Download Cydia on any iPhone

How to download and install Cydia on iPhone

If you are new to iOS and the jailbreak, it is likely that you do not know what that "Cydia" that is on everyone's lips is. But what are they talking about? Undoubtedly, when we hear or read the word Cydia in some medium, the conversation is related to the world of jailbreak, which translated into Spanish is something like “escape” or, if we translate it directly, “break the cage” . But, how to download cydia? How do you install?

In this article we will try explain various things about Cydia so that you never have any doubts about the app store launched by Saurik now more than 8 years ago.

What is Cydia and what is it for

Apple presented its application store in the Keynote of the WWDC in 2008 and christened it the App Store, whose direct translation is "application store" (which does not seem to be as good as in English). IOS restrictions made developers want to "break the cage" that prevented some modifications to the iPhone. Saurik then decided to launch a alternative app store from where we could download applications not allowed in the App Store and other types of modifications, such as SBSettings (initially called BossPrefs) or Winterboard, which helps us to add themes (skins or skins) to our iPhone.

What is jailbreak
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I'm not going to say that jailbreak is less and less important, but I will say that at the beginning iOS had many more limitations, so the jailbreak was almost an obligation. Without going any further, to be able to record video with the first iPhone it was necessary to install a tweak by Cydia. Without further delay, let's see how to download Cydia and install it on the different iPhone or iPad models.

How to download Cydia for iPhone 4 and earlier

Download Cydia for iPhone 4s and iOS 6

The best for download and install Cydia on iPhone 4 and earlier is to find the necessary tool for the version of iOS that this device uses:

  • If you have iOS 7.x installed, you will have to go to the Pangu website and download their tool Pangu 7.
  • If you happen to have iOS 7.0-7.0.x and you don't trust Chinese hackers (you wouldn't be the first), you can also use the latest tool launched by the team of hackers evad3rs that you have available on their website.
  • If you made the non-objectionable decision to stay on iOS 6, you can use the tool p0sixspwn.
  • For other versions, check the page
  • Can also be tested and installed Cydia Installer, a tool for Windows that is supposed to download Cydia. In any case, it is something that I do not recommend.

Compatible Models

The quick answer is: all. Any iOS device, be it a iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, is compatible with Cydia. Of course, not all devices are compatible with all versions of Cydia.

In any case, if we jailbreak an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, entering Cydia we will see if it can be done update to the latest version. If it can't, the latest version that we can install from Cydia is the last one compatible with that device.

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Tutorial to install Cydia

Install Cydia

This process can be a bit tricky or very simple, depending on the process you choose and at the point where you want to install Cydia

Process 1: Normal installation. Obligatory process if you haven't jailbroken before

This is the recommended process to install Cydia on your iPhone.

  1. If you do not have the alternative Cydia application store installed, it gives you problems or it disappears, perhaps it is best to start from 0, so the first thing we will do is a backup.
  2. The second step is to look at one of the tutorials that we have in iPhone News to jailbreak your device.

As simple as that. Although it could be fine, manual installation of some packages usually creates more problems than solving them, so I recommend doing Process 1 to install Cydia. Also, it is the only way to install it if we have not jailbroken the device yet.

Process 2: Manual installation.

I would not recommend this process to install Cydia, but it will prevent us from starting from 0 with all that this would mean. We will do the following:

  1. We download the .deb package for the version of Cydia that we want to install.
  2. We open an SFTP client, like Cyberduck.
  3. We sail to / var / root / Media. If we don't have the Cydia folder, we create it.
  4. Inside the Cydia folder we have to create (if it is not) a folder called AutoInstall.
  5. We take the .deb package that we downloaded in step 1 and "upload" it to the AutoInstall folder.
  6. We rebooted twice. After the second reboot, Cydia should appear on the Springboard.

How to jailbreak the latest iPhone models

How to jailbreak the iPhone

The hacker groups that are responsible for making the jailbreak are also responsible for launching tools for it. Otherwise, jailbreaking could be mission impossible. If you asked me "How do you jailbreak an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?" my answer would be "What device and what version of iOS do you have installed?"

