Blue Defense: Second Wave! for iPad, will you be able to defend the whole planet? Review

Blue Defense: Second Wave !, a defense-castle-style defense game in space format from the company Cat in a Box Games, is now available on the App store.

Following in the vein of the original Blue Defense, this new version for the iPad offers some additional control methods and loads of game modes to keep you busy as you destroy invading forces and climb the leaderboards.

There are four main game modes in Blue Defense: Second Wave !: Classic, Quick Start, Gauntlet, and Level Select.

Classic mode allows you to play an infinite game, with the same three levels as a starting point.

Quick Start mode lets you choose which level you start from, giving you opportunities to rack up lots of points and avoid the slow pace of the first few levels.

Gauntlet mode offers 9 action styles based on attack waves, allowing you to play a predetermined number of enemy waves.

Level Select mode allows you to select any of the specific enemy waves you want to play in Gauntlet mode, with the opportunity to practice your skills, play the level in infinite mode, earn some medals, and / or compete for supremacy. in the leaderboards. Each level even has a very useful strategic help button that gives you tips on how best to survive the impending attack.

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You are in the game the blue planet, with a single current controlled by the accelerometer of firearms fired into space. A great variety of enemies (23 in total) will try to conquer your planet, although for this, some of them must come into contact with your planet. It's very easy to get overwhelmed by the number of enemies and their 360-degree attack options.

Most of the smaller enemies require only one hit to be destroyed, although the larger enemies may require several, and the bosses (9 in total) that show a bar above indicating the health that you have to go down to destroy them. . Enemies are normally colored red or green to differentiate them from your blue, and they use a variety of attack patterns based on their type.

Familiarizing yourself with these enemies will allow you to learn how to anticipate to counter their movements more effectively. As you destroy enemies, increase your score multiplier. It will keep increasing faster and faster as you progress through the game. If an enemy contacts your planet, the multiplier is reduced and some of the nearly 7 billion lives that inhabit the planet will be lost. If too many enemies manage to contact your planet, all lives will be lost and the game will be over.

Graphically, Blue Defense: Second Wave! It has a great minimalist style, with its black backgrounds that make bright red, blue, and green objects stand out. The framerate is very smooth and the accelerometer-based controls are very sensitive to changes in direction. You better be prepared to move your iPad in all directions, as you will be defending yourself from attacks from everywhere.

The options menu gives you the option to disable the tilt controls, as well as calibrate the controls if necessary. The soundtrack is great, with hauntingly ethereal music adding a host of characters to the game. You can even change the backing music for the classic version of Blue Defense if you wish.

The control options have been expanded in this version, and what they offer is very nice. Multi-touch support is key, as any point on the screen that you touch adds to an additional flow of fire. In addition to the prevailing stream of fire, you can also block other fire points by double-clicking a point to fire. An aiming crosshairs appear and you won't have to keep your finger on the screen to keep up the flow. You will be able to have up to 10 self-firing locks, although the main stream of fire will decrease as you add these locks.

An interactive tutorial guides you through all the nuances, so you learn how to get good control and how to play. It is a brilliantly executed game that contains a great deal of strategy and the addiction it has and creates is hard to beat.

Game Pros:

-Beautiful minimalist graphics.
- Effective multi-touch controls using touch and tilt at the same time.
- Atmospheric soundtrack.
- Highly addictive game.
- Various game modes and tons of leaderboards.

Cons of the Game:

- Blocking and unblocking the currents are done in the same way.
- The zoom on the screen makes it difficult to locate effectively.

You can download Blue Defense: Second Wave! from the App store for 0,79 Euros.


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