Unlock your iPhone forever: unlock by IMEI


The most repeated question in our contact form is «How I can unlock my iPhone [operator x] with iOS X and baseband XX.XX.XX? ”, most are looking for an answer related to the jailbreak; A few years ago iPhones could be jailbroken and used with any operator, almost two years ago we have not had any such release.

As a result of this the unlocks by IMEI, which are actually the best than the software release although in exchange you have to pay a price (except if you have finished your contract of permanence). An IMEI unlocking is the unlocking that occurs directly from the operator, which is permanent and forever, you can update your iOS, your baseband, etc. and you don't need jailbreak, it works on all iPhones. In other terminals this would be the equivalent of unlocking by code, in the iPhone it is carried out using iTunes.

Advantages: it is forever, it does not depend on the jailbreak, it allows you to travel abroad and buy a prepaid SIM and have a data connection, and above all, it revalues ​​the value of your terminal, a free iPhone sells much better in the second-hand market than a locked iPhone for a company.

Ways to unlock your iPhone by IMEI:

If your term contract with the operator you can call your company And that they release the terminal that you have bought yourself (paying about € 6 on average), it does not work if your iPhone has had another owner before or you are not a client of that company.

If your contract is still valid, or you iPhone is bought second hand or comes from another country you can buy the release in an online store. The problem used to be the price, which was around € 100, lately stores are appearing that do it for very small prices, for example, liberaiphoneimei.com releases iPhones from Movistar Spain for only €8 and iPhones AT&T USA for € 17 ($ 23) Even the iPhone 5, the truth is that it is the best price I have seen on the internet, but there are many other stores, if you know of a cheaper one, send it to me by email and we will put it in the post. Some releases like those of Vodafone or Orange Spain They still cost around € 150, let's hope they lower the price soon, because for € 8 it is definitely worth it, but for more than € 100 not.

If you have doubts we can make a process tutorial, I have recently unlocked my iPhone by this method and I have the screenshots ready.

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  1.   Edward Aguado said

    Me, 2 months ago I completed a stay with Vodafone and released the iPhone by imei with them and they charged me € 6 but… it doesn't work. I put cards from other companies and they won't work for me. Do you have to do something in particular?

    1.    gnzl said

      You must enter a SIM from another company and connect it to iTunes, in a few days I will upload a tutorial so you can see the different options.

      1.    Tito said

        IPhone Orange does not release from what you see, right?

  2.   Albert said

    I think it would be very interesting to publish this tutorial, I have moved to Portugal for work and I can not unlock my iPhone 3GS in any way.
    Thank you very much

    1.    gnzl said

      ok, in a few days you have it, stay tuned

  3.   David C. Ruiz said

    How strange! It was totally FREE for me !!, I called 1004 (Movistar), and after a few days, they released it themselves, confirmed. The only downside is having to connect the new MicroSim to iTunes to be able to use it (only 1 time per operator). Now I use Vodafone ...

    1.    gnzl said

      Indeed, if you have completed your stay, they release it to you

      1.    GlaucoForever said

        Gonzalo, first of all, congratulations on your work, I wanted to comment that Orange charges only 5 euros for the release even if you are with permanence

        1.    gnzl said

          No longer glaucous, I have confirmed it today with them, now you must pay your penalty if you have permanence.

      2.    juandiago2012 said

        Hello friend I have a problem I live in Colombia and I have an iPhone 4 that they gave me as a gift, I worked with Gevey but I updated it and lost the phone function I stayed with bb 04.12 finding out I came to the conclusion that it was from Spain apparently Movistar and I paid the imei release and it turned out that it was not from movistar if not from orange I lost my money, then I paid another release with a hp from a page that I found on twitter and I was scammed I never found my money or my service.
        Now I read these post and they say that they can release them without paying in orange but apparently there to call and do errands, as I said before I live in Colombia and I do not have any information about the original buyer of the iPhone the question is how could you help me if only I have the information that I can get from the team, I don't have invoices, I don't have any of those things. thank you very much and I hope your answer

        1.    Sends said

          Unfortunately only with the information of the terminal is useless I have been informing myself because I am from Orange and bought my second hand phone 2 years ago. They tell me from Orange's technical service that without having the phone number of the person who bought the mobile from that company, they cannot unlock it because it is associated with another customer. So basically garlic and water. = (

    2.    Paco said

      I also released my iPhone 4 for orange and they told me from 24h to 72h I would have it and so it was connect a different card in iTunes and go! I did it on 2 iPhones 4 and with permanence. What's more, they told me that the price was € 5 that they never charged me !! Now I am considering it with my iphone 5 if it sneaks!
      Greetings and good morning for the web, it's great !!

