Is Microsoft copying Apple?

We analyze the new path that Microsoft is taking since the introduction of Windows 10 and its similarities to Apple.

iOS 8

Top 25 iOS 8 Features (II)

In this second part of the post we analyze the rest of the best functions of iOS 8, the new operating system of the big apple for your iDevices

News that we will find in iOS 8

iOS 8 brings a lot of news for the iDevices compatible with this version (the iPhone 4 has been left out). We show you what they are.

Kairos, the real smartwatch

The Kairos smartwatch, the first hybrid watch on the market, is the perfect combination between automatic watch and smartwatch

Download Links iOS 8 Beta 4

24 hours after the release of iOS 8 Beta 4 for developers by Apple, below we show you the links to install it on our devices.

Everything we think we know about iOS 8

We are facing the imminent arrival of iOS 8 to our screens and there is already speculation about everything that Apple's new mobile operating system could bring

Close a minor's Facebook account

Should kids use the iPad?

The use of new technologies by children is still a controversial issue, with experts speaking in favor and others against.

Kindle Paperwhite vs. iPad

The video is geared towards showcasing the quality of the e-ink Kindle Paperwhite, optimized for reading in bright light.

How to find the Reader option in iOS 7

Now without skeumorphism, the Reader option has no place to put some letters that do not have relief to highlight them and separate them from the background.

iPad vs Surface 2

Microsoft has launched the successor to the Windows RT tablet, Surface 2. With this renewed model it wants to try to win over disgruntled iPad users.

iPhone 5s, look beyond

New iPhone 5, Apple's new flagship device is born with a new A7 processor, a renewed camera, and a new fingerprint sensor.

Two years of Tim Cook as CEO of Apple

Two years have already passed with Tim Cook as the head of Apple. The Maps fiasco, the launch of the iPad Mini and other moments have starred in them.

IOS 7 Beta 6 Download Links

You can test the new Beta 6 of iOS 7 by downloading the necessary files from the links that we offer from MEGA.