Tutorial: steps to follow after unlocking an iPhone by IMEI

iphone4 unlocked Unlock your iPhone forever: unlock by IMEI

Yesterday we told you in this popular post the benefits of unlock an iPhone by IMEI, for example that it is forever, that it does not depend on the jailbreak, it allows you to travel abroad and buy a prepaid SIM and have a data connection, and above all, it revalues ​​the value of your terminal, a free iPhone sells much better  in the second-hand market than a locked iPhone for a company, too we advise you a service to best price we've seen, although there are many more to choose from.

Many of you have already freed your iPhone forever following these steps, others are waiting for the promised tutorial To see the steps in more detail, it is really simple, but if you have jailbreak on your device you may have to do something else. The tutorial works for all iPhones: 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5.


In principle, these are the steps you have to follow to unlock your iPhone:

This is the main step, if you have not previously released your iPhone by IMEI with your operator or hiring the service even if you still have a stay with them. Press here.
  • Eliminate all types of software release (jailbreak) that you may have.
  • Enter a card SIM from another operator (other than the source of your iPhone).
  • Connect it to iTunes.
  • A notice like the one you see at the beginning of the entry should appear, warning that your iPhone has been unlocked.

Until this step 95% of you will have already unlocked your iPhone and you can enjoy the freedom. If you have not managed to release it, follow these steps:

  • In the event that no such notice appears and one appears that says that the inserted SIM is not compatible, we must try a SIM from another operator, preferably Vodafone, Movistar or Orange, sometimes the SIMs of the MVNOs can give problems with the releases.

If you still have not managed to free your iPhone, it is possible that you have jailbreak and that is the cause, we have two options:

  • Eliminate the jailbreak by restoring with a SIM from another operator inserted in the iPhone, when restoring your iPhone it will be completely released.
  • Use Redsn0w to deactivate and thus not lose the jailbreak.

How do we do this?

  • We connect the iPhone to the computer
  • We open Redsn0w
  • Press Jailbreak
  • In the next screen we mark ONLY the option «Deactivate«

Our iPhone will restart and the iTunes icon will appear or it will simply not have coverage, you must proceed with these steps:

  • Insert a SIM card from another operator (other than the one from your iPhone).
  • Connect it to iTunes.
  • A notice like the one you see at the beginning of the entry should appear, warning that your iPhone has been unlocked.

If it still does not release, which is almost impossible, 99% of you will have released it, we can only go back to this step:

  • Remove the jailbreak restoring with a SIM from another operator inserted in the iPhone, when restoring your iPhone it will be completely released. EYE: Restore, not Update.

By following these steps you can all free your iPhone forever.

More information - Unlock your iPhone forever: unlock by IMEI

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  1.   Jose1991jax said

    but is this true ?? 

    1.    gnzl said

      Of course, there you have the link to the other post.
      It has a price but it is forever, it is as if you had bought your iPhone for free

      1.    laalelro said

        What is there to pay ???

      2.    Richardroj said

        Gonzalo is it possible that an iPhone 4 bought in 2010 with a plan in an operator in Spain is free in Venezuela for any operator?

        1.    gnzl said

          Yes, this is the end of the release by imei

          1.    Richardroj said

            But should you call the operator? or just by following these steps are you ready? Thank you very much for your response and I congratulate you on your services.

            1.    gnzl said

              You have to follow the steps, without an operator, the first step is the most important, if you do not do it it will not work

          2.    zayra said

            mdoubted sq if I have to ask for the release x ime the operator where they bought the iPhone 5c or do the steps without calling and it is already released ????

  2.   Andrew said

    Are the codes that Apple owns not necessary? It leaves me with many doubts in the air, it works for any version of iOS? . If it says "restore" will the shsh be necessary? Bufff for asking I would ask a thousand more things.

    1.    gnzl said

      It has nothing to do with SHSH, they are not necessary

  3.   Francisco said

    This can not be true. I have an Orange Iphone 4 and I have it unlocked with Ultrasn0w because it cannot be unlocked by Imei. The problem is that it loses coverage many times when having the software release and I have been wanting to release it by imei for a long time and it is not possible for the orange iphone, how is it now that easy ???