      1.    juandiago2012 said

        Hello friend I have a problem I live in Colombia and I have an iPhone 4 that they gave me as a gift, I worked with Gevey but I updated it and lost the phone function I stayed with bb 04.12 finding out I came to the conclusion that it was from Spain apparently Movistar and I paid the imei release and it turned out that it was not from movistar if not from orange I lost my money, then I paid another release with a hp from a page that I found on twitter and I was scammed I never found my money or my service.
        Now I read these post and they say that they can release them without paying in orange but apparently there to call and do errands, as I said before I live in Colombia and I do not have any information about the original buyer of the iPhone the question is how could you help me if only I have the information that I can get from the team, I don't have invoices, I don't have any of those things. thank you very much and I hope your answer

      2.    miguelangel said

         Friend, I am from Venezuela, explain to me how I could do to free mine, my phone is also from Orange Spain, please help me since I need my iPhone

      3.    juandiago2012 said

        hello paco, what was the cost and where can i contact to release my iphone 4 orange i'm on it and i couldn't, i would appreciate any information thanks

      4.    Mightily said

        Hello, did you manage to unlock your iPhone 5 by imei?

      5.    wham said

        Well, they wanted to charge me € 12. I just called you 15 min ago.

        1.    Gerardo said

          Crack add me to wassap please, 645013615 greetings man I have a problem similar to yours

        2.    davidhuco said

          What phone number did you call to contact Orange? Att client or a 902?

          Thanks to all

      6.    Douglas said

        Hello Paco, I currently have an Iphone 4S with Orange permanence, I would be interested in releasing said mobile but the pages that I have consulted on the internet that release by imei together with the stores in my city charge between 100 and 150 euros and it seems abusive to me, I would like to If you are so kind that you explain to me if you are as kind in detail as you did from pa pa because what you mention in your message I had already read in various forums, thank you very much in advance.
        a greeting

      7.    mary said

        Hello, look, I want to release my mobile is 4s and they tell me that I cannot release and it is Orange and I have a stay that I have to do

      8.    Andrea Tavarez placeholder image said

        Can you tell me the number of Orange Spain I have a 4s that I need to release and I have not been able to use the mobile thanks

      9.    Imma said

        Hello Paco,
        I am interested in unlocking an iPhone 4. It is from Orange, they informed me wrongly, and after paying the fine of permanence and doing a portability to Movistar, Orange tells me that it does not release it, that I am no longer in that company. From what I read in your writing it would be possible to achieve it. Could you explain it to me in more detail?
        Thank you very much

  4.   Ruben said

    I have asked Orange for the release by IMEI and they told me that in a matter of 72 hours I could connect my iPhone 4 to iTunes for its release. It's been 13 days and there is still no way to release him. Orange tells me that they are pending Apple. (I have to say that I have already done this with 2 iPhones previously and everything was perfect)

    I went to the Apple Store today and they tell me that it does not depend on them and that they do not release. So I feel like I have no idea what to do. I am considering taking it to a store of these mobile release ... 🙁

  5.   kiko24 said

    I am one of the many who have had an iPod for quite some time instead of an iPhone ... The problem is as you can imagine, vodafone ... I don't have a contract with them or anything else, so it's my f * cking turn ... Greetings! 

    1.    gnzl said

      Well, yes, because the € 150 it costs is a huge amount ...

  6.   Romarda said

    It would be very good to have the tutor

  7.   Mark Montaldo said

    Hello, I have an iPhone 4 bought in Mexico with Movistar and I can not release it in any way, someone knows how to release it by IMEI (I currently use gevey) thank you!

    1.    altergeek said

      It is worth about 130 dollars, but if you can

      1.    HansiKursch said

        I have a 4S with movistar mexico and I want to release it? Where you can??

  8.   pi3 said

    In theory it's easy, but companies scramble like rabid cats before releasing the iPhone. I spent almost a month and a half to get Vodafone to release it for me. I only got it after sending this email:

    On March 1, I requested the release of my iPhone 4 at the end of the stay. They told me that March 22 at 7 pm would be effective. On the 22nd they told me that there was a problem and that another request had to be made. Today, March 23, they tell me that we have to start from scratch and that it will be effective ON APRIL 13 !!!!! A month and a half to free a mobile !!!!! I am outraged with the treatment of clients. I demand that the cell phone be released immediately.

    If I don't get to be cool I would still be waiting. They are unpresentable.

  9.   George said

    I don't know ... I didn't have any of those problems that you tell me about, what's more, I was surprised by how fast and easy everything was.

