Prevent WhatsApp from saving images and videos to your reel


If you are still faithful to WhatsApp and carry out your conversations with this tool, you may have the typical friend who keeps sending you funny photos and videos, at the moment they may cause you to laugh, but they are stored in your iPhone photo reel and, little by little, leaving you without space for the images that really interest you.

Once we have installed WhatsApp on our iPhone, the application automatically establishes a series of default values, values ​​that in most cases are not to our liking and we are forced to change. One of the most annoying aspects that we find natively in WhatsApp is that of automatic saving of videos and photos on our reel.

Surely many of you find yourself in a group of friends, family, associations, school groups ... in which a large number of videos and images are shared. 99% of the content that is shared in this group is likely to we are not interested in keeping it, it is still stored on our reel.

Fortunately, WhatsApp allows us to configure the application to deactivate the automatic saving of images and videos on our reel. This option, which should be enabled natively, allows us to select what type of content we want to store on our reel.

The automatic saving function of WhatsApp not only use storage space on the device, but also use your mobile data rate. Both are good reasons to limit this option.

The It is very simple and if you don't like it, you can always accept saving these steps again.

Disable automatically save photos and videos on iPhone

First of all, before performing this action, we must bear in mind that when deactivating the automatic saving of photos and videos on the iPhone does not affect only groups, but also to the conversations we have with other people, whether with our father, mother, partner, son, friend ...

If we want to prevent our terminal is flooded with photos and videos of the nonsense that are shared in WhatsApp groups where we are, we must perform the following steps:

Avoid auto-saving WhatsApp photos and videos to reel

  • First of all, once we have opened WhatsApp, we go to the option of Configuration, located in the lower right corner of the application.
  • Then click on Chats
  • Within the Chats menu, we have at our disposal different options. Of all the available ones we must deactivate the switch Save to Photos.

In this way, once we have deactivated this switch, all the photos and videos that you send us will not be automatically stored on our reel. If we want to store them, we will have to follow the following steps:

Save WhatsApp Photos and Videos to Reel

  • Once we are in the photograph that we want to save, we click on it so that is displayed full screen.
  • Next, click on the button Share, located in the lower left corner.
  • From the different options shown, we select Save. In this way, the image or video of that WhatsApp chat will be stored on our reel.

How to save WhatsApp photos to another folder

Save WhatsApp photos to another folder

iOS, unlike Android, put each and every one of the images in the same bag that end up on the reel of our device, something that can be good or bad depending on the use we make of our terminal and whether or not we like to have the photographs well ordered.

While on Android, WhatsApp photos and videos are stored in the WhatsApp folderIn iOS, all the images are stored in the same folder, the only option to be able to differentiate them from the rest is to use the album with the name of WhatsApp that the application automatically creates when we install it.

Once we are inside the WhatsApp album, we will find all the photos and videos that we have received through the messaging application, which allows us to carry out actions with them jointly how to delete them, share them, change them from album ...

Extract WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to PC


If you want to make a backup copy of all the images and videos of your device to save them on the computer or an external storage system, we have at our disposal different methods to do it.

By not storing WhatsApp photos in separate folders, but in albums that are created automatically when adding a tag to the photo, We cannot connect our iPhone to the PC and copy that folder or album in question.

Fortunately we have at our disposal different methods to be able to share the images of the WhatsApp album with us to be able to download it on our PC as with other people. However, in this article we only show you the fastest way and completely free to be able to do so, since the applications that offer us this function are always paid.

Transfer WhatsApp Photos and Videos to PC

If we use the iCloud storage service, the process is much faster, since all the photos and videos are already available in iCloud. To be able to access them through iCloud and download them to our computer, we just have to follow these steps:

  • We head to the WhatsApp album where are all the photos and videos that we want to share.
  • Next, click on the button Share located in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Finally we click on the option Copy link from iCloud. A link will be created similar to this

This link that will be available for a month to download and which can be accessed by anyone, since it is not necessary to log in at any time to access it.

Extract WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to PC

Through that link, which we can send it by mail, we can access all the photos and videos of WhatsApp that are inside the WhatsApp album.

If we do not have contracted iCloud space

If we do not have contracted storage space in iCloud, beyond the 5 GB that it offers us for free, this process is much slower, since our device will be in charge of uploading to iCloud all the images that we have previously selected, which depending on the number they are and the internet connection we have, can last more or less time.

The only limitation that we find if we do not have free storage space contracted with iCloud is that we can only share files and videos from our reel that in total do not exceed 200 MB.

WhatsApp has become the most used messaging platform around the world (although it is not the best for this reason, Telegram being the messaging application that offers us the most added value) and it was the main culprit that SMS ceased to be a very profitable means of communication for telephone operators, especially each end of year, in which millions of text messages were sent.

But WhatsApp has not only become the main means of communication for the more than 1.500 million users who use it daily, but it has also become the main way to share both images and videos quickly and easily, videos that if we are not careful always end up on our reel. We hope that with our tutorial the steps to follow to prevent WhatsApp from saving images and videos to your reel.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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    What's more, I personally like to pull the newspaper library and from time to time highlight some old glory that is no longer in the rankings and because of its quality, it deserves to be remembered for those users who did not know it at the time.

    I said, do not expect me to analyze applications that have just arrived in the App Store because except in rare occasions or very specific cases, that is not going to happen. Our work is informative and that of grouping news related to the iPhone and its environment, not everyone has an RSS feed with 25 sources to be informed of every second. We have that in a minority even if it seems the opposite to you.

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