    1.    Teofilo Israel Vizcaino Rodrig said

      These steps are for iPhone 5, the post title is misleading

      1.    gnzl said

        No, they are for all iPhones, from iPhone 2G to iPhone 5

    2.    Lp said

      Hmm ... It's not just following these steps. You do this once the phone or another type that offers the unlocking service has confirmed that your iphone has been unlocked. 

      1.    gnzl said

        That's what it says in the post, you have to release it before

  4.   Tetix said

    I have unlocked my iphone 5 but the problem has been to find a nano sim from another company, I have had to cut several AT&T sims that I had until one has worked 

  5.   Chicote69 said

    Gonzalo, I was a little perplexed reading this post. Does this work like that without more, without having to pay anywhere? Even with Vodafone and Orange?

    1.    gnzl said

      yes yes, you have to pay before, it is that I have ignored it by the post the other day, but I have already specified it

      1.    Chicote69 said

        Okay. Thanks. It seemed too idyllic to me hahaha

        A greeting.

      2.    TR3ITON said

        I already said that so much happiness was not true! hahahahaha fail !!!

  6.   Javier Monteagudo said

    I have not been able to release it, it says "It seems that the SIM card in this iphone is incompatible": S what do I do? I don't have a jailbreak

  7.   Daniel Padrón said

    It remains to clarify here that you must first request the release
    by IMEI with the alternatives that were explained in previous Post.

    1.    gnzl said

      you're right i've taken it for granted

      1.    gnzl said

        yes yes, you have to pay before

  8.   nerve_1987 said

    But this can be done even if you have permanence in the company in which you are?

    1.    gnzl said

      sure, that's the grace

    2.    tomk said

      It shouldn't be able to. Precisely, it is blocked and you must wait for the provider to allow you to release it legally.

      1.    gnzl said

        That is precisely what the post is about, how to free even if you have permanence

      2.    Lp said

        legally? I don't think it's "illegal" to do whatever you want to your phone. 

        1.    gnzl said

          Totally legal

  9.   Andrew said

    To unlock my iPhone 4 from vodafone I had to wait for my stay to end and I had to pay 6 euros, wait about 15 days until Apple provided the unlock codes and they called me to tell me that the mobile was already released and I had to connect it iTunes with a different microsim and the release message actually appeared. Summing up the correct tutorial but I don't know what redsnow has to do with it since it is the operator that does the unlocking process with the codes that Apple provides them. There I leave that info. Greetings to all

    1.    Andrew said

      I add that I had jailbreak done

  10.   Andrew said

    One question, how to restore without updating, since many still continue with iOS 5xx, they will not be able to restore since that process is done with the most current version?

  11.   daneths said

    Doubt: Is it useful for Mexico? Or just Spain?

    1.    gnzl said

      for everyone

  12.   N Zajaczkowski said

    Very useful Gnzl, thank you.

  13.   Shema3103 said

    it works for venezuela

  14.   Die-cad@hotmail.com said

    Have nothing before k, greetings, this is useful after k has been paid to be able to release it and when you re-live your response of k is already released, you connect it to the computer and iTunes does the rest, or how is all this, this is a way to release it without paying a cent? I hope someone takes me out of my doubt thank you all.

  15.   Willy said

    The owner gives rise to error, he should put how to release it FOR END OF PERMANENCE and previously requested release from the operator.

    1.    gnzl said

      It is not that, you can buy your release even having permanence, that's why we put the links to do it

  16.   Dani said

    Hello good! I leave you the instructions that Vodafone sent me to release it, they are very different from these and the truth is that I do not know which of the two processes to carry out. My problem comes in the step of erasing all the data, the phone takes hours like this and not if there will be some kind of problem due to having a jailbreak or similar. Any advice, Gnzl?

    1st). Make the backup of your iPhone. 

    2nd). Clear all settings and information from your iPhone using \ »\ 'Clear contents and settings \» in Settings> General> Reset. 

    3rd). Replace the old Micro-SIM card with the one from the new mobile phone operator. 

    4th). Complete the setup wizard and restore your backup. 

