Speed ‚Äč‚Äčup Face ID unlocking

Apple will not implement the fingerprint sensor under the screen

During the months of prices at the presentation of Face ID, there were many rumors that claimed that both Apple and Samsung were having problems, Apple will continue to not implement the sensor under the screen, an adoption that will be practically massive in the Android ecosystem.

iPhone X OLED screen

LG reaches an agreement with Apple to provide OLED and LCD screens

Samsung had the honor, to call it something, of being the main and almost only manufacturer of the screen of the first iPhone with OLED technology. The next iPhone model, it seems that it will not only be manufactured by Samsung OLED panels, but LG will be another supplier, although on a smaller scale

Samsung patents the first "copy" of the iPhone X

The Korean technology giant would have patented what would be its next smartphone. A new terminal with similar characteristics with the iPhone X, and yes, it will also have the controversial notch.

How to activate dark mode on Twitter

One of the latest applications that has chosen to add the dark theme within its configuration is Twitter, an ideal theme to use when you use the application in low light.

IOS 12 video concept with long-awaited dark theme

We show you the first concept of what the twelfth version of Apple's operating system for mobile devices could look like, a concept that stands out for offering a dark theme and the return of cover flow.

iPhone X notch

Notch or no notch?

After the presentation of the iPhone X by Apple, the rest of the manufacturers have had to decide whether or not to use a notch, with its advantages and disadvantages.

Top 5 best iPhone X features

If you are still not sure if the iPhone X is the terminal you are looking for, then we show you which ones with the top 5 best features of the iPhone X

How to close apps on iPhone X

The iPhone X introduces new gestures for multitasking and closing applications. We tell you how it works and how we should use it to improve the performance of our device.

How to take screenshots with the iPhone X

Tutorial to take screenshots on the iPhone X. Simple step-by-step manual to perform this simple but important function. We also teach you how to edit screenshots, how to share them and other things. If you do not know how to take a screenshot on the iPhone X, here we show you how !!

How to download applications with the iPhone X

Find out how to download and buy applications with the iPhone X. Due to the absence of the home button on the new iPhone X, applications are no longer downloaded as before. Discover all the details!

Does the iPhone X bend?

In the video that we show you in this article, we can check not only if the iPhone X bends, but also how resistant it is to scratches.

Production issues continue on iPhone X

The umpteenth problem that is linked to the manufacture of the iPhone X is precisely the 3D sensor that characterizes it, significantly affecting its final stock.