iCloud for Windows, everything you need to know


Since the launch of iCloud, Apple's cloud storage service has evolved adding new functionalities and currently, after the launch of iOS 10, we can already consider the Apple storage service, a service to use, not as it used to work, where we could hardly use it as a service to store our documents and files.

ICloud integration with iOS and macOS is total, obviously. But not everyone has a Mac to be able to perfectly manage all the information and possibilities that this Apple service offers us. Apple is aware of this and that is why it also exists iCloud for Windows.

Download iCloud for Windows

In this article we will explain all the options offered by the iCloud software for Windows. If you use iTunes, it is very likely that if you have an Apple device based on iOS, it is more than possible that at Apple's insistence to download iCloud we have already done so and it is already installed on our PC. If, on the other hand, we are new to this platform, to start enjoying the advantages that iTunes offers us, we must click on the following link to download iCloud for Windows.

iCloud for Windows

Once we have downloaded and performed the installation, we will have to restart our system so that the Apple software is integrated into the system and begins to work. iCloud will run on the elements that start when the system starts, so the first advantage that will appear will ask us for the information of our iCloud account, where we will enter our Apple ID your password ..

ICloud Settings for Windows

Below the application it will show us all the data that we can synchronize with our PCs with Windows, data that logically is already being used on an iOS device or on a Mac. Thanks to this application, we can have the same data synchronized in two different operating systems, which makes this tool essential if we want to be able to access everything moment to our data, regardless of the operating system we are using.

As we can see in the image above, Apple allows us to synchronize our files in iCloud Drive; everything related to Photos that we do on our mobile device (iCloud Photo Library, My photos in streaming, Photos shared in iCloud, as well as being able to download and upload new videos and photos to or from our computer); the emails, contacts, calendars and tasks with Outlook and Safari Bookmarks with Internet Explorer.

iCloud for Windows - Configure

But in addition, we can also manage the storage distribution of our space in iCloud, allowing us to delete the files or backup copies that make use of the space that we have contracted.

Set up iCloud for Windows

As soon as we write the data of our iCloud account, as I have mentioned above, the application offers us all the options that we have available to synchronize with our PC. The four options that it offers us will appear marked to be able to configure them in the next step. If we do not want to enjoy iCloud files, Photos, Bookmarks or mail, contacts and others, we just have to uncheck the corresponding tab. In this case, we are going to leave all the options checked to be able to explain in great detail what are the options offered by each option.

What does iCloud Drive offer us?

As I mentioned above, for a while now iCloud has become a common storage service, although it still has its limitations. If we select this tab, we will be able to access all the documents (classified by folders) from our Windows PC, just as we can currently do from our Mac.

What does Photos offer us?

iCloud for Windows - Configure

ICloud Photo Library

Activating this option allows us to access all the photos and videos of all the devices that are associated with the same Apple ID.

My photos in streaming

Thanks to My photos in streaming, we can access the latest photos taken by all the devices that are associated with the same account.

Download the new videos and photos to my computer

This option allows us to automatically download, every time we turn on the computer, the most recent photos and videos from all the devices associated with our Apple ID.

Upload new videos and photos to my computer

With this function, we can upload to our iCloud account all the photos and videos that we store in the directory Images \ Photos in iCloud \ Uploads, a directory that fortunately we can change to the one that best suits us.

Photos shared on iCloud

We can also access all the photos that we have shared with other people from our Windows PC. In the last three options, we can change the upload or download directory to the one that best suits our way of working with files.

What does Mail, contacts, calendars and tasks offer us?

Thanks to Outlook and iCloud, we can enjoy all the contacts, calendars, tasks and emails directly on our Windows PC, so that if we add or delete a contact in Outlook for Windows will automatically be added or removed from our mobile device. The same goes for emails, calendars, and tasks.

What does Bookmarks offer us?

The Apple Safari browser, in its version for Windows, is one of the worst browsers we can use. Apple seems to be aware of this and through iCloud we can synchronize bookmarks only with the Internet Explorer browser.

