How to know which company an iPhone is from

How to know which company an iPhone is from

¿How to know which company an iPhone is from? Many of you ask us in our contact form or on social networks how find out which company is an iPhone, which is the original operator you are tied to. Most of those who ask us do not know this information because they have bought the iPhone in the second-hand market and did not know that it was subject to a single operator, and they find it impossible to use it with other operators or in another country.

Before we could find out using iTools, but from the iPhone 4 onwards with this tool we can only find out the country of origin, we cannot know the rest of the data that is only stored on the Apple server: For which company is it blocked, if it has a permanent contract, if it has already been released and above all and most importantly, if it can be released by IMEI to use it in any operator.

Services to know which company is an iPhone

There are companies that have access to this information through Apple's servers, and for a few euros (or dollars) they will send us all the data from our iPhone that is on Apple's server, we have achieved enable a service on our website so that you can request all this information from your home and receive it in your email in a matter of minutes. You can also request that it be checked if your iPhone is blocked by IMEI for theft or non-payment.

With all these data you will only have to enter the section Unlock iPhone by IMEI that we have enabled on our website, select your operator and in a few hours your iPhone will be free forever.

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Finding out what operator an iPhone is can help you find out if the device is free or locked before you buy it, you will only need to ask the seller for the iPhone's IMEI and with that information you can find out all the information about it and check that it is not cheating you, you will know the model, capacity, color, serial number, its operator, if you have contract associate, etc. And if it can be released by IMEI, you will also know how to do it and how much it costs.

If you have already bought it and you do not know what company it is from or you think you may have been the victim of a scam, you can check it and get rid of doubts to claim the seller. But we recommend that you always check it before making the purchase, so you will avoid unnecessary annoyances.

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We hope that with this information that we have given you you are already clear how to know which company is an iPhone although at present, the most common is that the terminal is free and can be used globally with any telecommunications operator.

If you would like to find out the company of your iPhone click here.

More information - Unlock iPhone by IMEI

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  1.   Fersi said

    Perfect, I have tried it and in 10 minutes I had the info 😉

    Thank you very much!

  2.   Jose Ma said

    Now that I fall… wasn't there a computer application that told you all this information? Like IMEI etc? ...

  3.   José said

    mmmmm this information is free from a lot of pages., for example

    1.    gnzl said

      It is not true, the operator is IMPOSSIBLE to get it for free.

      1.    José said


    2.    RastaKen said

      It is no longer free since October 2012, there was a tweak in cydia that was functional until last October, just as the pages that were free are not, there was a Chinese page that was giving the info at the end of January, it lasted only 3 days, I prefer to pay the service to buy a stolen iPhone or an iPhone with debt in an operator, the iTools is not exact, from iPhone 4 onwards it is the country of manufacture, example: the iPhone 3G Movistar Venezuela with iTools says it is from Guatemala / Honduras, The iPhone 4 / 4S Movistar Venezuela iTools says that they are from Mexico, in the famous page "from where on my iPhone", where the iPhone model is entered, the 4 / 4S Movistar Venezuela and some of Digitel Venezuela come out as Telcel Mexico, to know iPhone specifications if there are free pages, or the iTools, but say which operator is from, if it is still under warranty and even the subscriber number or the last mobile number that activated the iPhone there is not, greetings

  4.   Ivan Zetin said

    to release by imei with the operator iusacell in Mexico, how do I do it?

    1.    RastaKen said

      only Iusacell iPhone 3/4 / 4S (not iPhone 5) imei starting with 0127XXXX can be unlocked

  5.   Mario burga said

    Fuck with those prices so expensive, if there are other websites that charge from $ 1.00 to find out the carrier and I will come here to pay € 3.95 ($ 5.00)

    It is also not a service from you if you are not promoting a website that does not have a good reputation in its services.

  6.   xxxkofmsster said

    there you can

  7.   xxxkofmsster said

    there you can

  8.   Julian said

    1.- Open the call app
    2.- Call * 3001 # 12345 # * (that opens an app and does not make a real call)
    3.- The hidden app "Field Test" will open:
    4.- Go to MM Info and then to «Equivalent PLMN List», and then to 0
    5.- Write the data aside (Mobile Country Code is MCC and Mobile Network Code MNC)
    6.- Go to and look for the MCC with Ctrl / Command + F and thus you will know the country of the operator, while the MNC is the name of the operator.

    1.    Aaron Abensur said

      on my iPhone 5 there is nothing in the Equivalent PLMN List, what does that mean?

    2.    caesar neri said

      I miss a Zero is * 3001 ……

  9.   nacheto said

    the best thing is to call Apple Care, there they tell you all the data
    that the call is cost? Surely you know how to call the corresponding landline number 🙂
    (I'm sorry but I suppose that it will not be possible to publish other websites ...)

  10.   dsr_ said

    Also put the option to unlock an iPhone from Movistar Mexico, thank you!

    1.    RastaKen said

      It is not that they put it and now, it is that the unlocking service for the iPhone in Mexico is not "stable", the Telcel Mexico was offered for a short time until 1 month ago but they can no longer be, the only operator that can be iusacell and it must be the iPhone that your imei starts with 0127XXX, I offer that service in my country, Venezuela, find out if they offer it in your country, greetings

  11.   Peñarol said

    I found an iohine 5 on the street and they told me it was blocked by imei because the owner reported it, my question is: CAN IT BE RELEASED ANYWAY? Thanks greetings! Uruguay

  12.   Silvio Rosario said

    Thank you Very fast service….

  13.   Bora Bora said

    If you have a report of theft by imei in Mexico, can you unlock it?

  14.   alciraqui said

    I have two iPhones, one 4 and 4s, how can I know if they can free themselves from which company they were and which ios has since both are in activation mode and I cannot use it in Paraguay or as an ipod touch

  15. said

    Interesting post

  16. said

    Interesting Post

  17.   Rod said

    Could I install a cdma movilnet line to a Verizon iPhone?

  18.   Marcos Tadeo Valenzuela said

    It no longer works I sent my payment and I never received the information

  19.   samuel rodriguez said

    Good afternoon, I bought a phone 6 in Japan from a brother Scout, I excitedly brought it to Venezuela and gave him a Movistar sim and I'm not looking for a tutorial on how to release it and nothing is not on the black list or blocked by iCLoud if they know of any solution here I leave contact

  20.   Carlos said

    I try to enter but google advertising does not let me advance
    apply for help