New Apple: The Song ad for Christmas

Apple advertising is almost always really eye-catching, and in this case, The Song ad is not going to be an exception to the norm with high doses of emotion.

We miss you, iPod Classic

Three months after its withdrawal from the market, the iPod Classic has increased in value. Because iPods have set the trend.


Where is the sidebar in iTunes 12?

You've probably noticed that iTunes 12 has changed a few things. Among them, that the sidebar has disappeared. Today we tell you how to get it back.

How to use iCloud Drive

If you haven't learned about cloud services after past mistakes like MobileMe, you should give iCloud Drive a try.

The options to buy an iPhone 6

Buying an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus is a strong economic investment that we cannot ignore, here I present options that fit all economies.

Download links iOS 8 final version

If not you can download from iTunes iOS 8 final version, because Apple's servers are saturated, below we show you the direct download links to the IPSW

Kairos, the real smartwatch

The Kairos smartwatch, the first hybrid watch on the market, is the perfect combination between automatic watch and smartwatch

IPod Touch 5 colors

What will happen to the iPod Touch?

What will happen to the iPod Touch? Apple quietly revamped this range this week with a more affordable model, but what does the future hold for the player?

Apple details, hello

Among the tributes, they have remembered those who designed and made a difference with the Mac typeface, and they have placed hello on the lanyards

An Apple Store in Granada?

According to the information obtained from the Emilcar blog, Granada, the Andalusian province could have a physical Apple store, the so-called Apple ...

App of the Week: The Human Body

Once again, Apple ranks "The Human Body" as App of the Week. An application to know our interior made up of devices and systems.

What's new in iOS 7

The presentation of the new iPhone models, the 5c and the 5s, has served as a step to completely remodel the interface of iOS 7.

Two years of Tim Cook as CEO of Apple

Two years have already passed with Tim Cook as the head of Apple. The Maps fiasco, the launch of the iPad Mini and other moments have starred in them.