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Just a couple of hours ago Apple has released the final version of iOS 9. Incidentally, it has also released an update for the iTunes application, reaching version 12.3 and making it compatible with the latest version of iOS and OS X El Capitan, which will surely reach the public on September 30.

If you are one of the users who wants to quickly have the final version of iOS 9 and you have been downloading iOS 9 from iTunes for several hours (everyone wants to update the device quickly) you can make use of the following links that we show below to download In just a few minutes (depending on your connection) the final version of iOS 9, we go to iTunes and update your iPhone quickly.

IOS 9 Download Links for iPhone:

iPhone 6
6 iPhone Plus
iPhone 5s (Model A1453, A1533)
iPhone 5s (Model A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530)
iPhone 5c (Model A1456, A1532)
iPhone 5c (Model A1507, A1516, A1526, A1529)
iPhone 5 (Model A1428)
iPhone 5 (Model A1429)
iPhone 4s

IOS 9 Download Links for iPad:

iPad Air 2 (Model A1566)
iPad Air 2 (Model A1567)
iPad mini 3 (Model A1599)
iPad mini 3 (Model A1600)
iPad mini 3 (Model A1601)
iPad Air (Model A1474)
iPad Air (Model A1475)
iPad Air (Model A1476)
iPad mini 2 (Model A1489)
iPad mini 2 (Model A1490)
iPad mini 2 (Model A1491)
iPad (4th generation Model A1458)
iPad (4th generation Model A1459)
iPad (4th generation Model A1460)
iPad mini (Model A1432)
iPad mini (Model A1454)
iPad mini (Model A1455)
iPad Wi-Fi (3rd generation)
iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (ATT)
iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (Verizon)
2 iPad Wi-Fi (Rev. A)
2 iPad Wi-Fi
2 iPad Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)
2 iPad Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA)

IOS 9 Download Links for iPod:

iPod touch (5th generation)
iPod touch (6th generation)

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  1.   Jordy said

    How is the battery and overheating going? I had the last PUBLIC beta before the GM came out and it was downloaded in two hours and my cell phone was boiling !!

    You can tell me how it goes in this final version, thanks

    1.    Alejandra said

      Could you tell me how to install it? I already downloaded it but I don't know how to install it: c

  2.   Miki said

    Your links are very much appreciated! Although they are also saturated ... xD All crazy about iOS 9 ...

    1.    cristobal said

      In my personal experience, the battery performance goes very well from 7:00 a.m. to 15:17 p.m. I have 66% left, it is worth mentioning that I deactivate functions that I do not use such as location and siri, I do not listen to music either. only safari calls and social networks

  3.   Jot said

    At the GM I had an update of about 40mb and that's it. 🙂

  4.   cindyfnsc said

    I did the whole procedure, but in the end it tells me "swipe to update" and does not respond, does not slide! what can I do in that case ???

    1.    Armando said

      The same thing happened to me… HELP!

      1.    Natalia Trivino Ortiz said

        The same thing happened to me, please, if someone knows how to solve the problem, say

    2.    daniel said

      the same thing happened to me !! did you find a solution ??????

      1.    Ignatius Lopez said

        In a few hours we publish the solution

        1.    Vania Ramirez said

          PLEASE DO IT: CCC, thank you.

        2.    Gabriela oliva said

          Please help !!!!

  5.   Emilio said

    Swipe to update no longer happens from there

    1.    David Santiago Rosero Cuesta said

      Press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Home buttons at the same time for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

  6.   Juan said

    The same thing happens to me "Swipe to update" and the mobile crashes. This update charges the mobile, what do I do?

  7.   YIPMAN said

    Please help, swipe to update and from there I do not follow

  8.   Rayao said

    I did not go from "swipe to update" either, you know what happens? How is it solved?

  9.   Jordi Drago Vila said

    Try restarting the phone. Press the power and the Home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

  10.   Jose Prieto Garcia placeholder image said

    Restarting it keeps the problem, it keeps getting stuck in «slide to update»

  11.   nerea said

    The same thing happens to me, it stays on «slide to update», I tried to connect to itunes and it does not connect, when restarting it does not solve it

  12.   nerea said

    What I observe is that when the apple and the loading bar come out, it loads a little and it continues to turn on without loading everything

    1.    JOHAN said


  13.   nerea said

    I have the solution,
    here explains how to do

    1.    fgfarfan said

      Thank you very much Nerea. Your information has been very useful to me. It made me dizzy. Greetings.

  14.   Juan said

    Apple is a disaster… ..Thousands of people are affected by this bug, google "slide to upgrade" + iphone …… I don't see a solution. Tap format iPhone

    1.    arturo said

      keep calm juan open your itunes, then connect your iphone press and hold home and on for 10 sec. Just release the ignition, keep pressing the home button for 5 more seconds and a message will appear on your itunes in short, if you do not have a backup of your cell, you will lose everything but your iPhone will work again

  15.   Juan said

    Have the other comments disappeared? There were more than 20 .... they were talking about the "swipe to update" update bug

  16.   JOHAN said


  17.   Borja said

    How do I install those files from iTunes? that I have to do?