Safari bookmarks on Windows

Once we have selected all the options that we want to synchronize, click on Apply. In the first place, a window will be shown to us in which it will inform us that it will proceed to merge iCloud bookmarks with those who are currently in Internet Explorer. Click on Merge, since the other option is Cancel.

Set up Outlook for iCloud

Now it is the turn of the Mail, contacts, calendars and tasks. iCloud for Windows will start downloading contacts, calendars, tasks and all emails of these accounts to automatically integrate them into Outlook. When the process is finished, a confirmation window will appear in which we will have to click OK.

How iCloud for Windows works

iCloud for Windows

Once the process has finished, we just have to go to all the options that we have synchronized to check that it has been done correctly. To be able to access the files stored in iCloud as well as all the Photos that have been synchronized or will do so in the future, like the documents in iCloud Drive, we just have to We go to the Quick Accesses where there are two new folders called iCloud Drive and Photos in iCloud.

For Check data synced with Outlook We must open the application and go to the left column to check, one by one, how the contacts have been synchronized (available within the iCloud Contacts group), the calendars (which will be displayed in the same number that we have on our devices), like all the tasks that we have synchronized in iCloud.

To see the Safari favorites that have been synchronized with Internet Explorer, we just have to open the browser and go to the favorites. Though Internet Explorer is no longer the default browser in Windows 10 For Microsoft Edge, Apple continues to import bookmarks to the veteran browser.

Fortunately, from Microsoft Edge we can quickly import the bookmarks, a process that we will have to carry out periodically to keep the bookmarks of our Windows devices always updated. Fortunately, doing it only takes two clicks, so it won't be a time-consuming process.

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  1.   Tsailun said

    I have tried to use it with my company's proxie and it is impossible to configure ,,, any ideas?

  2.   Juan said

    Well, I have been trying for months from time to time to configure iCloud in Windows 10 and it is impossible. You stay in the "enter verification code" window. No matter how much I put it there, it doesn't happen. Am I the only one this happens to?

    1.    Ignatius Hall said

      When does it ask you for the verification code? If it asks you, it is because you have two-factor authentication activated and when you link a new device to your account, in this case iCloud for Windows, it will send a message to the devices that you have associated with it so that you can enter it.

      1.    Juan said

        Right, and that's what I do. I enter the code that reaches me on another of my devices and the "loading" in Windows is infinite.

        1.    Ignatius Hall said

          It does not make sense if the PC has an internet connection. I'll try it later. In any case. Uninstall iCloud and reinstall it to see how it works.

          1.    Juan said

            I still have the same problem. I have tried many options and the result has always been the same. What I have done now has been to uninstall iCloud, download it again, install (iCloud, restart, configureÔÇŽ and infinite loading.
            It is an error that I have since I upgraded to Windows 10 and I have been resigned for months. iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro without problems, but my Windows PC impossible.

  3.   Lizeth said

    I have 2.000 photos saved, by mistake I gave it download several times and now they are downloading almost 6.000 photos, as I do to cancel the downloads) I already closed the session, changed the configuration but when it was activated, it continues with the download.

  4.   Adrian said

    When I enter the photo options section, I only have Photos in iCloud and shared albums, so I am missing all the other options.
    Can you think of something?

    1.    Mariano said

      Good morning Adrian, clicking on the "Photos in iCloud" box enables the other options. regards!!!

  5.   Mariano said

    Good morning, with iCloud the following is happening to me.
    My idea is to share files between 2 iCloud accounts (with Apple and Windows devices) to be able to manage them from any device.
    The problem is that I can perfectly share and edit shared files between Apple devices but this is not the case with iCloud for Windows. The folders and files generated from one of the iCloud accounts are visible on my devices from the same account (Windows and Mac) but when shared, they are only visible on Apple devices. I can't see files shared by another iCloud account on Windows devices. Greetings and hopefully solve the problem in future updates. In the meantime, I'll see if it helps to pay for the iCloud service or migrate to another cloud service that can provide me with the full service.