    I called the Movistar SAT, and I told them that I wanted to release my iPhone because I had already completed the stay (2 days ago). The call did not last for about 5 minutes:

    -Which phone are you going to release?
    -An iPhone 4
    -I need the IMEI number
    -Yes, I have it here
    -Tell me please
    -Very good, then keep waiting please
    (he puts music on me for not much more than a minute)
    -Well, I inform you that Apple has accepted the release. All you have to do now is put a SIM from another carrier and connect the phone to iTunes.
    -Very good, thank you very much. Blah blah blah ... (to say goodbye)

    As soon as I hung up the call, I did what he told me, iTunes stayed a moment connecting with the server and… Done! A message appeared saying that the phone had been successfully unlocked (and that was because I tested it)

    For those of you who ask for a screenshot, it is neither more nor less than the one put by GNZL from iTunes informing that the phone has been released. By the way, they haven't charged me anything.

    Take heart and I hope you are lucky. Greetings to all.


    1.    David C. Ruiz said

      Haha, they even told me that I had to enter the appstore application to complete the process once ... xD

    2.    hcg_demons said

      Hey brother, I read your talk and I find it very interesting how you solved it, could you help me? Look, I have an iPhone 4 and I want to free it completely for telcel, how do I do it? call at & t? or as…
      thank you brother

      1.    Arthur said

        If it is AT&T enter the web there you can if not contact me robinzip @ hot

  10.   yards said

    Here is a link on how to unlock AT&T iPhones for only 7.99US, here I put the youtube video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_810597&feature=iv&src_vid=SaQxqM3MYns&v=uu2u6DTCfKU%20i ) and there is the link of how it works. I am waiting for my iPhone to arrive in a week to test it and they say that the method works very well.

  11.   isbramaral said

    Does anyone know where you can release the iPhone from Japan, softbank company…. Thanks a lot

  12.   Chuscobar said

    And what happens if the iPhone is locked by the company, is there any possibility of releasing it? Thanks!!

  13.   antoniojp said

    I just did it right now for € 8 it is very worth it, yes !!! great news

  14.   Marribel said

    They just told me in Movistar that it would take 15 days because they have to look for the unlocking code Oo

  15.   Maribel said

    They just told me in Movistar that it would take 15 days because they have to look for the unlocking code Oo

    1.    gnzl said

      Well, they have deceived you, there is no code, it is only to put the imei in a database.

  16.   altergeek said

    The million dollar question, they can't revoke the unlocking, right? They charge me, release and re-lock

    1.    gnzl said

      No, that is impossible, the release is forever, but in the event that you cancel the paypal payment I think they can block the terminal.

  17.   waxipei said

    For iPhone 4S, can baseband 2.00.12 also be unlocked by IMEI? I did a release process with one of these cheap companies, and in addition to 150 euros, because it was from vodafone, in the end they had to return it to me because it was not valid for that baseband.

    1.    gnzl said

      Works for all basebands

  18.   Daniel Jiménez said

    Dear iPhone News, perhaps this post is not the right one, but I leave you the news, I am from Chile and I think this article will interest you http://iphonedechile.blogspot.com greetings Daniel Jiménez

  19.   Soitony said

    As you say in your post: the release by IMEI has to pay a price (except if you have finished a permanence contract), because you are wrong even when you have finished your permanence contract if you want to be released you also have to pay € 8 with Vodafone ... YOU KNOW.

    1.    gnzl said

      Let's see if we read the entire post before we get ready ...

  20.   Arinyo xavier said

    I have called and also in 5 minutes I was already
    I only have the doubt if I can connect it to iTunes with the jailbreak done!

  21.   watuse28 said

    There is a way to do it also with all the operators and I think there is with At and T

  22.   Kevin3377 said

    I have a question ... If I bought an iPhone in an Apple store and it cost me $ 600 in the USA, but it is not released since it does not work with the ICE (Costa Rica), can I release it?

  23.   Gerard kain said

    Hello! I would like to ask for your help ... I have been using my iPhone 1 for a little over 1 2/4 years and I have tried to unlock it everywhere ... Can someone tell me how to unlock an iPhone with FIDO CANADA? I would appreciate your help. Thank you!!!

  24.   krlosweb said

    Well, I'm with vodafone that they do nothing but dizzy, they told me that in 48 hours, after 48 hours they confirm it by sms, I call and they tell me that another 48 hours and the same is the text that confirms it and I pass it on itunes and nothing. I don't know anymore .. tomorrow I'll call them again ..
    Or to see if it is me who does not do well the process of liberation by iTunes, although according to I have read by Internet it is super simple.
    If you upload your tutorial Gonzalo will thank you to see if I do something wrong 😉

    ps: i hate robafone

  25.   Lic Gustavo said

    One question, if I bring an IPhone 5 from the US with a company for example AT&T, can I release it the next day by this method? Do you mean that I buy an iPhone for $ 200 instead of paying almost € 800 as it is released? Thanks

  26.   Lic Gustavo said

    One question, if I bring an IPhone 5 from the US with a company for example AT&T, can I release it the next day by this method? Do you mean that I buy an iPhone for $ 200 instead of paying almost € 800 as it is released? Thanks

  27.   Stefano said

    Muchachosm the question has nothing to do with it but maybe someone can help me. I brought the iPhone from China (it is original before they ask ahahaha) but what happens is that it is still «quasi configured» for China. The problem I have is that when I search for something on the internet from the iphone search engine (window on the left of everything), or with SIRI, or from the google box in safari; I look for it in google.cn. Does anyone know how to do (without jailbreak) to pass it to google.com?

