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The sales come to the App Store

With the arrival of Christmas, many are the developers who, to celebrate it with users, reduce the price of their applications for a limited time.

Top 10 3D Touch Compatible Games

The main novelty of the iPhone 6s is its 3D Touch screen and in this article we will show you which are the 10 best games in which you can use it.

The best iPhone apps

Discover the best applications for iPhone as well as the best games that you can download in the App Store for your Apple phone.

Apps to learn Chinese with the iPhone

If you want to learn Mandarin Chinese, in this article we will propose several applications, but it is better for you to try them as they sound like Chinese to me ...

iphone games

The best games of August 2015

We gather in a single article the best iPhone games of August 2015, without a doubt each game will provide you with a unique experience.

5 must-see tweaks from Cydia

The 5 essential Cydia apps

The best Cydia tweaks that you cannot miss on your Jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Discover the Cydia applications most installed by users.

Balloon Fight

Nintendo sneaks into the AppStore

Balloon Fight, a Nintendo classic, sneaks into the AppStore in the form of an app developed by third parties, free of charge and free of advertising.