Fitness band Star 21 review

We put the Oaxis Star.21 fitness bracelet to the test, these are our conclusions about the bracelet that helps you achieve an active life.

snap chat

Owner and lord of social networks

Collection of tweaks to save photos from Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook videos, and others to deactivate the double blue check of WhatsApp and more.

VLC for iOS

VLC for iOS returns to the App Store

VLC returns to the App Store after disappearing without a trace due to lack of success, hopefully the most famous player will be well received this time.

best iOS calendar apps

The best calendar apps for iOS

If you are looking for the perfect calendar for your iPhone, write down all these great proposals in calendar apps for iOS.

Games as a means to educate

Fun game that aims to teach us some basic rules of behavior in train stations and eradicate this type of accident.

Best iPhone games of 2014

The best iPhone games of 2014

The best games for iPhone of 2014, discover the titles that have stood out the most from the App Store and enjoy the best games.

Best Touch ID Compatible Apps

A compilation of the applications that already take advantage of Touch ID, surely there are more, but these are the ones that we have found most useful.

How to take great photos with your iPhone

There are many images that we upload to social networks that are really scary, and it is not the camera but the eye that takes the photo. Improve your photos with a few tips.

Yahoo Weather

The 5 best weather apps for iPhone

We always want to know what the weather is going to do, and in this case we will tell you what are the best options to access the forecast with Weather apps for iPhone.

Manage diabetes with your iPhone

According to the latest WHO (World Health Organization) report 347 million people in the world have diabetes, controlling it is the first step.

The 10 best strategy games for iPhone

The world of mobile phones continues to give us something to talk about in terms of games, and in this case we show you what are the 10 best strategy games for iPhone.