  18.   ferrariwill said

    Help stays slide to continue

    1.    JOHAN said

      ferrariwill if you get the solution, please inform me

      1.    ferrariwill said

        I am looking for the solution, it appears to me to slide to update then it says hello and it asks me for my network, the apple appears there again it asks me to slide to update and my screen stays and does not slide -.- '

  19.   JOHAN said

    The same appears to me but I can't find a solution

  20.   ferrariwill said

    I don't want to restore everything !! .-. ' I'm still looking for a solution but it just doesn't slide

  21.   Dahian said

    Aaa helpaaaa my ipad was stuck in sliding to update, I have already restarted it many times and from there it does not happen

    1.    ferrariwill said

      And it won't even happen I've been since 9am and I still can't find a solution, since what I'm seeing is backing up and restoring everything

    2.    Sofia sanchez said

      Help me, it turns out the same, and nothing happens from there, it's still the same

  22.   henry said

    Someone who can help us? : '(

  23.   Nestor said

    I have been reading that it is a bug that appears to people who had an ios prior to 8.4.1. The same thing happened to me and I don't want to downgrade to ios 8 (I had 7.1)

  24.   JOHAN said

    and how did you do it nestor?

    1.    Imanol said

      This is not possible because ITunes does not recognize the mobile as it is locked

  25.   JOHAN said

    Thank you

  26.   Rossy said

    my iPad stayed in slide to update please can someone help me ??

  27.   JOHAN said

    someone found the solution?

  28.   daisy said

    problem solved!!! i downgraded to ios 8.4.1 as nestor said and it worked for me, revived my iphone.
    thanks Nestor

    1.    armandopermx said

      Deisy, how did you do to deactivate locate my iphone because without that I can't restore it?

      1.    daisy said

        can be restored the same ...
        make sure to restore to the previous version ios 8.4.1

        1.    worth said

          deisy I can't restore it either without deactivating locate my iphone, how did you do it?

          1.    daisy said

            I had deactivated «locate my iphone» so I had no problem.
            I have looked for the solution to this problem but the truth is I still can't find anything.

      2.    worth said

        arming, could you still do it without deactivating search for the iphone?

  29.   Carlo Ivan Cortez said

    I have an ipad air 2 wifi model, which link do I have to download in this case? Thanks

    1.    daisy said

      there you select the device, that is, the ipad, then the model and then the ios version that you want to download and that's it

  30.   Bad said

    I am restoring it ... Do you think that if it serves me again?

  31.   Hugo said

    How do I load the previous iOS to my iphone? I sakle a legend that says »you must deactivate find my iphone ……»

  32.   doom said

    It helps how I can restore since it asks me to deactivate locate my ipad

  33.   Charlymad said

    Hugo, I have the same problem, please, how is "Find my iPhone" disabled if the iPhone is locked?

  34.   Vanesa said

    Could someone tell me if the problem that says slide to update could be solved

  35.   Vanesa said

    Why can't it slide to update someone tell me please

  36.   Saints said

    I've been trying to download IOS 9 for two days, neither with itunes (it takes 144 hours and soon it gives an error), nor by getios (more of the same), the ipad won't catch me the OTA download either ... Another great apple shit, that is not here Jobs (DEP) apple has lost the maximum of quality and know-how that differentiated them from the competition….

  37.   Miguel Angel said

    Totally agree with Santi

  38.   Ivana said

    The screen is moving and the screen is very sensitive

  39.   Paul said

    I update my iphone 5 ios 9 and it no longer wants to start the section, can you help me?

  40.   Alex D said

    If I know I stay in «slide to update» you just have to downgrade to iOS 8.4.1

    Download the iOS 8.4.1 file from a page
    Connect the powered-on device to iTunes
    Press both home and power buttons at the same time for about 10s without releasing them (the device will restart), then when the apple appears, release only the power button, iTunes will recognize the device and ask you if you want to restore it.
    At that moment, press the shift key in Windows and restore, it will ask you to look for the file and you just have to select it.

    And finally just wait.

    This revived my iPad mini 2


    1.    Adrian Ram said

      Hey if I restore it and I don't have a backup, does something get deleted?

      1.    Alex D said

        Indeed, if you did not make a backup you will lose everything.

      2.    Ignatius Lopez said

        If you restore it without having previously saved the content (photos for example), you lose everything. But if you have reached Swipe to update you can still make a backup of your device and restore it later. In a few hours the solution to slide to update

    2.    Daniella said

      Hi Alex

      download version iPhone5,3_8.4.1_12H321_Restore.ipsw to restore it (, but now when I open iTunes it tells me "the iPhone software update server could not be contacted" = (and it stays on the black screen indicating that I connect my iPhone to iTunes. But if it is connected, what can I do?

      I appreciate your support

      1.    Alex D said


        Unfortunately I am not an expert, I had that problem and searching in English forums I found that solution, it worked for me and that is why I decided to share the steps.

        I would only recommend downloading the latest version of iTunes, making sure the file you downloaded is correct for your iPhone, and trying again.

        I'm sorry I can't help you more, if I could I would.


  41.   Arthur. said

    All Adrián is erased.

