Put iPhone in DFU Mode

iPhone in DFU mode

It is not usual for an iPhone to have problems that do not allow us to start the device and enter the home screen but, as in any electronic device, it is possible, especially if we like jailbreak or try the betas of the mobile operating system of the Apple. When our iPhone is unable to start by itself, we will most likely have to restore the device, and the best way is to put it en DFU mode (Device Firmware Upgrade).

Putting an iOS device in DFU mode is a simple and safe process. If you search online how to do it, you will most likely find a method with several steps that implies having to count several seconds in each operation. That method is also included in this article, but whenever possible I recommend the second one, which is much simpler. In addition, if we use the "old" method we can also restart the device, which does not help us if what we want is simply restore our iPhone. Here we explain all the secrets of DFU mode.

What is DFU mode for?

DFU mode on iPhone 6

We could say that the DFU mode is a point 0 (or almost) in which we can restore an iOS device whatever the problem that we are experiencing. The main reason to use it is to change the firmware of the device. Although the "U" stands for "Upgrade", the DFU mode will also allow us to install a previous version of iOS, something that was especially interesting on the iPhone 4, a device with a hardware failure that will always allow upload / download version (as long as we have the SHSH saved to sign the firmware we want to install). We can also download the version on an iPhone 4S or later as long as Apple continues to sign the version that we intend to install.

There is also the possibility that our iPhone cannot be restored for some reason, so it is best to force DFU mode, which will allow us to restore our device.

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How to put iPhone in DFU mode

We will do it by performing the following steps:

  1. We connect our device to the computer.
  2. We turn off the device.
  3. We press the power button for 3 seconds.
  4. Without releasing the power button, we press the start button (home) and the off button for 10 seconds.
  5. We release the power button and hold the home button until we see the iTunes logo with the cable on the screen of our device. How to put iPhone in DFU mode

The previous method is the most popular, but there is also a much simpler way with only three steps:

  1. We turn off the iPhone.
  2. We connect the cable to the iPhone.
  3. With the start button pressed, we connect the other end of the cable to a computer.

Better the second method, right?

How to exit DFU mode

If you have put your device in DFU Mode without being necessary, you have four options:

  1. Force a reboot (sleep button + start until you see the apple).
  2. Although it is not exactly the same, we can downloadTinyUmbrella, connect our device to the computer and touch the "Exit Recovery" button.
  3. Finally, if none of the above options have worked for us, we can always restore, which we will do by connecting our iPhone to a computer, opening iTunes and restoring from the Apple media player.
  4. Use redsn0w (explained in the next point).
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Can the iPhone be put into DFU mode without using buttons?

iPhone 6s

Yes. This will require let's use the redsn0w app. The process is very simple and we will achieve it by following these steps:

  1. We download the IPSW that we want to install on our iPhone.
  2. We download redsn0w. We may see a death dedication on the previous page. If that is the case, we can access older publications by scrolling to the bottom of the page.
  3. We open redsn0w. If we use Windows, we run it as Administrator. DFU_IPSW_01
  4. We click on the "Even more" option. DFU_IPSW_02
  5. Next we choose the option ‚ÄúDFU IPSW‚ÄĚ. DFU_IPSW_03 DFU_IPSW_04
  6. Now we choose the IPSW file that we downloaded in step 1. DFU_IPSW_05
  7. When the process of creating the special file for DFU mode is finished, redsn0w will notify us that it is available. At the time, we just have to tell you where the new IPSW file is, something that we will do with the usual method for when we want to install an IPSW file with iTunes: We open iTunes, connect the iPhone to the computer, choose our device from the upper left and We press Shift (on Windows) or Alt (on Mac) while clicking Restore. DFU_IPSW_07 DFU_IPSW_08
  8. We look for the IPSW file that was created after step 6 and accept. DFU_IPSW_09

This is not exactly getting out of DFU mode, but since what we want is to restore the iPhone and at the end of the process we will have entered the home screen, for the case it is exactly the same.

What is the difference between DFU mode and recovery mode?