  28.   Iker said

    I have never understood where the unlocking businesses get the codes ... but curiously they coincide with the countries where it is relatively easy to unblock the terminal from the company itself ... We are going to "steal" the operators of the unlocking system itself.
    Coincidentally, in Mexico, the telephone companies are not obliged to release your mobile even if the time of permanence has passed ... and this makes the release cost € 150 (although I do not know anyone who has said that there is damage and that the release).
    The people who sell the release system do not know how they do it for the sacrifice of the company ... And that in Mexico it does not happen with the corruption of many of the systems ... I do not understand

    1.    gnzl said

      I have the same doubt, but it works, which is the important thing, and it cannot be closed again, which gives peace of mind.

  29.   Frperez said

    Tutorial would be appreciated, please!

  30.   fgonzalez said

    Tutorial would be appreciated, please!

  31.   Zancuscu said

    Well, I am in the process of claims with Orange Spain.

    I have an Iphone 4 that was replaced by Apple's technical service and when the contract of permanence with Orange expired, I called the release service, I told them that my mobile was not the one I had from the beginning, I provided them with the IMEI they made a check on the system and they said it didn't show up. The agent who attended me told me that sometimes Apple gives free replacement terminals and to try to insert another card and try to call, I inserted the Movistar one and everything worked perfectly and the agent told me that this terminal was free.
    I believed it and switched to Simyo, I put the card in and it told me that it was invalid or not from a compatible operator. After calling Simyo, Orange and Apple it turns out that the mobile is not free. That it is only free for the three companies (Movistar, Orange and Vodafone).
    I have complained to Orange, they have not paid attention to my Faxes and by calling they tell me that they cannot do anything because I am not registered with them and they do not guarantee that if I return they will release it to me.
    I have gone through the OCU, and have contacted Apple and Orange. Orange does not pay attention and the executive department of Apple has called me. They told me that they supply the "semi-free" terminals to the providers and it is they who have to end up linking only to them with a final step. And it is only they who can do it. I have told them that this has meant that there has been a human error and that I am left without a mobile phone to not give me the replaced one as Orange gave it to me. They say that it is a matter that Orange has not done well the procedure of releasing a replacement terminal. Apple tried to contact Orange and has not replied so I'm still the same. The OCU can no longer do anything else and now I have complained through the Consumer Arbitration Board of the Madrid community to see what they can do.

    Aps, by the way, after calling Apple, interestingly, I updated the firmware version and now it won't let me call on Movistar anymore. Curious no?

    Anyway, I've been without Iphone 6 for 4 months and this is going to be long.

    I comment on this here in case someone is in the same situation what happens to me.

  32.   Rodrigo_ariasrcs said

    do the tuto daleee

  33.   larutanaturall said

    What do you know about unlocking an iPhone 4S from SPRINT?

    1.    Mario Andres Loria said

      I have the same question! (help!)

      1.    Martin said

        I have an iPhone 3Gs that is AT&T and the other is 4 but I don't know if it's the S, and also I don't know what company it was, since they brought it from the USA Blocked.
        Can you Unblock them through your services?

      2.    Alvaro Garcia said

        I have the same doubt!

        1.    pepper said

          search at liberartelefono.eu, they sure have it

    2.    Chris Alcantar said


  34.   falsename123 said

    I encourage you to do the tutorial. A few months ago there was one very well explained and with photos of the entire process, but now there are none or half decent ones.

    1.    gnzl said

      I already have it half prepared, tomorrow without fail it will be

  35.   Charly58 said

    Verizon iPhone 5s come free. They don't need release or anything. Just insert a sim and voila

    1.    gnzl said


    2.    gnzl said

      Exact, but the LTE does not work in other countries, watch out for that.

      1.    ALEX said

        It will be because it only operates 3G AHAHAHA

  36.   Jonathan Vilchez Abad said

    Gnzl thanks for the info really, I have a great query Please let me know, well my query is the following my aunt is American lives in the United States in New York and she is going to bring me the equipment (iPhone 5) to Lima, here we have The operator of Claro and Movistar and if it brings me it will be with AT & T then the cost for the purchase of the equipment only without approximate is in 700 dollars, when buying it will you tell the same operator to release the imei at that time? Can you do it? So that the next day I travel here without any problem? My email is jhonatan.mia@gmail.com thanks for your reply in advance! Greetings

    1.    gnzl said

      No, they do not release it, you have to use a service like the one we discussed in the post

  37.   Info said

    You can do it cheaper on this website.

