How to fix an Apple Watch that freezes showing the Apple apple

Apple Watch locked

It's the first time that has happened to me, but we have already seen many cases of Apple Watch blocked showing the apple indefinitely.

As it has happened to me and I have solved it without resorting to Apple's solution -taking it to a technical support service-, I would like to share the solution with you.

The first thing is patience

Many times it is more our own perception of time that is the problem. The Apple Watch, especially the first generation ones, can take a long time to update and appear to be stuck.

In my case, the apple appeared when installing the latest update. I left it connected overnight at its base to see if it was just a matter of time. But it dawned and it was still the same, so I assumed it was not my lack of patience.

The second thing is to force restart

I would not try this remedy without making sure of the first point, because a force reboot while updating could make things worse.

To do a forced restart we must press and hold both buttons of the Apple Watch (crown and button) for at least 10 seconds. But really, we have to wait until the screen goes black (the apple disappears) and reappears. Then we release the buttons.

The third thing is to empty the battery

Again, patience. If after forcing the restart (you can try it several times if you want), it does not show anything other than the apple, We must leave it on the table and let it download.

Notice: I have not seen this anywhere, but it has worked that way for me, and that's how I tell you. People are very sensitive about battery care lately, and although it is okay to do it once, completely discharging a lithium battery is not advisable. At least that's what they say. 

There will come a time when forcing the restart does not restart (something strange, because, as the name suggests, it is forced). Instead, will show the snake that indicates that you should put the Apple Watch to charge. Pay attention to him, put it to load and go to the fourth step.

The fourth thing is to find your Apple Watch

Go to the "Find My iPhone" app (now it's just called "Find") from your iPhone and select the Apple Watch. Of course, it will tell you that it is missing. Press "Notify when found" and "Play sound".

And now again, patience. When the Apple Watch is turned on (you will see how this time if it turns on well), it will play the sound and, in addition, it will notify the iPhone that it has been found.

Make sure the iPhone is close to the Apple Watch so that the Apple Watch has an Internet connection.

The last thing is to go to Apple technical support

If all else fails, the fifth step is to go to Apple technical support. My Apple Watch is more than two years old (and I have lost the ticket), so in no case would the warranty cover it. Of course, if you have it under guarantee, this fifth step would be the first thing to do. Has it been solved for you too?

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  1.   Ricky Garcia said

    A couple of days ago I forced a restart and that was where the apple was fixed, it was the first time that happened to me and I have  watch from the first day it went on sale in Spain, however, forcing the restart again was solved , it must be some bug of the last version

  2.   Nacho Aragonese said

    Hi Ricky! Since I have published it, many have contacted me saying that they too. So yeah, it seems like it definitely has to do with the latest version of watchOS. I hope that to those that happens, this helps them.

  3.   alexriv said

    Also forcing the restart again was solved, it must be some failure of the last version

  4.   alex zeuss said

    I join the list of those affected by the crash after updating to the latest software version… however, far from being solved, in my case it continues to happen every time I turn on the clock. I hope Apple fixes this problem soon with a patch.

  5.   Chema said

    The same happens to me. I have chosen not to let it turn off, the last time it cost me a lot to start. Hopefully soon they settle it.

  6.   Juan Gomez said

    You can also unlink the iPhone as a last resort, it works, the problem is that it is slow and it is time to pair them again.

  7.   Vicente said

    Is it happening in all models? It is happening to me in two Apple Watch series 0 and a series 1 of a relative. In series 3 is it happening?

  8.   Richy said

    At home we have a series 1 and series 3, and it also happens to us. I think it's only when we put it to charge off and there it never leaves the block.

  9.   Richy said

    At home we have a series 1 and series 3, and it also happens to us. I think it's only when we put it to charge off and there it never leaves the block.

  10.   wine said

    the same thing happens to me too. I usually turn it off and every time I turn it on it hangs and I have to do the reboot. This has happened to me since I updated it to the latest version.

  11.   Juan Antonio said

    Do you know when the next update comes out? I have series 3 and this happens to me after the last update ..

  12.   Ade said

    The same thing is happening to me ... When it is downloaded I usually put it to load at the Belkin stand but with the latest version of software it keeps the apple. If I put it to charge with the iPad charger it automatically turns on and the apple disappears

  13.   Diego said

    The same thing happened to me and my son, with two 2mm Watch series 42s. I contacted Apple Care (they are still under warranty) and they arranged an appointment for me at an Apple Store. When I took them they were making the mistake and just in case I recorded a video with a timer so you could see what the problem was. After several days they told me to pick them up. They handed them over to me saying they had reestablished the system in a deeper way than I had been able to do. That same afternoon the problem returned. I took them back and after a few days they told me again to pick them up. They re-established my son's and replaced mine with a new one and there we are. Mine has the previous version, 4.2.3 (and I do not plan to update it, of course). I also think that it is a software problem and I think that by now, Apple should already know what is happening and inform users either to reassure us or to announce a program as has been done with other devices on other occasions. Greetings and patience (what a remedy)

  14.   Jose Luis said

    It had also happened to me and performing the reset I returned to the same point. He had already done several tests and nothing. I think the decisive step has been number 4, when activating "Search for apple watch" on the iphone, and letting me know when it is found. About 3 minutes later I heard the sound, I pressed the accept button and then it worked again as before.
    Wow, what a relief. THANK YOU.

  15.   Carlos Salas - Cordoba - Argentina said

    Excellent option to "find the IPHONE" to make my first generation Apple watch out of apple mode for two days. Thank you very much for such a good contribution.

  16.   Mery said

    Thank you very much for your support, it was very useful to me, I had been using my apple watch in apple mode for 3 days ... I thought I had lost it. I restarted it several times and the last thing was to search for apple watch and after a few minutes it restarted. Really thank you very much.

  17.   Elia said

    Thank you very much, with the option "Search" it was solved in a few seconds.

  18.   louis said

    It has been great! I have followed your steps and almost without patience I have succeeded!

  19.   Jose San Martin said

    Very good article!
    Tried all the tricks, but none worked for me.

    I no longer have the Apple Watch - Series 1 - connected to the iPhone so I can't do step 4, does anyone know any other way, avoiding taking it to technical service if possible? (costs around € 220)

    Thank you very much!

    1.    fran said

      The same thing happens to me, I no longer have it linked and there is no way to turn it on, the apple remains ……. Anyone know how to restore the connection on the iphone to do the fourth step?

  20.   Fabiola said

    Hello! I have a second generation apple watch, it has been freezing when I exercise, problems with the Bluetooth and turning it off is "stuck" on the apple, I had to unpair and re-pair it with my phone. This is solved for now.

  21.   NADIR KACI said

    good, mine series 1, when I put it to charge, the apple appears and disappears continuously but it does not charge or turn on, a little help please, thank you.