The resolutions of the iPhone 6 could be 1334 x 750 and 2208 x 1242 pixels

IPhone 6 screen sizes

Pending an official confirmation from Apple in a Keynote that would take place in September, this year the iPhone 6 with two versions of screen size, the iPhone 6 with a 4,7-inch screen as an evolution of the current one and the iPhone 6L with a larger screen size of 5,5 inches. All the rumors and leaks in recent months suggest that the Cupertino company has finally opted for the two previous sizes.

Now the famous blogger about Apple, John gruber, has published a detailed article to arrive at the conjecture of the resolutions that would bring the two models of iPhone 6. According to Gruber the iPhone 6 with 4,7 ″ screen would have a resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels at 326 ppi density (dots per inch), while his older brother, the 6 ″ iPhone 5,5, I would mount a display with a resolution of 2208 x 1242 pixels with the density of 461 ppi.

Writer's prediction is based on application development, the ease that the company with the bitten apple will give developers to adapt their applications to the multitude of different screen sizes that will exist in the coming months. The 326 ppi resolution of the 6-inch iPhone 4,7 would be a retina resolution twice that of the original iPhone, such as that currently offered by the iPhone 5S and is present since the iPhone 4. For its part 461 ppi resolution of the iPhone 6 with a 5,5-inch screen would be 3 times the density of the original iPhone screen, it would be the retina display 2, which would revolutionize the market, being the smartphone with the highest resolution screen.

It must be taken into account that it is not a rumor nor have the screens been leaked With these resolutions, it is an analysis of the most convenient for the development and adaptation of applications in the evolution of the screens that will follow the device size ratio. Along with the increasingly real rumor of two iPhone 6 models, Apple is expected to present a evolution of the Touch iD, better more efficient processor and batteries with more autonomy. Everything indicates that the Keynote will be held on September 9 in which all the rumors about the next generation of Apple's phone are cleared and confirmed.

What do you think of these iPhone 6 screen resolutions? Do you agree with Jhon Gruber?

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  1.   Javi said

    Big horse, walk or not walk


  2.   Fran said

    2.208 x 1.242 would revolutionize the market, being the smartphone with the highest resolution screen.
    an LG G3 that is already sold .. it has a resolution of 2.560 x 1.440 in the same size 5,5….

    Apple is always looking to make things easier for developers and if Apple really brings out two phones, it will do what it has always done…. it will use the same hardware for both (example .. the ipad Air and the ipad mini retina .. same ipad .. with the same characteristics except for the difference in screen size (not resolution ..)

  3.   Aridane said

    Smartphone with higher resolution? Revolutionize the market? Either you try to deceive the blog readers or you do not leave the sphere of applez, the truth is I don't know which of the two is worse.

  4.   uff said

    Another editor who comes from the school of the sickest fanboy of today iphone, sorry that there are two types of resolution, normal and apple, you are sorry child

    1.    naano said

      You if you give pain commenting to criticize a writer who has been on this blog for a long time.

      1.    jose antonio said

        Champion grief does not give is that he tells the truth, he does not invent things to glorify the apple as the writer of this news, for example with the resolution of the screen than that of the LG G3 is higher and a blogger of this level surely knows what that is in the market, unless it does not leave the bubble Apple there is already normal that it does not know more anything about other companies.

  5.   Juan said

    First of all it is a rumor, like many others. If the resolution would be surprising, but also the deity of pixel 461, it would be the first in iPhone to exceed 326 of the existing 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4.

  6.   Sebas said

    because the iPhone 5 cannot make video calls to any mobile operating that does not have FaceTime or tango or fring? Would Apple see something that can be made video call from mobile to mobile with 3G without having internet? Apple this system does not have this, it was a very big failure on the part of Apple that did not take it into account

    1.    Manuu said

      And what the hell are you talking about? You ask questions that do not make sense and it seems that you come straight from the pussy of the world, inform yourself before complaining about something and humiliating yourself

  7.   FK69 said

    2.560 x 1.440. And 1Gb of Ram… very good…. I'm sure the developers will be super happy, let's see with those resolutions like textures and effects in 1Gb of Ram… well… what a shame… ..

    1.    odasarter said

      FK69 «like mind textures and effects in 1Gb of Ram ...»

      What the hell do you mean? Mind textures and effects? Learn to express yourself late.

      Apple stands out for something and it is in the quality of its software along with the hardware, and keeping developers happy is one of its objectives, so do not underestimate because 1 GB of ram can go a long way in an iPhone, I did not understand your comment but surely this is the answer.

      1.    Juan said

        Always back to the same thing, we already know how well the iPhone optimizes, which in all its versions should improve the optimization of the battery, for example ... that gig of RAM is very short for a simple reason, real multitask. And they should increase it, to give more longevity to their products, a friend of mine has an iPhone 4 and now it is a potato, it hardly runs good games without lag (if that is how long the "iPhone 6L" is going to last me, 2 years until Get an app that is not able to run correctly, I spend more than € 700, when there are more equally good options), and on top of that, iOS 8 does not reach it, obviously due to its 512 Mb of RAM, if not of course, than in In the future, of course, the same thing will happen again, when it requires more than 512 for this system, the 1Gb devices are over.

  8.   Antonio said

    and I ask….


    I say this because of how much we have criticized the series of android terminals.
    or because apple manufactures the so-called bricks, they will no longer be bricks?
    and here where many times we are hypocrites when our favorite brand adds to the dimensions of other android and we praise apple….

  9.   José said

    I hope it's just a rumor! A minimum 4,7 screen has to have a fullHD resolution so that they can take advantage of new games or at least take a type of screen that is different from the 5s and has much more vivid colors! 1gb of RAM? I don't see it .. 2 minimum! I hope so, because if the end is a gb .. When we have the jailbreak we will not notice the fluidity with which it works without it and with 2gb it is very different. I have the 5s and honestly I hardly notice anything .. On some occasions if I have many apps open with Auxo 2 .. I do notice that it does not run as smoothly and that is due to the GB of RAM it has.