Although it is true that the latest tools make the process practically the same, it is also true that there may be light but important differences in the process. If I have to say a single generic method, I would say it has to be done as follows:

  1. We seek information about the jailbreak for iOS version that we have installed. This point may be a bit funny, but I say it because, for example, in iOS 5.0.1-5.1.1 we have to use the Absinthe tool, in iOS 6.1.2 we have to use evasi0n, in iOS 7.x evasi0n7 and for iOS 8 and iOS 9 we will have to use one of the tools offered by the Pangu or TaiG hacker teams. In the page We can check this information up to iOS 7.1.
  2. We make a backup of all important data on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. This is an important step for when we are going to perform any flashing, not only for the jailbreak.
  3. We run the tool downloaded in step 1.
  4. We follow the instructions that appear in the application. In many cases, these steps include unlocking the device and tapping the new icon that has been created on the springboard.
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For, do the jailbreak to the latest version available at the moment, you can visit our post Tutorial to jailbreak iOS 9.0-9.0.2.

Do you have any doubts about how download Cydia?

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  1.   kenzoar said

    Is it safe to install that version? Is it already proven that it works well on iPhone 4? In case of problems, can it be reversed? or do you have to run jailbreak again?

  2.   Álvaro said

    Installed and running on an Iphone 4 with IOS 5.0.1
    Thank you!

    1.    Cheftu said

      Well, I can't get the file to download either with the safari download manager or with the plugin, do I have to do it via shh?

    2.    cchristian said

      If you have no problem. What I want you to help me is how to download cydia for iPhone 5s, I don't know because there is only version 8. I want version 9.3.2, please help me. Friends ???

  3.   lucid said

    I have installed it even easier, I have sent the .deb file to the mail and when opening it I got the option to "Open in iFile" 😀

    1.    josema said

      Have you sent it to an iphone 4 with 5.0.1 ???? I say this because since I uploaded to that version, the attachments of type .zip, .rar or, in this case .deb, appear to me as a small blue square icon with a question mark, - unknown file - that does not allow me to "open with … »Programs like iFile (that I have installed) I know that I am not the only one that happens on his iPhone 4 (with the iPod it seems to be going well), and I have been pissed off for a long time with the subject… Thanks for answering 🙂

      1.    Dani barea said

        You will have to have iFile, if not, na de na… I mean… 🙂

    2.    ale6 said

      I also did it by sending me the file via mail. As it says ddlucido you open in Ifile and inside you give the installer and that's it. Works correctly

      1.    josema said

        As I said in the message, IF I have the iFile installed; the problem is that the email received does not give me the option to "open with ..." (as if it happened to me with iOS 4.3.3) because only an unknown icon appears where this type of attachment should be seen. Could you please tell me if your device (in which I deduce the attachment appears fine) is iPhone 4 with 5.0.1? Thank you very much 🙂

      2.    Marce said

        Could you send me the cydia application by mail? My mail is

        1.    David said

          Marce, if you got it, you could send it to my email porfa

  4.   Fran said


    You can see the difference in load between 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 (I mean this) or is the difference that there is real?

    1.    Peter said

      It shows a lot! From several seconds (which is what it used to take when checking packages and so on) to a couple or 3.

      It's worth it!

  5.   EuroFlatron said

    Hello people!
    I did everything Gonzalo says step by step and it is perfect. I updated Cydia from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4. I notice that it loads faster and runs smoother. Gonzalo you are a machine! Congratulations for this post and for everything you post on the page in general because it makes life easier for us! You work very well.
    A greeting!

  6.   EuroFlatron said

    By the way, I forgot to comment that I updated the Cydia to 1.1.4 on an Iphone 4 with IOS 5.0.1. Everything ok!

  7.   EuroFlatron said

    I did it for SHH!

    1.    Cheftu said

      And how is it done
      Can you explain it to me?

      1.    EuroFlatron said

        I downloaded it to the computer, and with WinSCP I passed it to the iPhone via SSH. After that, with Ifile I unzipped it and installed it next. I ran Cydia and it already appeared in 1.1.4.

  8.   XBoSS said

    I did it by mail and ifile and it worked perfectly

  9.   Davidcaru93 said

    The best way to install these files is from dropbox

    1.    ALFONS0 said

      Hello and how do you do it, do you have an application that downloads you from safari to dropbox?
      with safari download plug in it doesn't give me an error.

  10.   SPRMCH said

    SHH? It will be SSH I say ...

    1.    EuroFlatron said

      Excuse me, I meant SSH!

  11.   ALFONS0 said

    With safari download plug in, it gives me the following error (Download failed. Could not create download folder). I do not know what will happen I have iFile installed, I have tried to create the folder by naming it like that but nothing.
    Any ideas??

  12.   antonio said

    installed and perfect. Thank you

  13.   odri said

    And for a 3G it is worth?

  14.   Aitor said

    Hello, I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 and I want to download the application so that it does not reload the repos every time I enter Cydia (as in the video that loads Cydia shitting milk) does anyone know what its name is? I know the noCyfresh but I only get versions for iOS 3 and 4.