  38.   joaka7_04 said

    Hello good ... two weeks ago they told me that I could unlock my Iphone 4 vodafone .. When they accepted everything I connected the card of my new company and I followed the steps that they told me but it never unlocks it ... now I am in another company that does not It is vodafone since I closed the permanence with them and I was unable to release the iphone for itunes .. I am desperate I cannot get in touch with vodafone and it does not release it with its steps .. if someone could help me ..
     Thanks i wait answer.

  39.   Lizeth said

    Hi how are things? Someone to guide me with an iPhone 4 from AT&T from the United States?

  40.   Ignaciogarciacampillo placeholder image said

    I just released it in 1004 in 8 minutes, 6 of them selling me their products

  41.   Messie_omar said

    In Mexico can it be released with IMEI ??

  42.   david arthur said

    that works in all countries (I'm from Mexico

  43.   Jenneralejandro said

    Hi, how are you? I'm from Peru and I have an iPhone .. but I want to unlock it for Peru

  44.   richi323 said

    Hello, they are bringing me a sealed AT&T iPhone 5, I imagine it is blocked but not activated, I can activate it from where I live which is Peru and not the USA, to be able to request the release to the page you say? if someone can help me ... thanks

  45.   santiago said

    Hello, well the thing is that I am from Argentina and I want to buy an iPhone 5 or 4s (there is no difference in the camera so the other specifications do not affect me) the released price has not yet been published in the US and the 4s is very expensive, I have An acquaintance who lives there and I think he has a contract with AT&T, if he buys me one for 199 u $ S (5) or 99 U $ S (4S) and wants to release it per month, do they? how long should i wait? How much should I pay to be released if not? because I do not think to bring it in 2 years hahaha.

    good thank you.

  46.   ramiro said

    Please, I am interested in freeing my iphone5 for free and there is a program or I have to pay obligatorily if someone knows, please answer my question, thank you

  47.   Victor said

    Hello, at vodafone they told me that they would not charge me anything to unlock my iPhone 5 (I bought it there but without permanence or anything), the thing that I asked for last Wednesday, and they told me that for today they would have the code for the unlocking And today I called and they still do not have it, a question, once they give me the unlock code, what do I have to do? where I have to put it, because in the 4th I did it and they did charge me those 6 euros, but they did it automatically, I just had to give them the imei, now they say no that they will give me the unlocking code, thanks

    1.    DarioX said

      Guys I just released 2 iphones 4s by imei, one from att usa and another from srf france, I did it through ebay, search in the ebay search engine ... unlock and the name of your operator. search, search, that I pay 17 dollars and in other pages for 5 dollars they released it ... luck!

  48.   Patricia Ramos said

    hello I have a nokia 5230 and it is from Spain movistar de controto now I am in Colombia and I can not use it here they charge me a lot of money than for imei, thanks

  49.   Juan said


    In Codigosporimei.es they have better prices to release by IMEI.

    A greeting.

  50.   Jawbone said

    Hello there, eBay bought an iphone 5 sprint, I use it on another carrier outside the US, it can be released, you can help me, that has cost as you would, I hope your answer thanks. Fernando

  51.   softmacos said

    Good because MOVISTAR in Venezuela always say that you cannot Unlock IMEI or it is that they do not agree that we can be a user of another operator ... I travel a lot and have to change SIM but having another iPhone Unlocked that badly we go with Movistar in Vzla and in other countries from Latin America with Movistar…. the same goes for DIGITEL (TIM) in Vzla.

  52.   Javier said

    I have an iphone 5 from att & t from the USA, does the unlocking help me to use it in the Colombian clear company?

  53.   jaen said

    I have already finished the permanence for 6 months, the only problem is that I take the mobile to fix it and they sent me a new one with a new IMEI and they tell me now that it has to be a full year for Apple to accept the release, I want that you help me and tell me if you know anything about this. pk if I stay to fulfill because I have to wait a year now if it is not my fault that they send me a new iphone. help me

    1.    Saul said

      Hi Jaén. The same thing happened to me with an iPhone 3G long ago. Call Apple and they will send you an email explaining the change of terminal due to breakdown and with that email you send it to your operator. It worked for me.

  54.   Arthur said

    But what about the possibility of installing applications that are not downloaded from iTunes, can they be installed?

  55.   Carlos Cruz said

    I would like to know what is the difference between factory unlocked and imei unlocked

    1.    gnzl said


  56.   Emmanuel said

    Someone who can give me a recommendation to unlock an iPhone 4S from the Canadian company rogers ?? Please!!

