beta 4

What's new in iOS 14 Beta 4

What's new in iOS 14 Beta 4. It presents four new features that are "visible" to users compared to the previous beta 3 version.

iOS 13

Apple stops signing iOS 13.5.1

Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.5.1, so we cannot downgrade to this version if our device experiences problems after updating to iOS 13.6

Main new features of iPadOS 14

iPadOS 14 includes a good number of novelties for the Apple tablet, and in this video we show you the most outstanding ones for our iPad.

IOS 14: Main news for iPhone

We analyze the main news that iOS 14 brings us in its first Beta for iPhone, such as new widgets, news in messages, etc.

iOS 14: These are all the news

We tell you what are all the news of iOS 14 and so you can know what is new that Apple has prepared for the next iPhone 12.

iPadOS 14

iPadOS 14: Everything you need to know

If you missed WWDC 2020 and you do not know all the news that will come from the hand of iPadOS 14, in this article we comment on each and every one of them

WWDC 22 begins on June 2020

Apple makes official the date on which WWDC 2020 will begin: June 22. This day we will see the news of iOS 14 and the rest of the platforms.

Wallpapers WWDC 2020

Wallpapers inspired by WWDC 2020

If you liked the image that Apple has used to announce WWDC 2020, you will like the wallpapers inspired by this image by designer Batt Birchler

Apple stops signing iOS 13.2.2

For a few hours, Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.2.2, so the only version of iOS that we can install at this time is the one it currently signs: iOS 13.2.3

The best iOS 13 tricks

We show you the best tricks to handle iOS 13 like an expert and that do not occupy big headlines in the reviews.

Apple stops signing iOS 13.1

It is no longer possible to downgrade to the previous version of iOS 13.1.2, since from Cupertino they have stopped signing all previous versions.