How to cut SIM card to turn into micro SIM or nano SIM

Convert SIM card to micro SIM or Nano SIM

Today, many of the smartphones They use a micro SIM or nano SIM card. But it can always happen to us that we have a phone with a mini SIM card, we buy another phone and we find that the new terminal uses a smaller type of card. Then what do we do? Sometimes we will have to cut sim card to adapt it to the smallest sizes.

Well, there are always solutions, but if we can't move around or wait for our new card to arrive, we can always convert our SIM card into micro SIM or nano SIM cutting it ourselves.

How to avoid cutting SIM card

If we don't want to cut the SIM card, we only have three possibilities:

  • Go to an establishment that can make us a duplicate. There are establishments that can duplicate the card. There aren't many, at least where I live, but the idea is to take the original and copy all of its content onto a card that has less plastic. The card will work the same as the original. If we decide on this option, the price will vary depending on the establishment.
  • Go to an official establishment of the brand and order a new one. If we have an establishment of our operator nearby, perhaps the best option is this. In some companies, requesting a new card can have a cost, which usually varies between € 6 and 10%. In Pepephone, for example, the first change is free, so if we choose this option, it would be best to ask for the nano SIM and, if necessary, use an adapter in phones that use micro SIM or mini SIM.
  • Call our operator to to send us another card. This option is my favorite, as long as I'm not in a rush. It is the same as in the previous option, but they will send it to us at home. Shipping is usually free, but not the card.

SIM card types

  • SIM card (1FF). This card is impossible to find today and it is certain that the Millenials they are amused. The original SIM card was a blank card and was the same size as a credit card.
  • Mini-SIM (2FF). This is what we could say is the standard or normal size. It is the SIM card that we all know and the one with the most plastic around the chip.
  • Micro-SIM (3FF). This card is the one introduced by the iPhone in 2007. It is slightly smaller than the mini SIM.
  • Nano SIM (4FF). With the arrival of the iPhone 5, Apple thought that the micro SIM card could still be cut further and they launched the nano SIM, a card that already leaves almost no plastic around the chip.

How to cut SIM card to convert it to Micro SIM or Nano SIM

Below we detail the process for transform your SIM card into micro SIM or Nano SIM. The procedure is similar in both cases, although depending on which one we need, we will have to mark some cutting lines or others.

Material that we will need to cut the SIM

Materials needed to cut SIM CARD

These are the materials that we will need to make the process of cutting the SIM card as precisely as possible:

  • Zeal
  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or, better, a utility knife.
  • Lija

Procedure to follow

Once we have all the materials to cut the SIM card, this is the procedure we have to follow:

Place the SIM on the template to cut it out

  1. The first thing we have to do is download template to trim a mini SIM card to micro SIM or nano SIM. You can do it from this link.
  2. We print the template.

We fix the SIM with zeal to the template

  1. With zeal and with care, we fix the mini SIM card on the template, as you see in the image.

We mark guides of the SIM card to cut it

  1. Next we take the ruler and the marker and we mark the cutting lines. At this point, you have to make sure that the lines go through the outside. If we do the opposite, we will cut too much and the card will move on the support. If we cut less, we can always file it once it has been trimmed.

SIM card ready to convert to microSIM

  1. Now that we have the card marked, we have to trim it. My recommendation is to mark it with a cutter first and, when it is well marked, finish with the scissors. If you want more precision, you can even mark it with the cutter using the ruler in step 4, but you have to be very careful. It is likely that you cut something from the chip, but don't worry, it continues to work.

SIM card converted to micro SIM

  1. Finally, we file roughnesses. At this point it is important to have the support where we are going to put it at hand. The idea is to file a little and see how it enters the support. If it does not finish entering, we can file a little more. But, silly as it may sound, we have to make sure we smooth out the part that prevents it from entering. For example, if we start to file one part and it does not fit, most likely we still have to file the rest of the parts before filing the first one again.

Sanding SIM card

We already have the SIM card converted to Micro SIM or Nano SIM to enjoy the new iPhone and without having to mediate with our operator.

Future of SIM cards

Apple SIM

Extinction. Apple already launched the Apple SIM together with the iPad Air 2. This "sterile" card can be used with any operator, which would avoid us having to wait and change cards when we change companies. But, as a strategic company that it is, the intention of the company that Tim Cook runs could be different: to prepare the way for what is known as the e-SIM.

What is e-SIM? Well the card disappearance or the inability to access it physically. The objectives of the e-SIM are:

  • Like Apple SIM, make it easy for us to switch between operators.
  • Use the space to include new or larger hardware, such as other sensors.
  • Avoid breakdowns. It is not very common, but SIM cards tend to break down, especially if it is removed from its place on numerous occasions.

So, while we wait for this entry to remain as part of the blog archive, you can always make use of the information in this guide to cut SIM card and convert it from mini SIM to micro SIM.

