How to know if your iPhone is new, refurbished, personalized or replacement

How to know if the iphone is new

Surely, if you go to an Apple Store and buy an iPhone, you have no doubt that it is a new terminal. Also, if you are one of those who usually get reconditioned models -Refurbished- don't have any doubts either. However, What if we talk about the second-hand market? Wouldn't it be better to make sure where that iPhone that you intend to buy comes from?

As we have learned, there are 4 types of cases that you can find on an iPhone: new, reconditioned, replacement or customized. Surely, at first glance, it is difficult for you to know what type of iPhone we are talking about. Now, if it is a second-hand purchase, surely you want to know if that model has passed through more hands. And from Actualidad iPhone we are going to make it easy for you to know its origin.

Thinking of buying a refurbished iPhone? In this link you will find the iPhone models that have been reconditioned and that they are sold with a guarantee that they work well. In addition, if you receive it and you do not like it, you can return it without obligation and with the ease of Amazon, without taking any risk.

As they teach us from OSXDaily, with some simple steps through the settings menu we can know if your iPhone is new or of the 3 subsequent groups. To find out, we will have to go to "Settings", click on "General" and we will have to enter the "Information" menu. In this section we will have all the information about the terminal: the version of iOS that we are using, the storage that we have available; how many photos we have stored; what operator we use; the serial number and what interests us is the section that indicates "Model".

know if the iphone is new

You will see that in this sense, the characters that are presented to us are preceded by a letter. This can be: "M", "F", "P" or "N". Below we describe what each of them mean:

  • «M»: is the letter that will identify that the terminal is a new unit
  • «F»: it will be a reconditioned unit; Apple has restored it and sells it at a better price since in this case it is second-hand
  • «P»: it is a custom unit; that is, it has been engraved on its back
  • «N»: is a replacement unit that is transferred to the user because a repair service has been requested, for example

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  1.   Carlos Luengo Heras said

    Mine is one of those that change in the genius bar due to a problem with the original iPhone and says N.

  2.   Miguel said

    Thanks for that report I really liked how to know if my iPhone is new oh well used ..

  3.   Alvaro said

    And if it says A ??

  4.   Pedro Reyes said

    Curious, I was not aware of this, the truth is that I find it interesting that I give you this information.

  5.   Javier Ruiz said

    Mine also says N. And I thought they had given it to me again because mine was. Could it be claimed?

    1.    Hector said

      Greetings! How did it go with your iphone that the model started with the letter N ???

  6.   David said

    Hello good so if an N appears on the model does it mean that it is not new or can it be new even if it is a replacement unit?

  7.   name said

    Like others I see around here, I had a problem with my original one and the SAT changed it to the one I have now, which was absolutely new, but its model number also begins with "N". It could be repaired, but I don't think so. They even gave me the "repair" invoice when I picked it up as if I had ordered a new mobile (and with its original price marked, which was a new price) but with a discount so that I paid zero. I deduce then that that "N" not only means that it is a loan while they fix yours, but also that they are the replacement ones when instead of fixing yours they provide you with another unit.

  8.   Isaac said

    Right now I have a replacement 6+ with my 8+ on the sat and it says "M", I don't know how reliable that information is.

  9.   it's the same said

    man, the store can give you a new terminal if it wants and does not have "lending" available ...

  10.   Javier Ruiz said

    The information in this article is absolutely FALSE, and you almost ruined the sale of my iphone x a few days ago.
    I bought my iphone x the day it came out almost a year ago and the number starts with F.
    When reading your text, call apple customer service, which after several consultations, categorically denied what this page reports. They argued that it is impossible to have a reconditioned unit on the first day of sale to the public, and second on the box it puts the same serial number and the reconditioned units are not delivered in the Apple box with all the accessories, but in a box without badges (that happened to me with an iphone 5 and with my wife's apple watch).
    And it is also that I bought an XS MAX the same day it went on sale and its number BEGINS TB BY F.
    If you intend to be a reference page in inquiries about iphone, you should better confirm your information. It's advice. sometimes personnel are accidentally harmed and you have a responsibility as informants.

  11.   Aitor said

    I'm sorry to tell you Javier, that there are many pages that are based on these letters to identify the origin, in fact I have an iPad from three years ago, an iPhone and an Apple Watch, and they all start with M. Either the codes have changed or I don't I explain it. On the other hand, it would be very rare for such new devices to come with that letter, unless they have changed the format. I am waiting for a possible change of the watch series 3, and if they change it, I will experience it in the first person. All the best.

  12.   Carlos said

    Good afternoon.
    The same thing that happened to Javier has happened to me.
    You have confused me.
    I have an iPhone XS bought shortly after leaving, in MM, sealed, and its serial number begins with F.
    I also bought an iPhone 8 Plus in June, in MM, sealed, and it also starts with F.
    Have they sold me two mobile phones reconditioned as new mobile phones? Or does Apple distribute as new refurbished devices?
    The truth is that now they have left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

  13.   Alejandro said

    With all due respect, gentlemen who feel confused / cheated; you should know that companies (some Apple distributors in certain countries, and other brands) abuse such misinformation to mislead products.