Get free Prince of Persia, the Shadow and the Flame


Prince of Persia, one of the best-known video game sagas of all time, has several titles in the App Store for our iPhone and iPad (and let's not forget the iPod Touch). One of its higher-quality titles is "Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame," which can be downloaded from the App Store for € 2,69, and has never been downgraded to free since its launch last year. And although in the App Store its price remains the same, can be obtained for free, we explain how.

As happened on other occasions, IGN has chosen this great video game so that during this month it can be downloaded for free using the promocode that the page offers us. Just visit this link, click on the button «Get My Code», and we will have the code necessary for the game to download completely free of charge. We can click on the code that appears, and iTunes should automatically open with the game on the screen, but in the event that this is not the case, we just have to copy the code and use the "Redeem" option that appears in our iTunes account, in the "iTunes Store" section on the right.


Once you have loaded the redemption page, just paste the redemption code you copied earlier and the download will start automatically. A real great game that we can use with the new MFI drivers, or if you have the Jailbreak done, with the PS3 and PS4 controllers thanks to the Cydia tweak controllers for all. Don't take long to download the game using the promocode offered by IGN, which will only be available this month. Remember that you can only get it on the IGN page, in the App Store it still has its original price.

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  1.   Ricardo said

    It is not available for my country.

    1.    Paul galli said

      The same thing happens to me, any idea .. I'm in Peru

  2.   Edgar said

    I do not know what is happening with Actualidad Iphone that increasingly put more mediocre articles, and I do not say it for this but for many others. They should do a quality survey in which they allow users to vote for the type of content we like, since I find it frustrating to enter the web and see poor and poorly written content.

    Returning to this post, the same, NOBODY tells you that in the vast majority of countries this code WILL NOT SERVE since it is by region.

    To all those who do not get it, install an application called "Hotspot Shield VPN for iphone" which is free in the Appstore. They start it, download a profile, install it, give everything OK and if they did it correctly, an icon that says VPN will appear at the top of your device and that's it. Go back to iPhone News, enter the link and generate the code. BEWARE once they have the tmb code they will need an account from the USA, Germany etc (the same appstore tells you)


    1.    heyventrile said

      I totally agree, currently iPhone lost a lot of level. Not only from the type of articles, but from the poor writing. There are many of the articles that are poorly translated translations from google translate. It hurts me since it is one of my favorite blogs and it makes me less and less want to read.

  3.   Juanra said

    Anyone who has codes list or something like previous times, please post them, greetings from Mexico

  4.   Ricardo said

    Try this you put in comments above by AppStore download this
    Hotspot Shield VPN for iphone

  5.   Agustin said

    It is not the first time that I see an article of this type in this forum. It has already happened previous times where they do not clarify that it does NOT work for all countries.

  6.   Luis Padilla said

    I cannot say in which countries it works and in which not because there is no information about it on the original website. If it doesn't work in all countries, I'm sorry. I have just tried to make everyone who can take the opportunity to download this fabulous game for free. Nor is it my fault that it does not work in all countries, nor of Actualidad iPhone. Yes, I checked before publishing anything that works in my country, Spain. I can't check all the countries where there is an App Store one by one.

    As for the copy-paste, whoever finds an article of mine that is a copy-paste or translated from Google, put it right here.

    1.    Heriberto said

      Very easy, there is a Spanish-speaking community all over the world. It would not hurt to be able to diversify this blog a little more by having editors in other parts of the world, Mexico, Argentina, USA. Many occasions focus so much on Spain that they forget that many users visit this blog from elsewhere. Without the desire to offend Luis, but it would be a thousand times better to have editors in other countries than to have Carmen Rodriguez and Cristina Torres who, in my opinion and I see that many others, only contribute SPAM to this blog. I really mean it with all due respect. There are many of us who agree, the quality of Actualidad iPhone is going down a lot! A server tells them because I love this blog, in vdd it is the best, but with such poor content, I no longer know what to think.

      Take it as a constructive criticism.

  7.   Antonio said

    It is not valid for Mexico

    1.    roldan2003 said

      Of course, as if it were CNN, an editor in each country, that I know they do not charge for visiting or reading it and I imagine that this display would mean a disbursement and even if it were not, how many countries would we be talking about? Maybe those from Uruguay would be bothered by not being included?
      If you realize the web is generic, the users are the ones who must make it more personal and localized, as has been the case.

  8.   Talion said

    Thanks for the news. I'm from South America and couldn't redeem the code either, but I used Edgar's advice and I had no problems.

  9.   condemor42 said

    Well, the article seems good to me, I do not think it will lower quality, they are not to win a Pulitzer. Thanks to this page I find out about interesting things that I might not know otherwise.
    That in this case it does not work for Latin American countries, I do not think it is the fault of the writer of the article, so I do not think this should be held in his face.
    That there are people who don't like how other editors write, so tell them,
    That they should take writers from other countries, well, in variety is the taste.

  10.   Javier said

    If you look closely, you will see that on the same website as the link, just below the code, it says that it is only valid for Spain.
    You just have to read a little before criticizing.
    By the way, the best iPhone blog I read.
    Greetings and thanks.

  11.   lalodois said

    Being Colombian I have learned to take these promo-code notices with great measure, I still verify them but as always: "Sorry, this promotion is not available in your country." double, that happens to us to be born in these third world countries.

  12.   Luis said

    Hello, I installed the hotspot shield but when I install the profile and that the VPN does not connect me and makes me not have internet, what do I do? please help

  13.   enhanceus said

    I give them

  14.   cakross said

    ooooohhh !!! Thank you very much "realzeus" for the gift code! A big greeting from Chile!

  15.   enhanceus said

    Other AX4L7N9MYLA3

  16.   Billy alvarez said

    realzeus thank you very much greetings from Peru !!!

  17.   enhanceus said


    1.    Patrick said

      Friend you can give another code: !! I would appreciate

  18.   Alex said

    The truth is that it is not critical of what they post, it is very good content, even if it is copy and paste that I do not have the luxury of reading from other websites, I read it here this from the promo code It is not the first time if I already have the tools to Right here the different users give as alternatives to get the game I am from Ecuador I have an account in the USA and this game I downloaded connecting to a VPN in Germany, the first time it was difficult for me today and more sure than I do I did it in simple steps Greetings, we must learn to criticize what we are not capable of doing.

  19.   Carlos CO said


    I have codes for you. They can be ordered on Twitter @ cco83mx BBM PIN: 7A497435

  20.   Landa said

    I see a lot of mediocrity in the comments of many, I think that the contributions are incomplete or lacking in a detail, that's what the comments are for, to enrich it, but that does not mean that it is bad or that the blog is declining, it is easy to come and criticize Even though they do us a favor to keep us informed, the least we can do is thank them. And if someone wants to be a copywriter, ask for the opportunity to see if they are so cool. I eat a taco on my tongue.

  21.   ⌃⌘⌥ Carlos CO ⇧ (@ cco83mx) said

    The codes are only valid in stores in: Armenia, Australia, United States, Belgium, Canada, Austria, Belarus, Bahrain, Chad, Ireland, Jordan, Indonesia, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Finland, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Kuwait, Norway, New Zealand, Malaysia, Netherlands, Oman, Russia, Portugal, Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Ukraine.

  22.   ⌃⌘⌥ Carlos CO ⇧ (@ cco83mx) said

    Here a code:


    I have codes for you. They can be ordered on Twitter @ cco83mx BBM PIN: 7A497435

  23.   enhanceus said

    Here another Code

    1.    Pablo said

      Thank you

  24.   MrM said

    Thank you very much machine ... !! All the best.