    Let's see if someone can help me! Thank you!

  15.   Robogonza said

    I recommend the AppCake application to install files with a .deb extension more easily.

  16.   Higi said

    Very good this video Gonzalo, as you have used to us.
    I recommend the update because it starts Cydia very fast.
    I have passed it to the Iphone 4 with IFunBox and Ifile
    Thank you.

    1.    gnzl said

      Thank you

  17.   samyuure said

    Downloaded and working perfectly !!! Thanks Gonzalo.

  18.   Aitor said

    Gnzl I really appreciate your contribution, but could you give me a hand with my comment above? I keep updating the repos and the milk takes: (

    1.    gnzl said

      I don't have anything installed, now cydia is slow due to the new jailbreak, but in a few days it will be fine again.

  19.   Juan said

    It was very easy for me to send it to me by email.

  20.   frankapa said

    Hi, I don't have the downloads folder in the path indicated? what can i do? thanks

  21.   frankapa said

    I have also sent it by mail but it does not open it to me?

  22.   Paul said

    where do you download safari download manager for free and compatible with ios 5?

  23.   Chepos said

    I am trying to download the iFile from Cydia and it does not leave me from any repository, I am trying to update 3 things that I get (activator, corona and sbsettings) and nothing is downloaded either, does this happen to anyone? It will not be for megaupload issues and that is not it? they are removing it from the servers or something like that

    1.    CHANNELS said

      If the same thing happens to me, I can't download anything from cydia after installing the .deb ¬¬ what should I do ??? I already did respring and also turn off the iphone and nothing…. and apart it does not change me from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 that Gnzl ago

  24.   build said

    I have the same problem, I try to download the file and it says download failed could not create download folder. i have safari download plugin and ifile. What I can do ?

  25.   roy said

    Grax gonzalo I sent it via email and I opened it with IFILE and just as you explained it in the video, it was already perfect, I tried it and it is perfect from Mexico, thanks for the contribution
    but in a cdma iphone that I have, it does not give me the option, I get the atachment as a blue square ,, without the option to open it with ,,, what to do here? regards

  26.   Head75) 8 said

    Thank you so much for everything. Working perfect on an iPhone 4. You are a machine

  27.   cyberscorpion said

    Thank you very much, Gonzalo…. !!
    It works perfect on iphone 4 32gb with IOS 5.0.1, sent to the mail and opened directly with ifile 1.6 and following instructions from the video.

    you are a crack ... !!

  28.   gonzy said

    Thanks namesake, file download, entered via ssh and perfect

  29.   Norber said

    I have a little problem, I download the file but when I go to iFile and to the address you say, I can't find the Downloads folder in Library

  30.   xulin said

    Thank you .
    I just installed it on an iphone 4 with ios 5.0.1 but I think it takes much less than before to load.
    I have installed it as in the video. Thank you very much for your work..

  31.   Alfred said

    It doesn't work for me either, I have everything installed: iFile, safari download pug in. By email it does not recognize the file and from hotfile I get the error that has been commented before. Can somebody help me???

    1.    Enrique said

      Hello everyone who gives you that error please do the following. This is what I did and it works, you just have to uninstall SAFARI DOWNLOAD MANAGER or SAFARI DOWNPLUG. For this, send the file that you publish here to your email and in safari open your email account and click on the attached file and NOW IFILE will open! 🙂

      If it worked for me, I already have cydia 1.1.4, I don't know what problem it finds in the var / mobile / librar / downloads folder because it doesn't appear to me either. When I opened the file from safari with IFILE it appears in another folder. Well, I hope it is helpful for you.

      1.    Alfred said

        Done and working, thank you very much Enrique.

      2.    Alberto said

        In which folder does it appear, because I can't find the file

  32.   nembol said

    Thank you very much Gonzalo! I did it the same as in the video and it went perfect! =)

  33.   randy said

    can you update on iphone 3g?