    1.    DarioX said

      It is expensive !!!


      keep looking often on ebay from other countries ... surely you will find it cheaper.

  57.   giany said

    Hi, I don't know how you could help me. I want my iPhone and I don't know how I would like to know what to do?

  58.   khriiiiiiis said

    Hello good Morning! I have an iphone 5, changing the imei they can't locate you and can you insert a card of yours? or how can I get rid of everything by putting it as new ??? Thanks rough answer of all kinds 🙂 and I also need to know how I can do the change of imei.

  59.   Marcelo said

    I need to free my iphone 3g by imei please

  60.   AlexanderDr @ said

    Hello, I will tell you about my experience, and just so that you do not throw money away and can use your free equipment in any company ...

    I am a user of an Iphone 4S bought in prepaid mode with movistar ... at its time cheaper than Telcel (like 1000 pesos) and also cheaper than in the Apple Store Mexico itself. I made the request for release by IMEI directly with Movistar Mexico, because simply the Law already requires it ... (DOF NOM 184 on telecommunications) in number 4.2.2 it clearly says that they are obliged to release your equipment once you meet certain requirements : example: if I have contracted in the POspago plan, I can request the release once the ENTIRE forced term has concluded AND HAVE NO DEBT on the equipment, and in the prepaid mode, no special requirement, just request it ... the way they recommend is that you mark at * 611 there they find a series of options, and among them comes the one to release your equipment, it asks you for some information (time you have with the line, last time you put a balance, etc.), and it asks you to type the IMEI numbers, IT DIDN'T WORK FOR ME IN THIS WAY, since he answered that IT DIDN'T EXIST IN THE SYSTEM THAT NUMBER AND THAT I HAD TO GO TO AN ATTENTION CENTER ... which in the end I did not do, I had already solved some problems on Twitter. enta @MiMovistarMX and there they continued to assist me ... they asked me for the IMEI and equipment ... it took exactly a week to free my equipment and in the end I received the notification that it was ready, that it only synchronized and the matter was fixed ... I made a backup copy, synchronized my team. I turned it off, and changed the chip, I put a Telcel and WITHOUT PROBLEMS ... I CONNECTED without problems, I made a call, I navigated in 3G and everything worked well. I turned it off again and repositioned my original movistar SIM, and the service was working again ... that is, finally, my computer if I was released ...

    The Regulations apply to ALL OPERATORS in Mexico: Iusacell, MOvistar, Telcel, Unefon…. So those who still have doubts, check NOM 184, read it, and communicate to your cell phone companies asking (demanding) that your equipment be released .. !!!

  61.   EJB said

    Good morning Gnzl, I need to know how to unlock a Vodafone Iphone 5, to use it with a Movistar nano sim. Thanks.

  62.   Juan Ramón García Regueira said

    Hello, can you help me to unlock an iphone4. He was a vodafone customer, I finished the stay but didn't know I had to release him; I switched to Movistar and now Vodafone does not release it because I am not a customer and Movistar does not give me a solution. I went to a store and they charge me 150 euros. How can I do

  63.   Thomas Alvarez said

    I have an iPhone from t-mobile germany whose contract has not expired. Do you think it can be released with this service?

  64.   Ricardo Fdd said

    Hello, good night, can someone help me? I have an iPhone 4 from Japan's softhbank and I want to transfer it to Telcel. Can someone tell me how to do it? please? Thank you

    1.    Lulita2s said

      I have the same problem! Did you try gevey? Ami it did not work for me because they had updated it ... And from what I found out softbank does not release it

  65.   IPHONE 4 said


    1.    Maria Jose said

      I want to know the same please just that mine is 5.1.1

  66.   George said

    for the telcel mexico company is it possible?

  67.   richard.silva said

    Dear, I bought a sprint iphone 5 pay the release but when I insert my chip it tells me that it is not compatible and it cannot activate the iphone, any suggestions.

  68.   Daniela said

    I have a sprint iphone 4s but I live in Mexico City and I want to use it with a telcel chip, what do I do to get it released ?! Thank you

  69.   Ana said

    and when I release it, can I make a plan with another company? I'm from Mexico and I'm going to live in Germany for a while and I want the same plan with the internet. Will everything work fine if I release it this way?

  70.   Carlos Maturana Morales placeholder image said

    Hello ... I have an iPhone 4s ... I have it blocked by the company x I do not pay u, u ... I would like to know if that has a solution, and I understand that it has ...... Could you give me a solution? nn

  71.   frank said

    How can I know from which company an iPhone originally comes?

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    Friends I have a problem if you can help me thanks.

