Some iPhones 5 come with a loose battery

Another problem to add to the iPhone 5 and that users are reporting in the official Apple forums these days: when you grab your device and move it from one side to the other it checks for any internal noise. Apparently This is the terminal battery, which could be loose due to a factory problem.

Right now on YouTube we can see a lot of videos in which they are reflected this same problem:

In the video that leads this article, the author explains how to fix the problem by fixing the battery and the iPhone 5 case. However, devices are all under warrantySo if you have this problem and take the iPhone to an Apple store, they should replace it with another if they do not have stock problems.

Have you had this problem with your iPhone 5?

Source- Apple Forums

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  1.   Christian Andres Diaz said

    I think the 4s is the best apple phone. I do not consider it necessary to go to 5 and with these evidences I would think more about a galaxy s3, definitely Apple is not doing things well and I mean it in general.

    1.    Gabo said


    2.    Els0s @ 01 said

      True, the iPhone 4S is a jewel next to the iPhone 5 and its defects like this and not to mention the purple color in the camera or the flash, I will stay another year with my 4S that after months no problem.

    3.    Jose bolado said

      Let's see .. I bought the iPhone 5 .. And it turns out that I had a problem with the video camera .. It closed me when recording videos .. I took it to Apple .. Another new and ready and no problem with this one. Well, if we all think that they come with defects, then you have it clear .. And if so, it is Apple and there is no problem .. And from what you say about the galaxy s3 .. I have not seen any terminal until now that fails so much .. In many aspects .. Being on my street with my 4s just 1 month ago .. And get on the internet and like lightning .. And try it in the s3 and not load .. Not even restarting .. It was solved is as if it were a problem of the software, in a week I restarted it about 4 times .. Because it was sometimes stunned .. It would be because it gave him a hard time .. But that had never happened to me on iOS .. Think about it very well .. I screwed up! I regretted. Quite the truth .. A month after having the s3 I sold it .. I can't stop calling .. The only thing is the screen that looks perfect .. To watch videos .. But now I have the 5 and my girlfriend the 4s and I don't I would change for the 4s .. Once you have it in your hand .. And you feel how fast it is .. In loading pages .. that it is empty .. Because it weighs nothing and is super thin! You drool! If you have not tried it .. I advise you to go to an Applestore it shows a lot in how it opens and loads everything .. And the camera, although it has the same mgpx I have compared it .. With the 4s and the s3 and it shows a lot .. The colors are more vivid .. Otherwise the battery lasts more or less the same .. Than the 4s .. The one of the s3 lasts a little longer .. But when you use games in the s3 like for example the word .. My impression It lasts the same as an iPhone 4S, if it changed to an s3 it would only be for the screen .. The widgets and animated backgrounds make it hard for me! I use jailbreak and you have thousands of modifications ..

      1.    xOne said

        You haven't seen an S3 in your life, kid….

        1.    Android escacharrao said

          I've seen it and, honestly, I don't know how anyone can buy such a plastic gadget with a really painful OS. Well yeah, all canis have one.

  2.   franctastic franctastic said

    mine also makes noise when you shake it, although not so exaggerated; I'll change it tomorrow!

  3.   Joselillo said

    Hahaha!! is that it is to enter this forum and get rid of the iphone 5 !!

    like 4S there is nothing friends

    1.    José said

      Well, I think .. You don't even have a 4s .. It's more! If you like iOS you wouldn't talk like that .. And if so .. I don't think you have used it .. If not .. You wouldn't say that! I have it and I assure you that it is much better terminal than the 4s .. Simply because it is almost 3 times faster .. It has a better camera .. It has more screen .. It weighs 30 grams less and that shows a lot .. And it is quite finer .. And more beautiful of course! And I have no problem with it .. Except for the violet reflection bullshit that with moving less than one cm to the side .. It disappears .. And it is not any bother until now .. I have taken many photos and they come out better and more vivid than In the 4s, in short, when you have it or try it, you will laugh at your comment ..

      1.    Joselillo said

        how easy it is to say things you don't even know!

        I even have the ipad 2… ready, you are very smart!

      2.    xOne said

        Really man, how much does apple pay you? Nobody denies that the 5 is better, but not even DE COÑA is worth € 700 for the change, much less if it is full of physical bugs….

  4.   Gilbert G. said

    You do not always have to believe a video, the equipment should be turned on and that it shows that it is an iphone, and another thing, that this next to the original box does not mean that the phone comes with the factory loose battery. And that with a device on the screen, the sound is already removed. It only takes two fingers of forehead to know that this is not the case. You have to have more criteria to place the news and to make comments.

    1.    Pablo_Ortega said

      Gilberto, the news is based on solid criteria. As you can see in the article, there are several videos on YouTube that demonstrate the problem and hundreds of messages on the official Apple forums. Here we take journalistic work seriously and "clicking" on the source does not cost a second.

    2.    boxcss said

      What fanaticism, there is no doubt that it is iPhone 5…. 

      What they say in the video is that by pressing hard on the screen and the back cover of the iPhone the battery snaps back into position: S

  5.   iP4 said

    Well, if it fails, to throw away the guarantee. Okay, the pot is starting to go a bit with the failures, and I defend the consumer in that regard, but you are exaggerated. I know 7 people with an iPhone 5, and none of them have had any of the failures that you paint as if they failed in all of them, what's more, they all work perfectly and I have never seen them so delighted with a smartphone, (even one of them comes from the galaxy s3)

  6.   ismaelphone said

    Behold. I'm sick of hearing lies In Spain these things do not happen. I have an iPhone 5 16gb that works great for me. no battery problems, no problem with the wifi, or with the ligthing adapter, no problems with the camera NOTHING AT ALL 

  7.   dbdjz said


    Where have you bought the iPhone 5 ??? And when? If there is not in the stores !!

    1.    ismaelphone said

      in the zaragoza app store two weeks ago 

  8.   Paco said

    Well, go chestnut then, they do nothing more than get problems out of it, that if the battery drops, the camera that is not very good ... I am very happy with my i-phone 4, I do not think it is necessary to go to 5 and more with the price it has. The only problem I had was the battery, which lasted very little, but I bought this battery$c3$ada_para_apple_iphone_4s_64gb.html to exchange it with the original one that came with the mobile

  9.   George said

    Well, yes, I have this same problem along with a bigger one: nobody changes my iPhone in Spain to buy it in the US. It is as if its famous international guarantee does not exist.

    They have not given me a solution or AppleCare. Sorry, if they gave it to me: let me go to the US to change it…. Buying products in China works better than this.

    I am going to file a claim with the General Directorate of Consumption and depending on its resolution I will choose the legal route since I do not plan to "eat" the
    iPhone yes or yes.