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  1.   James said

    I imagine that asking our operator to provide us with a microsim will not be so easy, right? Surely they will smell right away that it is for the ipad, and they only give it to us on the basis of the fucking rate for ipads.

    1.    Aurelio Gonzalez Flores said

      What is the use of that I did not understand

  2.   buksom said

    Jaime, you don't need a reference microsim, I leave you this link, with the exact measurements. I cut mine with this guide and it goes great

  3.   Nacho said

    buksom, you forgot the link xD. If you can, write it down and so I add it to the guide to complete it. All the best!

  4.   Dominica said

    Perfect, the best of all tutorials. The "free" iphone 4 bought on the website of the French Apple Store. Thanks

    1.    fran said

      And how much did the phone cost you? Thank you.

  5.   NesDj said

    Thank you 1000, I was already getting used to the idea that I would not be able to use my new iphone 4 until tomorrow that I could go to the dealer where I bought it, but thanks to this tutorial I have achieved it in a few minutes and only with scissors!

    By the way, I was able to find the measurements in:

  6.   bass said

    Hello, in case it is worth it something curious has happened to me….

    I have cut an old and disused sim as a test and got the iphone4 to recognize it perfectly (without clear service ..). Then I cut the good sim that I have in another terminal and "screwed up" by cutting it BAD and the iphone did not recognize it.
    I thought and managed to change the chip with the circuit from a badly trimmed card to a supposedly well trimmed one, all with great care and the help of a cutter, and IT WORKS PERFECTLY… hehehe what homemade tricks.

  7.   SINAD said

    Be careful, this does NOT work, checked with a Vodafone sim, the sim has to be special.

  8.   Tx said

    I have done it today with one from Movistar and it works perfectly.

  9.   SinaD said

    Tx, you are right now if it works for me, it's funny I had to restart the iPhone a couple of times and then it worked ... weird weird weird

  10.   Adam said

    Wow!!! IT WORKS!!!! I did it with a movistar sim and I put it on the iphone 4 and IT WORKS !!! Now I can continue using my old number, since in Mexico they do not replace it with another number, thanks for the VERY GOOD contribution !!!

    1.    publimaxonline said

      ytumamatambien Uppss !! You are so Spanish that you use the name of a Mexican movie, I suppose that your racist traumas come from your inferiority complexes by no longer being able to plunder nations or empires, you are too sorry to use these spaces, for something positive. Huuuuuyy sorry !! I forgot that you are Spanish…. YOUR OPINION DOES NOT COUNT !!

      1.    JDC said

        Look, it is worth answering him, but you leave us Spaniards because more than one of you continues to call Spain a homeland, when you are no longer part of it and you continue to use Spanish as a language, so you have no right to speak Spanish like that, although This is an idiot, ok?

  11.   Jaume said

    Hello, I just want to contribute my grain of sand in this matter and comment that I have spoken with Vodafone and they have told me that the manufacturer's micro card has to come in the terminals and that later it would go to any Vodafone store to activate it at no cost .


  12.   BORTX_GT said

    FABULOUS!!! IT WORKS!!! My Iphone 4 fresh out of the oven and with two snips VOILA !!!

  13.   Jepes said

    It has not worked for me, trimmed OK, but it tells me invalid SIM, I called SIMYO to ask for another one and try to trim again, but they have surprised me, they have microSIMS and they will send me one, ole ..!

  14.   Anastacia said

    I have an iphone 4 but my sim card does not have the measurements so it does not fit
    that I can do?

  15.   msavio said

    Juas, my Iphone 4 arrives and the sim does not fit me, I search in sangoogle and I find panactualidadphone… impressive!

    I cut the SIM with simple scissors, I am seeing and testing that it is going to enter, cutting off excess and the truth is GREAT !!! The cut SIM works perfectly for me !!! THANKS A LOT!!!

  16.   George said

    Good afternoon, look, I have a microsim from my mother's iPhone, so I took it to be able to cut my SIM to the exact size and the truth is that I have cut it perfectly and it does not work for me. I have done this process twice with two cards and nothing at all, I have verified it and they are perfectly cut, but my Iphone 4 does not detect it. Could someone tell me why the iPhone does not accept it? And can my carrier provide me with microSim? (to move)

  17.   Alberto said

    @George. Greetings, if you can ask your company for a duplicate card, in this case we will ask for a SIM card from MicroSim, the price will be € 7 (it is not expensive), better not to use homemade methods since you can screw it up as well as you were case. So now you know for € 7 you have one

  18.   wenwen said

    someone knows THE EXACT MEASUREMENTS OF THE MICROSIM CARD that I do not have any to take reference XFASSSSSSSSSS =)

  19.   Ays15 said

    I have already cut the card and the iphone 4 has recognized it, but I cannot call or receive calls. Do you know how to do it? Thanks a lot

  20.   countach said

    Very good, @daft, so I have been living a kind of unreal dream for three months, because mine works perfectly, my SIM is the one that had the first Movistar logo printed, with more than 10 years.