The main difference between recovery mode and DFU mode is startup. Recovery mode uses iBoot when restoring or updating an iPhone, while DFU mode does a ByPass to iBoot, which will allow us to download the version of our iPhone (if the previous iOS version is still signed).

iBoot is the bootloader of iOS devices. iBoot acts in restorations when the iPhone is in Recovery Mode and makes sure that we are using an iOS version equal to or higher than the one we have installed on our iPhone. If this is not the case, iBoot will not allow us to restore.

If we want to restore to the latest version, Recovery Mode will do almost everything for us, something that does not happen if what we want is to install a previous version of iOS.


Keep in mind that we do not have to put our iPhone / iPod or iPad in DFU mode unless it is strictly necessary. What is described in this article only makes sense if our device cannot be restored for some reason, as can happen when doing the downgrade from an iOS beta to an official version or because some tweak Cydia has left our iPhone / iPod or iPad in an infinite start in which it does not pass the apple logo that appears when you turn it on.


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  1.   Carlos said

    Hello, my iPhone is bricked, I put it in recovery mode, the charger screen and the itunes symbol appear but when I restore it, it appears that there are no updates for the iPhone and it cannot be restored, they recommend DFU mode to restore it. Thanks.

  2.   JASEL said

    I already tried to unlock my iPhone with all the programs there were and to have but, nothing else, it stays as in the image above to see if someone can help me, I update it to version 2.0.2 and I want to put it in version 1.1.4 .XNUMX

  3.   DarkLance said

    That way of accessing DFU mode can cause problems when updating / unlocking with winpwn to firmware versions 2.0.X.
    Another way, and that ensures not to have the command error 1604 during the firmware update is the following:
    1- Connect the iPhone to the pc and turn it off.
    2 - Keep pressing the power and home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds, and then release the power button, keeping the home button pressed until the sound of the connected USB device is heard on the PC. At no time should anything appear on the iphone screen, it should be black, that way they will realize if they did it right. Once this is achieved, the custom firmware that we previously made with winpwn is updated without problem (in my case fw 2.0.1).

    I hope it is useful to you, since trying with the traditional DFU method (illustrated on this page) I always had error 1604 when I wanted to update the fw.


  4.   jesus said

    How do I unlock my iPhone 2.0.2 ??? or to lower it to 1.1.4 ??? I don't know something !! but let my cell go!
    Thank you!!!! above I have no idea about this

  5.   Felipe Flores said

    I have already done a thousand things and I have not been able to get my iPhone from 2.0 to 1.1.4 I get error 20 and I don't know what to do there will someone help me to remove error 20 that I don't even know what it is and it won't let me do anything anymore

  6.   they believe said

    Hello, very good, I am new to this, I need to know which is the home button and the rest button, please if you can answer this question I would appreciate it, thank you very much.

  7.   Luis said

    Partner I do not get the drawing you have ai but I get instead of the wide connector and above the itunes symbol I get is the connector that is connected to the computer and above the itunes symbol and when I try to restore I get error 6

  8.   slim jesus said

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my iphon, which is not recognized by my lap-top, and I bought it in March and it was working very well, now it charges the battery but the icon does not turn on with the lightning in charge signal; although it does load, and the computer does not recognize it either, I have tried another cable from a friend, and nothing; while my friend's if it works with my cable, and my computer recognizes it‚Ķ. What could be happening please‚Ķ HELP ME ‚Ķ‚Ķ JESUS ‚Äč‚ÄčDELGADO‚Ķ VENEZUELA‚Ķ THANKS IN ADVANCE‚Ķ.

