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Instagram story

Instagram Stories is, without a doubt, one of the great news of the week. The recent landing of a function very similar to the one we already saw in Snapchat In the photography social network par excellence, it has caused a stir, and no wonder. The ability to create stories on Instagram and share them instantly gives the app a new use that we never dreamed of seeing in it, although we still don't know if for better or for worse.

While the future decides if this new feature is here to stay or just remains anecdotal, the best we can do is take advantage of it. And, although Instagram Stories is still a very basic option compared to Snapchat, it has some interesting aspects.

Instagram Stories what is it?

Updated Instagram icon

Instagram Stories (Stories in its English version), is the alternative that Instagram launched a while ago to compete with Snapchat. The key to Instagram Stories is the fact that they are based on ephemeral content, that is, the videos and photographs that we upload will last a few seconds when viewed, and then they will be cut.

This ephemeral content will remain on our profile for about 24 hours, and then it will be removed. It works basically like Snapchat. In addition, these stories that we capture, both in photography and video, can be edited, not with filters, but with brushes, effects, stickers and Emojis that will allow us to give a degree of interest to Instagram Stories, especially in what than to share a unique moment with our followers.

How to put a photo on Instagram story

Instagram Stories

Adding images and videos directly from our photo reel is one of them. An option that, although it is true that Snapchat has also recently incorporated, is not exactly the same. First of all, Snapchat allows you to upload any content on the reel, regardless of its longevity. Conversely, In Instagram Stories you can only choose between the one that has been added to the library in the last 24 hours, something that favors the instantaneity that is intended with this type of proposal. And, secondly, because on Instagram the content will be shown in full screen, be it photos, screenshots or videos, something that is not possible on Snapchat.

To be able to access this reel content - from the last 24 hours, let's remember - we only have to go to the content capture screen of our Instagram story (in the icon in the upper left corner or sliding with our finger in that sense ) and, once in it, slide down. After performing this action Thumbnails of videos and images added to the reel during the last calendar day will be shown at the top, being able to choose, edit and upload the one we like the most to our story.

How to upload multiple photos to Instagram Stories

Our Instagram Stories have no end, by this we mean that we can add almost an infinite number of content to our Instagram Stories, depending on the time and desire we have. The operation is exactly the same, to upload a photo in History we simply have to perform the steps in the previous tutorial, or directly capture the moment. Once we have uploaded a photo to the Instagram Story, we will return to the main menu, that is, the Instagram Timeline.

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Now We slide to the left again and we can add a photo to the Instagram Story or directly capture the moment we want, in video if we hold down the capture button for a long time, or a photograph if we give it a subtle touch.

Upload videos to Instagram Stories


We start from the basis that we have two mechanisms to upload videos to our Instagram Story, for this we can first use the basic method, the capture method. We are going to upload a video with the following steps:

  1. In the Instagram Timeline we swipe from left to right or click on «add History».
  2. We focus what we want to record
  3. We leave the "capture" button pressed and a video will be recorded

Once the video is recorded, or cut, since it has a time limit, we can edit it as we want and directly upload it to our Instagram Story. The second method is identical to the one we use to upload photos that we have on the reel:

  1. In the Instagram Timeline we swipe from left to right or click on «add History».
  2. We slide our finger from the bottom up, to remove the reel
  3. We can select a video recorded in the last 24 hours
  4. The video will be shortened to the maximum allowed by Instagram Stories

And this is the easiest way to upload photos and videos to your Instagram Stories. As always, in Actualidad iPhone we bring you the best tutorials so you don't miss a detail on your social networks.

Instagram stories, who sees them?

Instagram story

This is very simpleIt will basically depend on a configuration, the privacy one. And if we have Instagram open so that everyone can see it, then we will have no way to prevent any type of user from having access to our Instagram Stories. Therefore, our stories will always be totally public, in these cases it is highly recommended that we take into account that they will be able to see our publications anywhere, in fact, it is usual that they appear from time to time in the Stories feed by location around us. If it generates any kind of doubt, we can always swipe from the bottom up to finally find out which users are viewing our Instagram Stories.

In the event that we have the Instagram "closed”Through configuration, only those users to whom we have granted follow-up permissions, that is, those whose follow-up request has been accepted, will be able to access our Instagram Stories. In this case, our privacy should worry us much less if we are quite select with the users who follow us.

Instagram Stories Tricks

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have many customization possibilities, however, sometimes it can become a somewhat complex application, so we want to make you a small compilation of what are the most secret and effective tricks to get all the performance out of Instagram Stories . So if you want your Stories to look different from everyone else, differentiate yourself a little and get the best results (and therefore the largest possible number of followers), take advantage of this list with the 7 Instagram Stories tricks most important that we bring you today.

  • Stop playback: To stop the reproduction of an Instagram Story that we are seeing, it is enough to leave our finger pressing any part of the screen. At that time the Instagram Story will go "on pause". When we release the finger, it will continue to play.
  • Skip to the next or previous video: To go to the next or previous video, we just have to click on the side of the screen that corresponds to us, the right side to advance the video or the left side to return to the previous one.
  • How post videos from gallery: To publish any video from the gallery, we take advantage of a previously mentioned trick, we only have to slide from the bottom up in the Story creator and all the content that we have recorded in the last 24 hours will appear, we select it and it will be uploaded.
  • How do I quickly record an Instagram Story? Well, the fastest way to record an Instagram Story is by swiping from left to right on the Instagram Timeline, then the Story creator will open quickly.
  • Can you zoom or change the camera while recording an Instagram Story? Of course, for this we have to make the same gestures as any camera, with two fingers extending it will zoom. Also if we press twice fast on the screen we can take a selfie.
  • How choose more colors in the texts of Instagram Stories: In addition to the colors that the application itself offers us when writing texts in an Instagram Story, we can choose between the color palette if we hold long pressure with a finger on one of the colors.
  • How turn an Instagram Story into a regular post: To do this we just have to go to the Instagram Story that we have recently published and click on the three points in the lower right corner, then the possibility of share as post.

And these are the seven Instagram Stories Tricks more relevant that will allow you to get the most out of your Instagram Stories, now go and share them. It is time to put into practice everything you have learned.

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