Find out the company of your iPhone

On this page you can find out what company is your iPhone, that is, to which operator it is originally associated. In addition, you can also find out if it fits term contract or if it is already a free iPhone factory or released.

This way you can find out if the iPhone you have bought or are planning to buy meets the conditions that you have been told and if it can be released by IMEI.

Discover the company of your iPhone

Use the following form to find out the operator of your iPhone:

You will receive all the data from your iPhone in the email associated with your Paypal account or the email that you write if you pay with a credit card. Normally you will receive the information within 5 to 15 minutes, but in specific cases there may be delays of up to 6 hours.

The report you will receive will be similar to this:

IMEI: 012345678901234
Serial Number: AB123ABAB12
Operator: Movistar Spain
Free: No / Yes
With associated permanence contract: No / Yes, until May 16, 2015
To unlock your iPhone you must do the following / You cannot unlock your iPhone

Also if you wish you can also check if your iPhone is locked by IMEI By choosing it in the payment drop-down, you will only have to pay ÔéČ 3 or $ 4 more.

Why do I want to know which company is an iPhone from?

It is highly relevant to know which company you are linked to, and it is that when a iPhone is restricted to one carrier, We can only use it with the company to which it belongs. In this way, it would be burdensome to acquire a second-hand iPhone that was not linked to the telephone company that we currently use, in addition, The fact that a device is free is an added value for it, since we can alternate between different mobile phone companies that offer us more competitive rates, so we would end up saving a good amount of money.

It is for all this that our service will allow you to easily know all the data regarding an iPhone, including the operator to which it belongs. This way you can prevent possible setbacks derived from the telephone company to which the device is linked. Do not hesitate any longer, and take advantage of our offer.