The AirPort app for iOS is updated to be shareable with the iPhone X

Despite the fact that the iPhone X has been on the market for more than 10 months, we can still find a large number of applications that have not yet been adapted to Against all odds, although one might assume, the AirPort Utility application has been updated to be compatible with iPhone X

WatchOS 5 Beta XNUMX Now Available for Developers

This past August, it has been a month full of betas, something that should not call our attention since it is the month of the year in which Apple has that The guys from Cupertino have just made the tenth beta available to developers of watchOS 5.

Apple Watch Series 3 reboots hospitals

Apple registers six new Apple Watch models in Europe

We are less than a month away from Apple introducing its new iPhones, perhaps new iPads and Macs, and almost certainly new Apple Watches. The Apple event has registered six new Apple Watch that will be the ones that we will see in the presentation of the month of September as the new Series 4

App store

IOS apps will no longer be part of the iTunes affiliate program

Most online stores offer an affiliate program through which companies or people who include a link to a product receive an Apple has sent a statement to users of the Apple affiliate program in which it states that a Starting in 2018, apps and their in-app purchases from the App Store and Mac App Store will not be part of this program.

eBay will support Apple Pay later this year

Little by little, Apple Pay is becoming one of the most used platforms as a payment method in the day-to-day lives of many users, thanks to the eBay auction page, it has just announced that it will offer support for Apple Pay at the end of this year, although at the moment only in the United States.

Apple re-launches watchOS 5 Beta 1

A week later Apple relaunches the first Beta of watchOS 5 with all its new features such as the Podcasts application or the Walkie Talkie function

AirPlay 2 Compatible Speakers

The guys from Cupertino have enabled a new section on their website, where we can see all the models that are compatible with AirPlay 2.

Apple cancels new data center project in Ireland

After having won all the resources against the construction of a data center in Atherny, Ireland, Apple has made the decision to definitively cancel the project, due to a new appeal before the European court.

Apple stops signing iOS 11.3

The guys from Cupertino have stopped signing iOS 11.3, so if we have a problem with our device, we can only downgrade to iOS 11.3.1

Custom Apple Music Playlists

Apple Music has a new boss

The latest movement we see in the ranks of Apple, affects Apple Music, where Oliver Schussser has become the new head of Apple's streaming music service.

Apple products

How to rename all Apple devices

Learn how to rename all the Apple devices you own. So you can have everything more organized and not get confused about devices.

The cost of the HomePod goes up to $ 216

The manufacturing cost of the HomePod rises to $ 216, offering a margin that does not reach 40%, a margin much lower than that offered by the Amazon Echo or the Google Home Max.

HomePod shipping time increases to the 13th in the UK

The delivery period for the HomePod in the United Kingdom has been extended in recent days until February 13, while in the United States and Australia, the other two countries where it will be available in the first batch, it remains the same as at the beginning.