  9.   Francisco Garza Moya said

    If someone could help me I would appreciate it and I don't know what to do. What happens is that my iphone I bought it in the usa it worked fine but I reset it the first day I got it and it crashed and since I don't even know what firmware it is, I don't know what to do. I already tried to restore it with itunes and it worked but to unlock it with ziphone it is not possible. I also connect it on the computer of my work and itunes does not detect it, I do not know what is happening, help me in a good plan if someone knows I would appreciate it infinitely. gx .. from Mexico

  10.   Juan Ramon said

    Hello I try to put the phone in DFU mode, it says in the forums that if the screen does not stay black it is not well done….
    For me it is impossible to do it, I have tried a million ways but I always get on the screen the iPhone the little cable with the iTunes logo, I have also tried with the Ziphone and it takes more than half an hour until I stop the process, no I know what to do now, my version is from the United States I caught it almost 1 year ago and it came to me free when restoring it with iTunes 1, it was updated and now it does not read the card, I am tired of reading forums, what I do always gives me an error And the last error tells me that I have to put in DFU mode with the black screen and it is impossible, I do everything, because nothing, the screen continues with the little cable ...
    Let's see if you can give me a solution please, I spend the day at home trying to fix it for nothing ...

    Thank you

  11.   Aracely said

    You know I have had the same class that the SIM card has not recognized me, but I was browsing the web for a long time to solve my problem and I found the following page, I put the link I hope and it will serve you, although It seems to me that by now they must have the solution.


  12.   lordvaku said

    Fucking error 20 if the bastards also do not specify between the restore mode and the fucking dfu brothers I bless you with this video that I am out of doubts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgXB8wLDhs8

  13.   angelearth said

    The first time my iphone was put in DFU and they loaded a new update 3 days later it turned off and the computer does not detect it, the apple logo does not even appear on the iphone screen what should I do

  14.   Fabian said

    When I run RUNME.EXE first it gives me ERROR when starting the application because libusb0.dll was not found. Why will it be?
    From already thank you very much.

  15.   Javier said

    How do I get my iPhone out of DFU mode without restoring it, please help me
    thank you..

  16.   trichomax said

    It fails ... with the mobile in dfu mode, it gives error 1601

  17.   elenilson said

    someone knows how to put the dfu mode without using the Home button ... please, I need you to help me ... I will appreciate it

  18.   SHoOyiiToOq said

    You saved me the day you bastard xD thank you

  19.   Luis araujo said

    Congratulations excellent ..

  20.   Luis araujo said

    This guy saved me, I was already hanging from a rope najjajja

  21.   One said

    thank you thank you very much

  22.   wished said

    ooh, very late "I repeat that you only do it when you see it in a tutorial."

  23.   July said

    I have an iPhone 3GS, I wet it and after 2 days I disassembled it and cleaned it inside and it does not look damaged, when I turn it on again it remains stuck on the home screen showing only the apple, after some time it appears the itunes screen, and my computer recognizes it but it tells me that it is necessary to restore it to the original values, but I have very valuable photographs for me that I would like to rescue, is there any way to connect and rescue these photographs before restoring it?
    Thanks in advance

  24.   FABIOLA said

    hello help i need to unlock my iphone 3g 4.2.1 i have the greenpoison but i can't enter dfu mode when i run the program, can someone help me just say train again and nothing i do correctly what it tells me i hear the usb connection sound but nothing continues, what am I doing wrong? I press sleep 2 sec. then slpeep and home and last hom and nothing.

  25.   ANTONIO said

    I have the same problem, it does not enter DFU or Greenpoi0n or redsnow, I follow the steps in the program so that it starts running the jailbreak and it only tells me to try again, it will be observation that the usb connection sounds are heard before the end of the time in each splash I mean 2sec off 10sec off and startup and 15sec from startup but you hear the sounds before you connect something via USB and it tells me that it has failed to try again ... does anyone have a solution or help? regards

  26.   ellen said

    My ipad had crashed and now it does not work, what do I do?

  27.   Paulina said

    Your help has helped me a lot.
    Thank you

  28.   Alexanderdig said

    Thanks for the instructions, they served me perfectly, I was able to restart my iPhone 4

  29.   nohemi said

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  30.   Kevin said

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  32.   Alejandro said

    Hello, excellent post! I would like to ask you a question, I want to sell my iphone, the buyer could access my information for example with jailbreak? What would I have to do before handing it in to be sure? Thank you