    It turns out that a few days ago I bought a person a new iPhone 5 brought from the US from the sprint company, I want to unlock it in my country Ecuador and I told myself that it cannot be done since the previous owner has a pending debt with a sprint phone. current contract, there is another way to unlock since it was bought in sprint help please

  74.   Alexis Cuellar said

    Hey buddy; As I release an iPhone 4s in Colombia, it belongs to the clear company.

  75.   kkaponnii said

    I want to know what type is my iPhone 3GS, the problem is that I restored it through iTunes and now I cannot activate it and to do it through redsnow I have to know the type of my iPhone to install the firmware, how can I know if I cannot enter my iPhone …… who helps me please

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  78.   Laura said

    Hello! I am going to Los Angeles in March and I would like if I can buy a locked iPhone 5 at AT&T (which costs $ 199) and unlock it to be able to use it here in Spain, how much would it cost to unlock it?

    1.    gnzl said

      $ 199 is contract only, resident.

  79.   jordi said

    I found a vodafone iphone 4s, I am an orange customer and now I want to release it, the question I want to resolve is the following: if I release the phone, can the person who had it block it anyway? Thanks

    1.    Talion said

      Shouldn't you return it?

  80.   Slipper said

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    hello my iphones 4s from telcel and they told me that it is blocked by IMEI. I don't know what to do with AT&T actually works? How do I know if they can unlock it for me?

    1.    daniel said

      In Mexico it is by law that it must be unlocked once your contract is finished according to the Official Mexican NOM-184-SCFI-2012, specifically in point 4.2.2. I hope it helps you

  87.   Fights said

    I have an iPhone 5 does not pick up the signal is telce can someone help me

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    With liberaimei and they released my iphone 5 after a few days I updated the new apple ios and it no longer lets me make national calls, what can I do? Can I release it again? Greetings, thank you heart

  93.   Naty said

    I bought an iphone 5 through amazon and the simcards here in Venezuela are not compatible… How can I unlock it?

  94.   h_nandez said

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    Hello, I released my iPhone 5 with movistar, I went to the store and bought it and he told me there was a problem, the only thing is that I lost a year of the guarantee of the phone, my question is, can I get the jail d evasi0n and continue with the phone released ?? Thanks friends

  100.   jorcate said


  101.   Sonny leyva said

    Hello, I want to buy an iphone 5 in the apple store, I have seen that with at & t it costs 200 usd. My question is, if I buy it, will I send it to Mexico and there?

    can I release it immediately? How effective is the page they recommend? How long should I wait for them to release me and is it safe for me to be released?

    thanks for your reply.

  102.   Julia said

    Help, help my iPhone is from the Fido company of Canada, please, as I release it, it is very expensive

    1.    Tere said

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  103.   liz said

    Hello, I bought a second iPhone 4s, apparently the imei is blocked, since it does not allow me to connect to the network with any sim, either from the same or from a different company ... how can I unlock it? help porfiss !!

  104.   Christian said

    How do I unlock my Orange iPhone 4S to work in Colombia

  105.   nicole said

    I have a 4s I need to release it, it is from the AT&T company

    1.    Tere said

      Hello, we can help you, you can contact us at francitere@gmail.com.

  106.   Kevin said

    Hello everyone, I have an iPhone 4 that has already fulfilled the contract of permanence. I live in Cuba and I have no way to call AT&T, I would appreciate it if you could tell me how I can contact AT&T by mail and what would I have to tell them.

  107.   alfre_hernandez9 said

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    Hello, I have an iPhone 5 from the United States, its sim is Sprint, but when bringing it to Peru it is impossible to use it with movistar, can someone help me on what steps to take to unlock and use this iPhone 5 here?

    Thank you

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  115.   ROAD said

    Operators must release mobile phones once
    end of stay commitment. The CMT recalled a few days ago its opinion on this issue, and Microsiervos commented
    In the past week. The forceful statement of the first saying that
    “No regulation, law or resolution obliges companies to release a
    mobile phone once the period of permanence has expired ”is a
    half true. It is true that no legal norm goes into detail
    of the above, nor do I know at least that there has been a resolution
    judicial or administrative obligation to do so (if someone has
    raised directly), but that is one thing and another
    legal framework does not allow arguing that after the term of stay
    not only must the terminal be released but this must be done without
    any cost.