    I'm the same, my ipod 5 does not go from "slide to update" when installing IOS 9

  42.   Bad said

    Downgrading the ios to previous versions is a mistake, I restored it and now I save everything and the problem solved works for me 100 😀

  43.   Daniella said


    I also had version 7 and I migrated to 9, later it asked me to select a wireless network and click continue, after that the screen went blank with the message "slide to continue" but it did not allow me to continue.

    So download the version iPhone5,3_8.4.1_12H321_Restore.ipsw to restore it (, but now when I open iTunes it tells me "the iPhone software update server could not be contacted" = (and it stays on the black screen indicating that I connect my iPhone to iTunes. What can I do?

    I appreciate your help, I am very concerned

    Thank you

    1.    Ignatius Lopez said

      In a few hours we publish the solution

  44.   Carlo Ivan Cortez said

    I have an ipad air 2 (wifi), which download link should I press?

    1.    Ignatius Lopez said

      Depending on the country, the model can vary. You have to go to Settings> General> Information and see which model appears.

  45.   worth said


  46.   koryn said

    I am trying to solve it right now with the help of a page in English, if I succeed, I will let you know.

  47.   Miracles said

    I can't restore… .. it automatically asks me to deactivate «find my iPhone and that obviously I can't do it because I updated and I had 7.1, then I downloaded iOS 8.4.1 and it says it's not compatible. ??? what do I do ... ?? someone help ..?

  48.   Cristian said

    any solution??

  49.   worth said

    It asks me to deactivate search my iphone and it cannot be done if the phone is blocked! who answers for these days incommunicado ?!

  50.   Cristian said

    Ok: I just restored my iphone 4s and it had the same problem. Put it in DFU mode (long press the power button and the round button, do not stop pressing them until you see the itunes logo and the little cable. This you have to do with the iphone connected to the pc) Once in DFU mode, restore to an older version of IOS. Then you restore the backup

    1.    worth said

      Cristian, thank you very much for your advice, the bad thing is that iTunes sends me the message that it is going to restore and install the most recent version of the software, it does not let me choose the one I downloaded. I don't know if it's like that or I'm doing it wrong.

  51.   Elisa said

    I made the backup of my iphone before doing the update, I do not understand why it tells me to deactivate search for my iphone, if I did that before, I suppose it is another error too, if they find a solution for this, I would appreciate it.

  52.   uriel said

    My ipad stays in the slide part to update, I enter the code and it starts to load but later it returns me to the same part, someone found the solution? xc

    1.    cristhian said

      I have the same problem as URIEL, with my iPad AIR, there is a solution and what should I do

  53.   Gisell said

    The same problemaaaaaaaa, the solution favorrrrrrrrr, was not sliding to update: '(

  54.   Serge Asaravicius said

    The same thing happened to me, when I updated my iphone to i os 9 it crashed ("slide to update"). They told me that the solution is to restore it by iTunes. When I connect it to iTunes it asks me to answer on the iphone THAT IT IS LOCKED !!!! what I do?

  55.   Felix Jr. Serrano said

    Good afternoon, I am one more victim of the famous APPLE error »Slide to update», now trying to resort to the solution proposed above about downloading the iOS version 8.4.1, but already downloaded the file, compressed (.zip) When I decompress it, I get several .dmg files but when I try to find the file complying with step number 5, I see that the ones that iTunes requires is a .ipsw file ... Excuse me for the ignorance, but what do I do? 🙁

  56.   Oscar said

    By accepting the terms and conditions it makes it impossible for me to log in what can I do

  57.   Hugo said

    You can restore your iPhone as a new iPhone in iOS 9 and be able to use it and update the info later.

    Connect the iphone to iTunes, on.
    Press both the OFF button and the HOME button simultaneously, hold them down to restart the iphone.
    When the apple appears, release the OFF button, but keep the HOME button pressed.
    The option to update will appear. Press SHIFT to return to the factory settings.
    If iTunes does not allow you to return to a previous version, accept 9 and update.
    Once itunes updates and reads the software, the restart screen will appear according to a backup copy or a new iPhone, select the option NEW IPHONE.
    From this point on, I made the settings directly on the phone WITHOUT UPDATING ANY BACKUP.
    I hope it serves you

    1.    Nicole said

      Thanks Hugo, I'm testing with the solution you gave, I'll tell you how I'm doing

  58.   Nicole said

    it doesn't work for me, it throws me an error (14)

  59.   nicole said

    I tried several times and thanks to what I publish hugo I can have my iphone working again. I tried several times because it always gave a different error until it worked, so if the iphone was like new in version 9, I tried to back it up with the backup in iTunes but I had to come to work so I did not reach it, but at least I already the phone works, which is what mattered to me. thanks hugo !!

  60.   worth said

    Hello friends, I solved my problem by downgrading, that is, I lowered the 8.4. Those who want to do this can send me an email if they require more explanatory help. Here is my address:

  61.   Hugo said

    you're welcome Nicole
    I was also able to use my phone again. If you have a backup in iclloud you can get your info from there while apple corrects errors with the update, because until now I can't load my backup from itunes. We will wait.

  62.   hack said

    Can you tell me if a fake iphone 5 can be used for IOS 9.