

    Can someone tell me what problem you have

  69.   luisao acosta said

    Good morning, can someone help me with my cell phone, I changed the screen and it did not pass the apple and when I under the software it made a mistake, what do I do?

  70.   Gregory said

    My iPhone 6 Plus gets out of control by itself
    Open any application or make calls without my being able to control it
    I have to turn it off every moment to avoid calls, the truth is already tired me hee
    But it only causes me this problem when I carry it in my pants pocket, not like that when I wear it in my jacket, but being a good team is good.
    I will have to send it for repair to the storeapple in Lima is what the Apple told me

  71.   sandra said

    Dear, what happens to me with my Iphone 6 is that I have to be glued to the modem, to have a Wi-Fi signal, if I move away from the modem the signal is lost, I tried to reset anyway and I also read that this model came with antenna problems, what can I do?

  72.   Pope said

    Is the person who wrote this post still alive? You should kill yourself or change jobs.

  73.   Perla said

    After an update of my iPhone 6 plus the wifi and bluetooth remained inactive. Someone help me please.

  74.   Edward said

    The truth is that the latest IOS updates are disgusting. I'm seriously thinking about switching to Android.
    I have a delay in writing and the battery suddenly goes low and if I use the camera it is as if by magic that it turns off and does not return unless I plug it in and recognize that it still has a battery.
    This happened with the great IOS 11, Thanks to the truth that IOS update left me really furious, how beautiful the iPhone had was in just a few minutes with that update

  75.   Karla Garcia said

    The camera on my iPhone 6 Plus is not working. I can't take pictures.

  76.   philip hassan said

    good to all the fans of the big apple of sin, the truth is that the information you have offered me has been very useful, my iphone 6 was already witnessing that instability in the wireless connection …… .Thank you !!!