  34.   dikibella said

    Hello, to do this, do you need to have a jailbreak before? Is that I have an Iphone 4 version 5.0.1 updated with custom firmware because I did not want to upload baseband since I use gevey, I did this custom firmware with redsnow but I do not have jailbreak and I would like to know how I can do it, I am a bit busy. Let's see if someone helps me please, thanks

  35.   Stalin said

    Hello, a question, the cydia update also works for iphon 3g. thank you

  36.   Stalin said

    Hello, this update also works for iphone 3g

  37.   daniel said

    I have an iPhone 4 and when doing the jailbreak it deletes the option to configure email accounts… can you help me… thank you

  38.   Norlan payan said

    I have an ipnone 3gs with ios 5.0.1 jailbreak the tutorial helped me but cydia won't let me install anything, what can I do? give me the sig. message (could not condigure pre-depend dpkg for ncurses probably a dependency cycle

  39.   jjsm02 said

    But on iphone 4 and ios 5.01 does it work perfectly?
    Thank you

    1.    gnzl said


      1.    jjsm02 said

        thanks, in cydia it puts me version Cydia 1.1.6.
        theoretically the last one is not 1.1.5?

  40.   Jorgeepelos said

    I get the same thing as you jjsm02 I don't know what game is this XXDD

  41.   Zoserone said

    No. It's 1.1.6.

    Updated without problems. Thanks guys.

  42.   Andrew_ said

    My iPhone 4 running cydia 1.1.6, I ask for clarification. Thanks 😷

  43.   pitukirutiger said

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  45.   Riguel said

    Well, I have Cydia 1.1.6, that's what I get ... I have an iPhone 4s iOS 5.1.1. Is it possible? That's what Cydia tells me at the bottom

  46.   Corkscrew said

    I get down to work to install it on my ipad 2 with 5.1.1 and I see that the version I have already installed is like 1.1.6 happens to other colleagues. and in your post you talk about installing 1.1.4, can someone clarify this point for me?
    Thank you.

    1.    gnzl said

      The last one is 1.1.8, you have it on the cover

      1.    Riguel said

        Thank you, I am going to follow the tutorial.

      2.    Riguel said

        I have done it and now it does not open Cydia, how do I solve it?

  47.   hopegreen said

    I have 1.1.6 on an iphone 4 with 5.1.1

  48.   Nico_sb_10 said

    hey ise everything he says with the ifile by ssh and aora cydia does not open it I reinstall it and it does not continue without working that ago help me

  49.   Nacho said

    I don't have cydia installed, and I don't know how to install it. If I install it directly this update will work ????

  50.   Klavas said

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    I can't install it I have an iPad 3 iOS 6.1 help !!!!!

  54.   Luis A. Rondon Paz said

    it doesn't work, I just downloaded it directly to my iphone and nothing at all, it tells me that it is not supported ...

  55.   Luis A. Rondon Paz said

    ahh the Ifile that I have installed does nothing and the other one that I found has to be paid for, I'm fried 🙁

  56.   Adry said

    I have bought and paid for cydia and it did not give me the option to install. So I lost the money? What do I do?

  57.   sorry said


  58.   Andrew said

    This version works for an IPhone 3g…?

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    Can somebody help me ?????????

    1.    Jordi said

      Let's see, does this fool have the right to insult someone who asks?

  65.   dariiuz said

    what is the newest version of cydia and with what ios is it complatibe?
    please tell me to know
    And what happens if I install the iOS 7 to an iphoen 4s that has the cydia (iOS6.0 / Cy 1.1.8)

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    1.    Nil said

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      But rl wattsapp is free no cydia is needed

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  93.   Noemi said

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    Thank you

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  95.   Mario said

    Hello, I have my iPhone with JB in iOS 8, I would like to update it to iOS 9.xx but I have not been able to update it, my iTunes gives me an error that the request cannot be completed ...
    My question is, is it possible to update to a version other than the latest?
    I'm on iOS 8.x and I want to update to iOS 9.2 which I think is the last one that can be jailbroken ...
    Thank you!

    1.    Paul Aparicio said

      Hello Mario. If you are jailbroken, the only way to update is by restoring with iTunes. If you do, you will install iOS 9.2.1 (no other can be installed) and there is no jailbreak available at this time for that version. The latest version that can be jailbroken is iOS 9.1, but you can't install it because Apple no longer signs it.

      A greeting.

      1.    Mario said

        Ohhh…. Thank you pablo! So I stay where I am with JB! I will never leave! Another doubt…
        I have iphone 5 ios 8.4 ...
        In the music application, the random option does not appear when I have several albums by the same artist, in previous versions I had this resource and could randomly listen to the music of several albums by the same band / artist.
        This is a problem that only happens to me, is it the IOS or what?
        I wanted to update it to see if in ios9 it solved but I don't want to lose the JB
        Thanks again!

        1.    Paul Aparicio said

          Hello again. I'm honestly not sure. I do remember that this or another similar function that returned in an update was lost. I remember it because there was a Workflow workflow just for that and it stopped being useful when they released another version.

          A greeting.

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