    1.    gnzl said

      It is only necessary to restore if you do the deactivation with Redsn0w and it does not work, try before because it is easier

      1.    Dani said

        I got to the deactivation step with Redsn0w, but in the end it let me use a Symio Micro SIM. I do not confirm anything in iTunes like the screenshot at the beginning of this post but I suppose there will be no problems. Thanks a lot!

  17.   SerraCop said

    Gnzl, I follow you a lot and I listen to you in the postcast, but man, about the title of this article, no comments! ...
    I think you should specify something else in it.

    1.    SerraCop said

       Wow, not to mention where you made the cut (TUTORIAL :)
       And then the first thing you put is:
      "This is the main step, if you have not previously released your iPhone by IMEI with your operator or by hiring the service even if you still have a stay with them, click here." I THINK THIS IS THE FIRST THING YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT ON !!

      This smells rogue from miles!

      I am no one to tell anyone how to do their job, this is my humble opinion, but if I start reading a lot of things like that, I will stop visiting this great page.

      Sorry but that's what I think.

  18.   David said

    Good afternoon everybody. I have the iphone 4 with vodafone, I made portability to another company, therefore I need to release it i have tried both methods and i get message in itunes: it seems that the card inserted in this iphone is not supported. What I can do? Thanks in advance. 

  19.   Santiago.CT said

    Hello good, I'm trying to follow the tutorial but when I press deactivate I can't find it. I do not know if because of my ignorance of never having done this or because my redsn0w (being more updated) does not come out the same. The thing is that I give it to jailbreak and instead of leaving the menu to select one of the four options that appear in the image above, it tells me to put it in dfu mode and if I put it it makes me like to do the jailbreak and the program gives me an error and it closes.
    Could you give me a hand? That would help me a lot

    Thanks in advance

  20.   Agustin said

    Hi, I have an iPhone 4 and when it comes to restoring it is updated, does it work with iOS 6.0.1? Greetings

  21.   Feel free to call said

    I have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS. The original company is AT&T since it was bought by a USA. I am using it with a chip from a cell phone company in Argentina and it is already a hassle to update the iOS and I would like to unlock it to continue using it with my company and without jailbreak, should I do it by imei? If I disable the jailbreak with redsnow, won't I need an AT&T chip? And should I disable it before unlocking it by imei? I am not sure how to do it, if you help me I thank you!

    1.    alvaro said

      Hi, how are you? I unlock AT&T iPhone in less than 40 minutes, no matter if the device is reported or under contract. All iPhones are unlocked by IMEI.

      For more information you can contact me here:

      email: alver_acuario@hotmail.com

      WhatsApp: +52 3221461809

      Skype: alver-26

  22.   Juanito said

    Hello good, my vodafone has sent me a PDF telling the steps to follow, but my iphone 4 4.3.3. It has jailbreak done, I have done the step of connecting it to itunes and putting the orange sim but nothing, and I'm afraid of restoring and updating for the jailbreak that the paperweight iphone can keep.
    They recommend restoring and updating (since iTunes requires you to update when you give it to restore) and they think that the release will work and the iphone will not lock? Thanks!

  23.   olive tree said

    Hello, vodafone has confirmed that I can now unlock my iphone 4 in the way you comment. But the problem is that when I start the iPhone with another card and open iTunes, I don't get any warning or error. Itunes detects my iphone but I don't get a message. Do you know what the problem can be? I'm trying to do it with a card from an operator from another country, but I don't think it has anything to do with it, right?

    Thank you very much

  24.   himi said

    good I have an iphone 4 from the UK company three (3). I wanted to restore it and it would not let me and press restore, then it blocked me. I would like to unlock it and incidentally release it if possible, can someone please help me how to do it

  25.   Felipe said

    friends I found an iPhone 4s and put a micro chip but the operator tells me that it has a loss notice and I can't use the device, what can I do in that case?

    1.    grariver said

      call the operator and return it to its owner, the phone has sim tracking and it is a crime of usurpation to keep something that is not yours.

  26.   Farynator5 said

    I have already managed to release it, I had jaibreak and with restoring and introducing the new tareta from the other company it has worked perfectly. Thanks a lot!

    1.    Wanchy said

      What iPhone did you have brothers?