  21.   edriam said

    heo but and that but the iphone 4 must bring it even k be

  22.   Bad said

    Can you with a telceeel sim?

  23.   Salvador said

    I have a sim of my Orange USB modem, (internet for laptops) my question is, can I cut it with a little machine that they sell in the market? and put it on my iPad 3G

  24.   damian said

    It works, at least it already recognizes the operator of my country (Telcel Signal)

  25.   Alexis said

    But this invention works well

  26.   ALECKS said

    x I will not know how to cut them, they do not know how many sales I could not make haha ​​😀

  27.   Fernanda said

    Hello! does anyone know if currently only the ipad and the iphone 4 use microsim? Or is it that other phone brands also use it?
    Thank you!

    1.    sabi said

      The hesperia T also uses it

    2.    Juan de Dios said

      I have the NOKIA Lumia 710 and it has microsim ... I think all NOKIA Lumia (:

  28.   vanessa said

    you have to cut the one without MUCH more than what appears in the image, you just have to leave the chip !!

  29.   Atarip said

    Be careful, I cut a sim to use with the ipad and then I couldn't get it out. It got stuck I had to send the ipad to the official apple service, THEY CHANGED IT FOR ME A NEW !!!!!
    but beware, deceiving them, because that is not covered by the warranty. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN CUTTING THE SIM

  30.   alexander barzi said

    I bought a sim, cut it to the exact size, it went well, it reads that there is a connection but the i pad tells me: Could not activate cellular data network. I spoke with Movistar and they do not allow. THEY DO NOT ALLOW. IT IS NECESSARY TO BUY A SIM. Great ball about your belief that we were going to connect following your instructions. For those of us who trust your cost and useless suggestion, thank you very much

  31.   fca said

    thank you very much they saved me

  32.   ruben said

    I already cut it and apparently it works well for me., I just want to give you some advice as I am using a geve and the microsim comes in very hard so I used a nail file when cutting it then I used it to round the corners and make the microsim more thin wasting it, in the company of you aki in honduras they gave me the microsim but of course not then cut my sim of course because the internet is faster. greetings and thanks

  33.   Maria said

    Thanks to your photos I was able to cut the sim and it was good 🙂 And I did it to the eye, with scissors… Well, Greetings and Thanks!

  34.   bethuel de la cruz jimenez said

    very good now so that the chip converted to micro__ chip works on iphone 4 what can be done

  35.   bethuel de la cruz jimenez said

    Now converted the chip to a micro chip and solution to activate on the iphone 4

  36.   donbags said

    excellent thank you very much, I was also able to cut my sim without problems and it worked perfectly, thank you. regards!

  37.   frameworks said

    Hello everyone, the truth is, I'm in trouble, I cut the sim and put it on a motorola razr, come on, but I can't get it out and the phone doesn't work the internet connection, does anyone have any help to give me, like getting the damn card! !!!! Thanks

  38.   KATIUSKANNA said


  39.   Joel Romero said

    A super + cenciyo method is to go to the customer service center and ask for a repositioning of your sim but by bus so that your head will break both, greetings, your friend, cocofox, from Mexico.

    1.    my said

      Strongly agree… ..but getting it from the dealer would have a cost. And I think that's what he's trying to avoid

      1.    CS II said

        in fact .. if plan by is damaged we go to the center of attention for the replacement

  40.   Allan Francis said

    It works very well, it is more simple with the tip of a compass and a pair of scissors, just seeing the dimensions of the mini in the normal

  41.   tovir said

    Well, I have a problem, it breaks or, rather, the latia of the microchip of my iPhone 4 was twisted and I can't do it

  42.   L Batons said

    Precision Tools hahahaha

  43.   Javier said

    Does anyone know how to recover contacts from a common chip that has already been canceled to be able to cut it in a micro-chip and use it in my BB Z10 ???? Thank you


    I bought a motorola 3g xt1032 from telcel and they never told me that it was a microchip and I needed to change my old standard chip for the number, I looked for an adapter and I did not find then I saw the method of cutting it and comparing the chips and it was just a matter of finding the size of the microsim and with the help of a flexometer and a marker take the measurements of the microsim and mark the standard sim and with the help of super scissors cut where the marks were all this with precision and care and it worked perfectly.
    the measurements must be taken from the center of the chip towards the ends if it worked.

  45.   MIGUEL said


  46.   Fede said

    I did it by eye and it came out walking perfectly! Thanks!

  47.   gem said

    cut my chip and it does not work on my iphone app can someone tell me what to do