Thinking of installing iOS 11? Maybe it's better to wait

The release of new versions of Apple's mobile operating system is often expected like water in May by those who want to experience the latest in iPad or iPhone software first-hand. The news presented during yesterday's event, plus some that were not said and that are being discovered as the hours go by, have raised the level of expectation to levels that are only reached at this time of year. But is it such a good idea to install iOS 11 right now?

After almost a day with the latest version of iOS on my iPhone, the short answer to the question above is a silent denial in the face of circumstance. Unless you have a special interest in the beta, installing a first version intended for developers is usually not one of the best ideas, as it is usually plagued with small errors, general instability and a not inconsiderable battery consumption.

iOS beta 11 1

Despite the fact that this first beta - from my own experience and what I have been able to observe through the experiences of other 'early-adopters' - does not present major failures, a general slowdown of the system can be seen, actions that sometimes stop working. work, terminal overheating, etc ... Nothing serious after all, but it is not the performance that one expects in your device of hundreds of euros. To this we must add that this developer version is not officially available for everyone, so you will have to provide your own socks to install it.

The recommendation is to wait until Apple releases the public betas in a month (roughly). Betas that, this time, you can download by registering at the program available on your website. By then many of these first errors will have already been corrected and you will be able to enjoy a better first experience with iOS 11.

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  1.   Francisco Fernández said

    I am testing it on a 6th generation iPod touch and the battery does not last at all, the iPod overheats from behind, it is very slow ...
    Then I also had to “fight with him”: I open something, he closes it for me; I activate something, he deactivates it ... 😀
    Greetings 😉

    1.    Serge Rivas said

      Hi very good.
      From what I'm reading, this beta gives some war on performance and battery issues. But from what I have been able to see, the design seems quite nice to me. I hope that when it is in a more stable version, they optimize the battery consumption in the applications.

      1.    Francisco Fernández said

        The problems that this beta is giving are quite normal. We must think that it is the first version within iOS 11, which has many changes. I invite you to try it in the future, when we go to beta 4 or 5, which will have "normalized" all this.

        Greetings 😉

  2.   Gustavo Ochaeta said

    And if I already install it, how do I uninstall it, or since it is public, can I reinstall it?

    1.    Francisco Fernández said

      You can connect your device to a computer with iTunes and restore it to the latest public version of iOS 10. If you do these, then you can use a backup created from that same device, but it cannot be created from the beta of iOS 11, but which must be created from iOS 10.

      Greetings 😉

  3.   Gustavo Ochaeta said

    And if I already install it, how do I uninstall it, or since it is public, can I install it again ?????

    1.    Jordy said

      You have to download the ips from ios 10.3.2 and connect the iphone to itunes and put it in dfu mode (restart it and when the apple appears, release the power button but keep the home or volume down on iphone 7) and itunes will detect the iPhone in dfu mode and you give it to reset by pressing the shif key of the pc at the same time and it will do the job…. I clarify that you can only use the last backup you have made with ios 10

  4.   Alejandro said

    This already makes only one thing clear to me:

    iOS became a purely commercial thing that, year after year, they "update" ...

    I do not understand why such a mess. We currently have iOS 10.3.2 quite well optimized ...

    Why the hell change it for a system that will once again be full of errors?

    What is the sense that Apple takes lately? Ultra-fast scheduled obsolescence?

    Tim Cook when opening the new conference this year, said it would be the best presentation to date ...

    I dont know…

    1.    Natxo said

      It is a beta, what do you want to go without errors? Wait for the final version of iOS11 in October and it will surely work as it should. I have installed the beta because I like to try them but I have already returned to iOS10 in my 6s. I was slow and sometimes I had some grated and I did not feel like being like that on my mobile.

      I suppose that I will install the beta 3 or 4 that will be better.

      1.    Francisco Fernández said

        Exactly. For my taste, Apple does not force anyone to install the betas. It is the end user who decides whether to test systems that are still under development or not.

        Greetings 😛

    2.    Francisco Fernández said

      In part you are right, they are new versions that are updated with many more errors. The problem comes in that there are people who are bored that everything is exactly the same always, for this reason I think that it is necessary to change. At the moment we are in the first beta of iOS 11, which is normal that it is "full of errors", but all this "roll" of the betas they do to finally launch for the public and end users, a version quite more optimized and virtually bug-free. Similarly, once published, Apple will continue looking for possible minor errors and security flaws, for this reason we receive versions of the iOS 11.XX type, and new improvements that can be included in the system, iOS 11.X.

      Greetings 😉

  5.   Vick said

    It is true that it gives failures, but above all battery issue. I will continue with the beta until the next ones that will surely improve the battery again. The same happened with the beta of iOS 10.