IOS 12 group notifications

This is how notifications are in iOS 12

iOS 12 has come with small news and improvements. One of those that improve the use of our iPhone almost without realizing it, but then become essential. This is the case of the news in the notifications of iOS 12.

How to downgrade from iOS 11.4 to iOS 11.3.1

We teach you to downgrade a device that has iOS 11.4 to an iOS 11.3.1 version, in this way we can ensure that we can install Cydia with the Electra tool when CoolStar updates it.

How to permanently delete an Apple ID

Privacy is becoming one of the basic pillars of large companies. Following the update of the Data Protection Act, Apple has added a tool to temporarily remove an Apple ID.

How to add stickers to Telegram

How to add stickers to Telegram

If you have tired of always using the same stickers, in this article we show you how we can add new stickers to the Telegram messaging application.

Blocked on WhatsApp

Block a contact on WhatsApp

We explain what you have to do to block a contact on WhatsApp. If a number bothers you and you want to block it from WhatsApp so that it does not send you more messages, these are the steps you should follow.

Search my Iphone

How to turn off Find My iPhone

We teach you how to deactivate searching for my iPhone, one of the most important and most secure functions Apple offers us when it comes to protecting our device against theft or loss of it, but sometimes we need to deactivate it to sell the mobile, repair it or whatever another thing.

Apple publishes new ads focused on portrait mode

The guys from Cupertino have posted three new videos on their YouTube channel where we can see how we can create selfies using portrait mode, how we can edit them and how to add the bounce effect in Live Photos

How to block a web page

iOS offers us a fantastic restriction system with which we can not only block access to web pages, but also, we can block access to any type of unclassified content for the little ones. Learn how to block a web page with our tutorial.

How to set iPhone to answer calls automatically

Within the accessibility options that iOS offers us, we have at our disposal a function that allows us to configure the iPhone to automatically answer the calls we receive after a preset time has elapsed.

How to close apps on iPhone X

The iPhone X introduces new gestures for multitasking and closing applications. We tell you how it works and how we should use it to improve the performance of our device.

How to take screenshots with the iPhone X

Tutorial to take screenshots on the iPhone X. Simple step-by-step manual to perform this simple but important function. We also teach you how to edit screenshots, how to share them and other things. If you do not know how to take a screenshot on the iPhone X, here we show you how !!

How to download applications with the iPhone X

Find out how to download and buy applications with the iPhone X. Due to the absence of the home button on the new iPhone X, applications are no longer downloaded as before. Discover all the details!

how to close apps on iPhone X

How to close apps on iPhone X

With the arrival of the iPhone X, some of the most popular actions within the iOS ecosystem have changed. And one of them is closing apps.

How to make a GIF on iPhone

We are going to teach you how to make a GIF in the easiest and fastest way without having to go to a PC to do it.

How to free up space on my iPhone

We show you how to free up space on your iPhone with these 7 tricks that will help you have more free memory on your iPhone or iPad. Have you tried all of them?

Ringtones for iPhone

Ringtones for iPhone

We tell you how to download ringtones for iPhone for free or create your own melodies from the songs you like the most.

iPhone in DFU mode

Put iPhone in DFU Mode

Learn how to put the iPhone in DFU mode to restore or if your iPhone has been locked and does not go beyond the screen of the apple.

Restore iPhone

We tell you how to restore an iPhone and the steps to follow to format the iPhone with iTunes or without iTunes to leave it out of the box.

How to rotate a video on iPhone

How to rotate a video? We tell you how you can change its orientation from the iPhone or iPad with this selection of applications that you cannot miss.

How to record your iPhone screen

Do you know how to record your iPhone screen? We explain all the methods there are to achieve it: via WiFi, with cables, on Windows, Mac, from iOS 11 ...

How to import contacts to iPhone

We tell you how to import contacts to iPhone from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, Windows, iTunes and more. Transfer your calendar to the iPhone in a simple way

How to Export Contacts from iPhone

We explain how to export contacts from your iPhone to other services (gmail, iCloud ...) and other devices (Android, Windows, Mac) The most complete guide!

What is AirDrop?

We tell you what AirDrop is, how it is configured and how it is used to share files between iOS and macOS. Do you know how to use one of the best functions of the system?