Apple presents its revolution: iOS 18 arrives together with Apple Intelligence

Apple has presented to the world at WWDC24 a Revolutionary iOS 18. Not in terms of the changes and novelties that he could present like every year, but rather Thanks to the new AI (Apple Intelligence) functionalities, the way we interact with our devices will forever change.. While those from Cupertino already showed us some of the new features that iOS 18 would include with accessibility features a few weeks ago, today Apple has shown what we can fully expect from its new operating system for iPhone. And it's everything we expected multiplied exponentially. Stay with us because we tell you in detail everything you can expect from iOS 18 as presented by Apple at this WWDC.

In order to better understand all the news that Apple has presented, we are going to structure it in a similar way to how the Keynote was. On the one hand we will tell the news of iOS per se, and then we will add everything what Apple Intelligence will add to the world's best mobile operating system. Let's go with it.

Greater customization: Your home screen

One of the most talked about and rumored news these weeks ago has been confirmed: we will have more freedom of customization on the home screen. Starting with the possibility of placing app icons and widgets freely, wherever we want, being able to leave blank spaces without the need to use tricks such as transparent widgets. This does not mean that you will be able to put one icon in the center of your screen and another attached to it. We will have to respect the existing grid So far, something logical.

iOS 18

On the other hand, Apple has incorporated an API to be able to change the color of app icons, and now, they can also change and adapt to the way we have the phone (light or dark) in addition to being able to edit them and put them all in the tone we prefer, being able to make it much more customizable by combining it, as Craig has done in the presentation, with the colors of your wallpaper.

iOS 18

Finally, and regarding the app icons, iOS 18 will allow for slightly larger icons where they will even occupy the space that the name of the app that is always shown below them now does, this disappearing if the size is adjusted in this way and giving it a much cleaner look.

New Control Center

The Control Center has also undergone a good facelift compared to what we have been accustomed to in recent years. Linking it with the previous customization point, Apple has included the possibility of reorder the Control Center to our liking (not just the "secondary" icons that we could already change order at the bottom) with a simple drag and drop gesture (that is, holding down and moving it where we want in the same way we do with the apps on the screen start).

iOS 18

But this is not all, Control Center will now be divided into tabs, where we will have more controls for different functionalities of our iPhone (screen, sound, etc.). If you look at the previous image of WWDC, on the right we can see different icons that indicate the different tabs available in the Control Center. In this way we can group functions by typology.

In addition, The possibility of turning off or restarting the device is incorporated in the upper right part of the Control Center, being accessible more easily than with the previous combination of buttons.

iOS 18

We have a new app to manage Passwords

Yes, we've been asking for it for years and it's now official: tWe have our own app to manage iCloud Keychain passwords in the purest 1Password style. The app manages what we already had before within the Settings app in the Passwords section, that is, our users and passwords for apps or websites, Wi-Fi passwords or Passkeys. All this now with a much more agile and visual form of access.

Passwords app

Photos undergoes its biggest redesign

The Photos app itself undergoes the biggest redesign to date. Something we didn't expect, by the way. We will have the possibility of viewing the entire library as always, but it is integrated with the possibility of filtering by dates and others in the same gallery.

Photos App iOS 18

In addition, By sliding it up, we will have what Apple has dubbed "Collections" which allows us to collect photos by type or dates. Something similar to what we already had in the "For you" section now with people, albums or days, but with a different and more intuitive interface by having everything in one place, in a single tab. For these Collections, we can also reorder them and thus have the ones that interest us most at the top and thus not lose sight of them or have them more accessible. This is the customizable part and touch that Apple has given to Photos.

The aforementioned Accessibility functions

These were already announced a few weeks ago, but still, it is worth remembering that Apple includes very interesting accessibility features in iOS 18. The new options are the following:

  • Eye Tracking: This function will allow us control iPhone or iPad with your eyes in the purest Vision Pro style.
  • Vehicle Motion Cues: This function will try to reduce our dizziness using the iPhone in the car by enabling "small particles" that move on the iPhone in the direction of the car's rotation, simulating movement in that same direction.
  • Music Haptics: Designed for people with hearing difficulties who will now be able to enjoy music through the vibration of our iPhone.
  • Vocal Shortcuts: It will allow us to execute actions on our iPhone with voice commands through Siri.

Other functionalities

But iOS 18 has not stopped here in terms of its news not related to Apple IntelligenceApple has also talked about many new features included in its native apps, where the following have stood out.

  • News in Mail management: The first novelty is the possibility of categorize messages and thus have better organization of our inbox. Besides, group messages from the same company to be able to recover all messages from the same business in a simple way.

18 iOS Mail

  • Maps: New Topographic maps (for now in the US).

iOS 18 Maps

  • Wallet: TapToCash we can pay someone just by bringing the iPhone closer to another, no need for a phone number as in other services like Bizum.

