Apple launches the TV app in Mexico

Apple has just launched the TV application in Mexico, to bring together in a single application all the streaming services that you have on your device.

Paste 2 is now available for iPad

After succeeding on the Mac, they announced their app for iOS a long time ago. Now that it is an app published in the App Store, the rate of updates is constant and the improvements are remarkable.

How to delete facebook

How to delete a Facebook account

Facebook's security and privacy are compromised. Here we explain how to temporarily deactivate and how to permanently delete your Facebook account.


Spotify will have a voice search to ask you for music on the iPhone

A few days ago we saw how Spotify could be playing with the idea of ​​launching its own speaker, and being, to that speaker, what Apple Music is to the HomePod. If you get your own speaker, it is obvious to think that it will have some way of interacting, and it seems that everything indicates that it will be with our voice.

Telegram locks

All about the blocks in Telegram

We explain how to block users on Telegram. How to know if you have been blocked and, in addition, to report users, channels and groups as spam.

Blocked on WhatsApp

Block a contact on WhatsApp

We explain what you have to do to block a contact on WhatsApp. If a number bothers you and you want to block it from WhatsApp so that it does not send you more messages, these are the steps you should follow.

Best iOS password managers

The best password managers for iOS

If you still think that password managers are not useful on a day-to-day basis, below I show you which are the best password managers and what are their main functions.


Elk, a great currency converter and a great trick

There are applications so well made and so beautiful that it is a shame not to have to use them more frequently. Elk is one of those apps for me. Its only job is to convert currencies and this is not something that I need in my day to day life.

Sago Mini Friends, free for a limited time

The free game that we show you today, is aimed at the little ones in the house between 2 and 4 years old and is called Sago Mini Friends, a game for the little ones to begin to learn some basic aspects of life.

How to know who has unfollowed me on Instagram

If you want to know who follows you or has stopped following you on the Instagram platform and by the way find out why, in this article we show you the best applications to know who has stopped following us on Instagram


The future of the contact book is called Universale

At last we can have access to a universal database, where we can find any telephone number, of individuals or companies, to be able to get in touch whenever we need it, regardless of the agenda of our smartphone.

playback youtube iphone

The YouTube app will be updated adding a dark mode

Some users of the YouTube application, claim that they have received an update, which is numbered 13.01.4 that integrates the possibility of adding a dark mode to the application, an option that is also reaching the Android ecosystem

IPhone apps to remove EXIF ​​data from photos

If you can't wait to get home to share your photos but you want to delete the EXIF ​​data, in this article I show you 4 applications to be able to delete the EXIF ​​data from the photos we take with our iPhone.

The IFTTT app is last updated for iOS 9

The last update of the IFTTT application will be the last that will be compatible with iOS 9, and therefore with the iPhone 4s, a terminal whose last update it received was that.

Plusdede is updated with a complete redesign of the application

Plusdede, the successor of the late Pordede, is still available on the App Store and offers us access to all the movies and series currently available on television and in cinema. This application has just been updated with a new design that improves the interaction with the app and its operation.

Telegram X is updated adding new functions

The alternative to the official Telegram application, Telegram X, has just been updated adding new functions and improving some of those that were already available but did not work quite well.

Google Maps renews its design

Google Maps changes its layout and establishes a new color scheme. We explain the news that intruding in its new version