  27.   Carlos said

    If I accidentally gave it an update instead of restoring and the phone crashed, what should I do?

  28.   Diego said

    Consultation. An iphone 4 that has the cydia does it mean that it has the jailbreak ??? I consult because we released an Iphone 4 from Movistar Spain and we still could not make it work, it does not work with another Sim, we have it walking with Gevey. Open to pass the redsnow ??? Thank you

    1.    TR3ITON said

      cidya, installous = jailbreak

  29.   Diego said

    ah I forgot he has the Cydia on

  30.   Isabel rous said

    Hello, I have an iPhone 2g and it tells me that a different sim has been detected that connects with iTunes and I connect it and it tells me that the sim is not compatible and I can only make emergency calls that I do help for fa

    1.    NEY NEYMAR said

      Hello, I have an iPhone 2g and it tells me that a different sim has been detected that connects with iTunes and I connect it and it tells me that the sim is not compatible and I can only make emergency calls that I do help for fa

    2.    @joakoisperez said

      Install the original chip of your iphone, if it is iphone 2g american (at & t), please buy the chip and restore it with itunes, remember to do it with the original iphone cable or original ipod cable, otherwise if you do it with some cable Generic usb will give you errors and you will not be able to restore it successfully.

  31.   Sat said

    Hello, I have an iPhone 3GS, I already did everything in the tutorial, including the comment below, and I haven't been able to unlock my phone yet… how can I do it?

  32.   Virgil said

    I updated my software, and now when I go to iTunes it tells me that the sim is not compatible, I need a quick answer please!

  33.   ever said

    It worked well for me thanks friend, tested on iphone 4 baseband 4.12.02

  34.   Rangel said

    This is not the case, if your iPhone is locked, no matter how many sims you put on it, it will always be the same, you will not be able to release it. There are only 3 ways: 1 by jaibreaker, 2. by the original sim card and 3. by releasing it by imei, which is very different from what is explained here. Here they tell me that if I connect my iPhone to the itune with another sim, and if jaibreaker, the itune will release it, this is applicable to the original sim or if it has been released by imei

    1.    gnzl said

      Let's see if you read the title even before commenting …… ..

  35.   Reaper said

    Good I paid to unlock my iPhone 4 for imei and I passed the established deadline and it was assumed that it should already be released, as I had jailbreak then I restored but it continues to appear "the inserted SIM is not compatible", what should I do?

  36.   vitus said

    What a stupid post….
    The release of an iPhone is done by the operating company through Apple codes….
    Whoever really thinks that by inserting another SIM card and connecting it to iTunes is already free, who is going to put a candle to the church….
    I know another trick, fill a bottle of champagne with water and shake it for 2 hours without stopping even a second of shaking it, the water turns into champagne… ..

  37.   Roxiiii said

    hello I found an iPhone 5 at the taxis when I returned from work when I found it was already restored and without service ... my idea was to return it but I saw that it was from a company in Canada .. there was no way to contact the owner…. So how can I do to free him? Find out and here in Argentina they still don't do it…. the nanosim says Roger….
    I hope answers Thank you… ..

    1.    David Vaz Guijarro said

      Take it to the police, they will return it 😉

      1.    Elias said

        If they take it to the police, surely the police who receives it will leave it to him ...

        1.    David Vaz Guijarro said

          No 😉

          1.    Dusk said

            Yes, it is most likely that they will leave it to you.

  38.   Juan Galvez said

    olaa i need help to unlock my iphone 3gs company entel de chile
    who can help me please

  39.   ixa said

    no mames what blowjob is this hahaha with redsnow hahaha no mames the release server takes 2 to 4 hrs to leave hahaha no no no

  40.   Octa lopez cabrera said

    Hi, I need help, I'm from Mexico and I have an iPhone 4 CDMA Verizon iOS 6, when I bought it it was active with iusael, the problem was that after I reset it to delete all the files and that was when it ran out of service
    What can I do to activate it?

