5 MFI compatible games (and II)

We continue with the second part of the list of games compatible with MFI controllers. We can also use a PS3 or PS4 controller

Bad habits with the iPhone

A summary of the bad habits that iPhone owners have and that can end their life faster than we would like and could afford

Keyboard shortcut in iOS 7

The keyboard shortcut on iOS 7 devices is a great advantage when writing texts frequently. They are synced through iCloud.

How to record iPhone or iPad screen

We present the three methods for recording what happens on iOS screens. There are three alternatives that will depend on tastes and ways of working.

Fix issues with wallpapers in iOS 7

Solve the problems of wallpapers and home screen on your iOS 7. You can also create your own backgrounds to avoid problems. Learn everything here.

Now yes, Siri reads your emails

With iOS 7 we have received quite a few improvements. One of them is Siri, which is no longer a beta version, to be almost fully functional.

Remove the Parallax effect in iOS 7

How to eliminate the Parallax effect in our iOS 7. A simple way to avoid dizziness for those more sensitive to visual disturbances of reality.

Keyboard shortcuts in iOS 7

With the arrival of the new iOS, Apple has renewed the virtual keyboard. In this post you will find several shortcuts to the keyboard functions in iOS 7.

5 simple tricks to improve iOS 7

Improve the experience in iOS 7 with these 5 simple tricks that will improve the accessibility of the device and its final experience.

Who is Siri?

Susan Bennett has revealed in an interview with CNN that she is the original voice of the personal voice assistant used by Apple called Siri.

How to delete messages in iOS 7

The new iOS 7 has changed the traditional way we knew to delete messages. The Edit icon has been replaced by the swipe gesture.

How to save battery in iOS 7

Here we leave you several ways to have a lower consumption in iOS 7, deactivating some functions that we do not need for our daily use.

What's new in iOS 7

The presentation of the new iPhone models, the 5c and the 5s, has served as a step to completely remodel the interface of iOS 7.

IOS 7 Beta 6 Download Links

You can test the new Beta 6 of iOS 7 by downloading the necessary files from the links that we offer from MEGA.

Battery in iOS 6.1.3

Battery issues in iOS 6.1.3?

After updating to iOS 6.1.3, some users report a reduction in the autonomy of their iPhone, regardless of the model and operator used.

Best RSS Readers for iPad

Fedd RSS feeds are an excellent way to get informed, and Google Reader the best service to manage them. We present 6 applications to use it.

One week with Mailbox. Worth?

Mailbox was presented as a great alternative to existing mail clients. After several days of testing, is it worth the wait?