Apple Pay Cash

  • Newspaper: Now allows search and improves the possibilities of recording our moods.

Journal iOS 18

  • Gaming: Improvements in the immersive gaming experience while using our AirPods.
  • Posts: The messaging app now incorporates new possibilities of rreaction to messages, not just Apple's default ones, new effects in part of the text of the message or the great news of schedule messages to a specific date.
  • FaceID to lock and hide apps: This was already included in some previous iOS apps, but now Apple opens the possibility for any app to be blocked or hidden and require access with FaceID to open.

Apple Intelligence, the true revolution of iOS 18

Now let's go with the new features that Apple Intelligence introduces in iOS 18 And the real revolution is here. We will never interact with our iPhones in the same way again. From how we manage our tasks, to how Siri interacts more intelligently and with a global context of what happens on our iPhone to the generation of images thanks to Apple Intelligence or Gimoji (yes, from the creators of Animoji, now we have another name to create custom Emojis). Let's go with it.

Hey Siri, now you are (very) smart

Siri is one of the biggest. best and most anticipated new features of iOS 18. And there was a lot of talk about the possibilities of Apple launching a renewed Siri thanks to the inclusion of AI and the possibility of a collaboration with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT. And so it has been. Siri appears more energized than ever thanks to Apple Intelligence and its integration with ChatGPT (for some tasks) that will allow it to answer more complex questions with greater detail and precision (no more "I found this on the internet" as an answer for everything) , will allow real-time translation, integrate with the Shortcuts app to be able to create better combinations more easily (be careful with this functionality) through our own voice or by entering text. We can also maintain a much more fluid conversation with Siri, which will remember and will put context to the messages previously exchanged in said conversation.


Beside a revamped interface and much less intrusive, we will also have the possibility not only to speak but to write to Siri whatever we want to do on our device thanks to the Tap to Siri functionality, which is nothing more than double tapping on the bottom bar of iOS to launch the text box and thus start the conversation.

Tap to Siri

In addition, Siri will have greater knowledge of our device and it will allow us to do simpler (but very useful) tasks such as changing notes in folders or performing a certain task in a more specific application that is not just opening it. But not only in this way, but throughout the year, Siri will gain the knowledge to identify the information you have on the screen and be able to interact with it directly.

On the other hand, everything Siri can do is enhanced with a new API in which Apple is going to incorporate many new possibilities for third-party Siri-App interaction. What great potential this has. Now it's developers' turn to integrate and help Siri become (even) smarter.

However, if you want to know a little more detail about everything that Apple has presented about Siri, Do not hesitate to visit this other post that we have brought you talking solely and exclusively about Siri: Everything you want to know about Siri in iOS 18

Photos also improve with Apple Intelligence

The Photos app has not only been redesigned but will have a enhanced search engine thanks to Apple Intelligence, being able to search by people, clothes, location or almost any element that appears in the photo with natural language. Finding that photo from that specific day is going to be easier than ever.

We can also eliminate objects and people from our photos. No more using third-party apps for this. Never again will someone bother us from behind in the photo that we always wanted to take at our favorite destination. One of the most anticipated new features in this app without a doubt.

Messages, Mails, Notes and other writing will be amazing

From the messages, Mail, Notes and other text-based apps, Apple Intelligence will give us the possibility of modifying texts with a certain tone (e.g. change it to a more professional tone), write stories based on a phrase, create and share images thanks to the Artificial Intelligence engine and do so in various styles, summarize texts or emails... Endless functionality with our texts or our notes and presentations that will now have the possibility of being created in a simpler and more precise way with the help of Apple Intelligence.

Notification prioritization

Now Apple Intelligence will be able to understand your context thanks to all the information you have on your iPhone and will be able to prioritize notifications that considers most important to you at all times, learning from your daily use. It is not the facelift that many expected for the notification center, but it will undoubtedly help us be more efficient when managing and processing them.

Prioritized iOS 18 notifications

Discovering new features as new languages ​​arrive

As users can use the iOS 18 betas, we will discover new features within iOS 18, yes, At the moment it is only available in English so to be able to use all the features of Apple Intelligence on our devices in Spanish we still have to wait a few months. Apple has announced that they will be adding new languages ​​as the year goes by. That is to say: September in English, we'll see the rest. We are betting that we will have Apple Intelligence in Spanish before March 2, but it is still early to be able to provide precise information.

Concluding, It is without a doubt one of the biggest iOS facelifts since probably iOS 7 where we live the revolution in style and goodbye to skeumorphism. AI or Apple Intelligence has come to stay and to help us in the efficiency with which we use our devices. This is iOS 18, Siri and a revolution in the use of our iPhones like we have never experienced before. Welcome to the future.

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