IOS 9 adoption rate

IOS 9 adoption rate reaches 79%

After a stagnation in which there was no increase in its market share, iOS 9 once again sees its rate increase and reaches 79%.

The new gestures that iOS 9 brings

Apple introduces new gestures in each version of its operating system. Here we are going to explain what are the new gestures introduced in iOS 9.

iOS 9 performance

Is your iPhone slower on iOS 9?

A reasonable time has passed since its launch and it seems that iOS 9 is not fulfilling what was expected of it, how does iOS 9 work for you?

IOS 9 Release Time Worldwide

iOS 9 will be launched today, in approximately 8 hours. Do you want to know what time it will be launched in your country? Come in and find out.

Get ready to update to iOS 9

We give you some tips that will help you to have everything prepared before updating to iOS 9 and not regret failures or data loss.

IOS 9 Official Release Date

After today's keynote, we already know almost everything we needed to know. One of those things the official release date of iOS 9

How Control Center works in iOS 9

iOS 7 came with many changes and one of them was the Control Center. In the Control Center we have several shortcuts for the most used functions.