  41.   Andrea said

    Hello, my case is next.
    I live in Honduras and had an iphone 4S with the company CLARO. On vacation I went to Chile to visit my sister. She had given me an iPhone 5, I was very excited I brought it to Honduras but when I inserted the chip it appears that she does not accept it. I was using the new iPhone in Chile with a Movistar chip for a few days to communicate with my sister. Now when I asked my sister I realized that the cell phone was bought from a particular person even though the cell phone is completely new.
    I want to know if this IMEI is going to work for me to free my cell phone to be able to use it with Claro.
    Thank you very much

  42.   xiao said

    I have an iPhone 4g that they sent me from Japan and they sent me a type of chip to release it, what should I do?

  43.   Doriannys Manzaba Campos said

    Boy I'm a bit lost with this, but could you explain well what I should do, I have to pay to use the tutorial or how? Honestly, I'm a bit wrong, I have the SIM at hand but before doing anything else I want to get advice first. What should I do? I wait for an answer thank you.

    1.    gnzl said

      which operator is your iPhone from?

      1.    Doriannys Manzaba Campos said

        From Digitel, I'm from Venezuela. But I don't know how to release it, and I really need to release it because I always travel abroad and I don't have a way to communicate.

        1.    gnzl said

          At the top of the web you can see that there is an option to unlock iPhone, go there, select your operator, write the imei and make the payment.
          Nothing else.

  44.   Paw said

    Hello, I have not received any message, but if you let me use another orange sim, and when I connected it, I received a warning to activate the iPhone, it may take a few minutes. When that happened it directly took coverage, we tested it and everything was going well. Although there has been no message, I have
    Released well ?? Greetings and thanks

  45.   Fredd said

    Hello, I'm from Chile or I have a 3GS iOS 6.1.3 and what happens was that it was blocked or designed without service and I restored it and I got stuck in the activation mode I know it in iTunes and the phone does not want anything even for the main screen What can I do? Urge me your answer.

  46.   Augustine Quijada said

    Good friend I have an iphone 5 Movistar Venezuela. Do you think it can be released?

  47.   Mauricio said

    I have an iPhone 4 in Bolivia and it is blocked by the operators of my country, I would like to change it for an iPhone 4 from another country

  48.   Samanta said

    Boy, I am a desperate woman who really asks for your help, I have already made the payment for the release, but my iPhone when connecting it to iTunes only gives the option to restore, the iPhone also has the jailbreak installed. I can give it to restore and I do not run any risk, that at the end of the restoration the iPhone is released, I await your answer.

    1.    aracely said

      Mauricio I change my cel iphone 4 3g
      I am from but interested in changing here I leave my whatsap +51 999136516

  49.   Juan said

    I would like to know if I can unlock the ipfone 5 from yoigo, thanks

  50.   Hector said

    I have an Atyt iPhone 4s but it is not released yet but I paid for it to be released by imei but it has been 3 weeks
    waiting and I still have not received the answer
    Thank you

  51.   yadeurys said

    I have an iPhone 5s t-mobile I would like to know if it can be unlocked from the factory to use it in the Dominican Republic

  52.   Mateos said

    I want to ask a question, what can I do to unblock my sim is blocked, it appears without service?

  53.   Moses said

    is it also for iphone 5s ???

  54.   julius diaz said

    I have an iPhone 5 s I found it but it is blocked as reported, it is possible to unblock it or I throw it in the garbage I do not know who it is, it is from the sprint company, it seems it is American I am from Mexican, please be honest ...

  55.   feliporias said

    friend thank you very much it worked super fast and easy

  56.   Diana Rondon said

    Hello friend, a question works for iphone 5s sprint? I want it to move in Venezuela, it helps

  57.   Catherine Olzon said

    Hi! I have my iphone 5 but I can't unlock it now, what is the price to cancel? And how to cancel

  58.   Jhoan florez said

    it goes out without service if it works you also say that you have to pay what and where

  59.   Carolina said

    I have my phone 6 plus bought 2 years ago and I changed companies
    It does not work for me or the button appears to be able to configure it to Claro
    I spoke with millions of company advisers and technicians and none of them gave me the solution
    until I talk to Apple and they told me that the cell phone is blocked on the blacklist
    That every cell phone from the US on the black list began to be blocked in Argentina too
    That is why putting another chip does not work for me.
    Is there any solution? I need help.