VPN Master Pro free for a limited time


Again we show a new application that for a limited time are available for download completely free of charge. This time the application VPN Master Pro has a regular price in the App Store of 2,99 euros. Although we currently have Opera's free VPN service, the main difference between Opera's software and VPN Master Pro's is the number of countries from which we can connect. VPN services allow us to use IPs from other countries to access services that are geographically limited, such as YouTube or streaming video services such as Netflix, Hulu ...

Opera VPN only allows us to use IPs from Singapore, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada, while VPN Pro offers us a greater number of countries Among which we find: Singapore, Russia, United States, Germany, Japan, France, Holland, United Kingdom and Canada.

But also, like other VPN services, this application allows us to browse anonymously and safely without being tracked at any time, a very important utility in recent times, in which privacy has become a very important point for the user.

Features of VPN Master Pro

  • It brings a high speed and encrypted VPN connection to your smartphone.
  • Visit your favorite websites and apps with VPN Maestro anytime!
  • Protect network traffic in hotspot surf anonymously and safely without being tracked. Enjoy private browsing.
  • It works with Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.
    iOS 8.0 or later support

VPN Master Pro details

  • Last update: 23-04-2016
  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 11.3 MB
  • Languages: Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, French, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic
  • Rated for ages 4 and up.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

UPGRADE: It seems that it has been an offer of only a few hours and when the article has been published the application is no longer free. We will continue to report more applications that become free for a limited time. For those unbelievers who need more than just our word, here's a screenshot to prove it.

VPN Master

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  1.   elmike11 said

    It is not free.

  2.   Hk said

    Indeed, it continues to pay

  3.   Daniel said

    Yup, or it was the fastest offer ever ...

  4.   Cloud said

    It is no longer the fact that the application is free or not, what really seems shameful to me is that it is taking visits on the website because the news is more false than anything else ..
    Thank you for being interested in your articles ...

    1.    Ignatius Hall said

      The news is not false. When I scheduled last night the article is available for free, in fact the title makes it clear "Free for a limited time" If I knew until what time or day they are available for free download, I would indicate it in the article.

      1.    Cloud said

        When you put the article, the application was not free ... I checked it for 30 minutes several times ... And then people began to write comments that the application was not free ...
        Therefore it is a way of gaining visits without it being true, that is, more false than judas ...

        I still think the same ... Since you can edit the article whenever you want to at least change the titles and say it was removed after 5 minutes ... But don't have so much nose for God ...

        1.    Ignatius Hall said

          Let's see if we read. In another comment I have indicated that at the time of SCHEDULING not PUBLISH the article was available for FREE download. As a general rule, applications are usually available for a minimum of 24 hours in this way, but this developer does not seem to think so. The article was scheduled at 8 in the morning to avoid the deadline and users could download it.
          I have published many articles about free apps for a limited time and this is the first one that happens to me. But it's clear that for once something like this happens, I'm the bad guy when it's not my fault. If I had wanted to gain visits, as you say, I would have put the name of a well-known game that has never been available for free download, and not the name of an application very similar to Opera VPN.
          Having seen what I have seen, I am sorry for all those users who take advantage of the free applications or games of which I speak, I will think about whether I continue to publish them in iPhone News or I will do it in another blog where readers are more grateful. So users who want to take advantage of this type of offer will have to follow me on Twitter if they want to be informed.

        2.    Luis Padilla said

          The news is not false, like no offer that we publish on this website with the sole purpose that our readers can get interesting applications completely free of charge. If we wanted to win visits we would resort to other methods, but it is not our style. At the end of the article you have proof that the application was free for a while just on the dates the article was published.

        3.    elmike11 said

          Had to actualiphone in an rss reader.
          Every time there is a new article, it tells me the name of the article.
          Go in to see it immediately because it caught my attention.
          (I am the first comment by the way)
          And I attest that it was not free.
          I'm sorry you feel offended by the readers but the good intention seems different.
          And on top of that, you brand us ungrateful because it wasn't like that when it was published ...
          As I said: when I read the reply to the comments, I unsubscribed from the page.
          A shame because on both sides we lose.

          1.    Ignatius Hall said

            At no time have I been offended by all the comments, only with those that I have responded and those that accuse me of being a liar. What I don't quite understand is that I am being accused of looking for visits with an application that is not paid.
            Just shortly after seeing your comment and at the time you posted it, I quickly updated the article stating that it was unfortunately no longer available for free download.
            But in which I do not understand that I am not the one who controls the time that the apps are available for free download and I accuse myself of trying to benefit myself despite the several times that I have explained it, that they look for another site where they can look for them to see if finds it.
            I have already commented on my position on this in my previous comment.

            1.    elmike11 said

              Let's go hard then! LOL!
              I'll wait for you in an Apple (store)
              You must already be stressed Ignacio.
              We better take it with grace that the developer has trolled us all.
              To you, to me, to the other reader friends.
              A full-blown trolling from the developer.

              Hey Ignacio, what if you edit the title of the article?
              For example, just cross out the free one.
              So everyone happy.
              Or edit it saying no longer.
              I bet you with that, holy peace.
              And of course, after hitting the developer trolley; let's all go for some beers!
              We have a deal?
              This is how I buy my plane ticket.
              Greetings and good / fun evening.

              1.    Ignatius Hall said

                Good thing someone finally gets it. Hahaha. Stressed for nothing, when someone is right I give it to them, when they are not I argue.
                If I could change the title I would have already done it, but because of the URL, which is associated with the title, I can't.
                Right, we have trolled the developer.
                The next time this developer offers a free app, I will not publish it, if you are looking for promotion, look elsewhere.
                Greetings and we will all have a few beers.

  5.   CruSH said

    It's not for free, stop lying ...

    1.    rafael pazos said

      Having free for a limited time, that phrase that sounds like to you, that it is free for seconds, minutes, days, months or years ... you know how to read (?), It is the same when Apple gives away the app of the week (lasts a week)

      Because you do not read well before commenting….

  6.   avefenix8387 said

    nothing is free this note more false than the Mayan prediction that the world would end

  7.   Alan said

    The truth is that I could put the update at the beginning of the note so that we do not waste time reading a news that no longer works today

    1.    why yes said

      +100 How right are you bro.