    The hiring of the communications service
    electronic (voice, data or others) and the acquisition of the terminal, when
    is made to the same operator, or they are part of the same contract or
    well they are linked contracts. Locking a terminal is a
    limitation to its use, a decrease in functionalities with respect to the
    established in origin by the manufacturer. As a limit, you must
    necessarily be stated in the contract, either in the conditions
    general, particular or specific offer, in accordance with art. 60 of the LGDCU, art. 7 of the LCGC, and more specifically according to art. 38bis of the LGTel
    (read section 1.f). In practice, the operators do not mention it, or
    in the best of cases they limit themselves to saying whether the phone is free or
    no, without indicating what that consists of, in short, what
    Specific restrictions have been imposed. That omission would empower
    require a phone with all the functionalities, regardless of the

    The subsidized price of the terminal, the lock and
    the obligation to stay for a period of time with the corresponding
    Penalty clause in case of breach of the foregoing are reciprocal. This is,
    the customer pays a lower than market price (or nothing) for a
    telephone, in exchange for staying in the contract you lasted a minimum period
    of time (the maximum is 24 months) and with the limitation of power
    use it only with a specific operator. The operator must
    amortize or offset the cost of the terminal and protect itself in the event of
    advance resolution, and it does so doubly, on the one hand with the
    penalty and on the other with blocking, which also discourages
    migration to competition since liberation entails other costs. In
    principle, since the user can choose to accept the above or
    acquire the terminal at its real cost, the conditions are admissible,
    although considering the specific case it should not be ruled out that this
    excessive protection would be considered abusive by a court, and
    In fact, there are sentences that have weighed the penalty, lowering it
    (Provincial Court of Barcelona of November 8, 2007, Rec.
    296 / 2007).

    The early termination of the contract by the
    user, unless justified (breach of obligations
    operator, unilateral modification of the conditions, including
    rates,…) would entail the application of the penal clause. Nevertheless,
    If it is carried out after the period of stay, it should be understood that
    the operator has already compensated the terminal costs, and that
    reciprocity of conditions implies that the user must be able to
    enjoy it freely and the operator give you the means to do so, without
    added cost. Maintain that limitation, or make it subject to the payment of a
    economic consideration for the release (or disguised as "costs
    management ”, as is usually done) would be abusive in the first place (articles 87 and 89 of the LGDCU),
    and for another improper since in no contract have I seen that
    specify the cost involved in releasing the terminal or the
    means to carry it out.

    I don't know about you, but I'm going to Consumption.

  116.   alexari said

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  117.   manuel said

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  118.   dante said

    I bought his iPhone 4 from a friend who bought it in China ... with CHINA MOBILE Operator ... WHAT CAN I DO for ME to get the unlock code ??? if I was not the initial buyer… and I put another chip on it before payment ??? please help me

  119.   jmdz said

    They gave me an iPhone bought in the USA from the CRICKET company, how can I release it ??????? please help!!!!

  120.   jmdz said

    They gave me an iPhone 5 bought in the USA from the CRICKET company, how can I release it ???? please help!!! Thanks in advance !!

  121.   Karlo said

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  122.   nelson said

    Hello I have an iPhone 5 orange from England, how much does it cost to unlock it? I am from Argentina

  123.   Mogo said

    Hi good day! I bought an iPhone 5 in Mexico (Telcel) I paid for it as released and when I arrived in Argentina it turned out that it was blocked (they tricked me). I would like to know if someone can tell me if this can be unlocked, since according to what they told me it is very difficult with the companies in Mexico.
    Thank you!

  124.   Louis Philippe Flores said

    I have iPhone 5 with Sprint, how could I unlock it, I can't find it anywhere….

  125.   Rachel22 said

    Gnzl: you said that you would post the tutorial, could you pass me the link ?.
    Today I called Orange to ask for the unlock code for my iPhone 4 and they say that since my terminal no longer belongs to Orange for more than 90 days, they no longer have their unlock code, is this correct? The terminal belonged to a company account and we still have a contract with orange even though this line is missing. That means that our account is not terminated. Does anyone know what happens or what can I do? I have been referred to a closer orange store! In other words: they have gotten rid of the problem and have referred it to someone else. What I do?!!

  126.   Victor said

    I have iPhones from the USA that I have brought to Mexico I would like to release the at & t's but where do I get the codes, could you help me, send me an answer to this email, please perezv_84@yahoo.com.mx

  127.   Jose florest said

    Hi, I'm from Mexico, I have iPhone 4S, it's iusacell, I want to change it to telcel, how much do you charge me, I want to release it

  128.   kelly said

    Hello, can you do me a favor, where can I open the bands in Palmyra Valley, the bands of my iphone 4 and the cell phone comes from London, what is the minimum price?

  129.   Jorge Mena Verdejo said

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    Hello, can you help me activate the iPhone4 because I put ios7 beta and I put an icloud account and that account has been blocked and now when restoring the iPhone it asks me for the account and password to activate it and when I put the account it tells me k the account is not correct

  136.   Jorge Torres said

    They sold me an iPhone 5 but it has a theft report, it can be unlocked att usa

  137.   Lq verdÏn said

    Hello, I have an iPhone 4 Japanese operator, do any of you know if it can be released for any Mexican company?