What to do when your Apple Watch won't turn on or isn't working properly


The Apple Watch is a device full of sensors and with a very advanced technology that works in a millimeter way. But it is also an accessory of the iPhone, which allows us to perform different tasks that otherwise would force us to take the Apple Watch out of our pocket or backpack. But as a device, you may experience performance issues. Most of the problems that can appear to us on a day-to-day basis have an easy solution, especially those related to when the Apple Watch screen is black. From Actualidad iPhone we are going to try to solve the most common problems that arise using an Apple Watch.

Fix problems with Apple Watch

If you find a problem that is not in the list, write it in the comments and we will try to offer you a solution.

Apple Watch has a black screen

If the Apple Watch screen is completely black and the buttons on the Apple Watch do not respond to any interaction, it is most likely that the device is turned off or does not have enough battery as to show on the screen that it needs to be loaded in order to function.

The first thing we have to do is press on the side button and wait to see if the Apple Watch turns on. Otherwise, we can restart it by pressing the side button and the menu wheel for 10 seconds. If this method doesn't work, the device has a completely drained battery.


Apple Watch shows black screen but time is green

If your device is showing the black screen, along with the green time and does not respond to any of the side buttons to offer the application menu or access to contacts, the Apple Watch is in battery saving mode.

Battery saving mode can be activate manually when Apple Watch reaches 10%. At that moment the device shows us a message informing us to put it on charge or to activate the battery saving mode. At that time, the device will only show us the time, losing touch communication with the device, becoming an expensive wristwatch.

Apple Watch shows a black screen with green time and a red lightning bolt icon

If our device shows us the black screen showing the time and an icon with a red ray inside, as in the previous case, the Apple Watch is in battery saving mode. In this mode, all communication with the iPhone has been lost, so we can only check the time.

In this battery saving mode, the consumption of the watch is at a minimum, but there comes a time when we have to load it and that is when the red icon appears with lightning inside. To be able to exit the battery saving mode, you must restart the device by pressing the side button and the wheel button together for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

Apple Watch restarts with black screen and I hear voices

If the screen of our Apple Watch is off but we hear voices that come from it, calm down, we are not crazy, simply we have activated the Voice Over accessibility option. To deactivate it we have to go to the Apple Watch application or click on the wheel and ask Siri to deactivate it.

Apple Watch screen and buttons are unresponsive

If our device is showing content, the screen is on, but we cannot get it to respond to the screen or the physical buttons, the first thing we can do to fix it is to restart it. To do this we have to press the side wheel together with the Apple Watch button for 10 seconds, until the Apple Watch logo appears again. If once you have rectified the Apple Watch and both the screen and the buttons still do not respond, the only solution is to take the device to an Apple Store.

When turning on the Apple Watch it does not go beyond the apple

If we try to turn on our Apple Watch, but the device does not pass the apple or does not stop restarting, the first thing we can try is to restart it manually, by pressing on the side wheel and button of the Apple Watch for 10 seconds.

If the device still bypasses the block, the best thing is to take it to an Apple StoreBecause for whatever reason, maybe a boot system line is causing problems. Unfortunately we cannot connect it to our Mac and reinstall the firmware from our home.

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  1.   Rafa said

    In mine, many applications do not open, close or remain in a waiting circle and from there it does not happen.

  2.   Tony said

    Mine is the same and I have already factory reset it about 3 times in 3 months. Facebook Messenger has never reopened since then.

    1.    Ignatius Hall said

      The same thing happens to me and no matter how much I ask Apple, all they do is blame the application developer. Send eggs.

    2.    ZotXs said

      Try to unlink it from iPhone and then restore it through the clock in settings, and do not load any backup. In other words, you start from scratch.

  3.   Clockmaker TwoZero Point said

    Let's face it, the vast majority of watch apps seem to have been programmed quickly and poorly (And so many apps that haven't been updated to WatchOS 2 yet). While we are not going to say that the clock is very fast, well-programmed native applications work just fine.
    And of course, if you put another example of an application that does not work, perhaps I would feel a little more empathy, but being from Facebook ... Let them continue to dedicate themselves to the web programming of their portal, and leave the application programming to the real programmers, for please 😉

    1.    ZoltXs said

      All right watchmaker dospuntocero but if we go back I tried the first iPhone when it came out and it had almost no application store they took out a touch phone but they were newbies, the truth is that Apple still has to squeeze a lot from the Apple Watch but still the watchOS 2 is very poor and unstable. with the passage of time we will not say that.

      A greeting.

  4.   Xavier Alonso said

    Hello everyone. The problem of the Watch that does not connect with third-party applications, is the backup. There is no use restarting the clock, the only solution is to reinstall the iPhone as a new copy. It is not a perfect solution, since until watchOS is updated we will continue with the problem in our watches as soon as we make a change in the automatic copies, but for now it solves

    1.    Webserveis said

      To be realistic at all, it is Apple that provides the SDK with its APIs, if it works like the ass, the apps can not do any wonders.
      It is an unfinished product, Apple knows it and the developers too, the victim is the user who bought it. (You were warned, it is not good to never buy the first version of anything)

  5.   Felipe said

    I have the same problems for example: the Soundhound app works perfect, I installed Shazam and the app won't open and that's how they haven't opened for some years!

  6.   ZoltXs said

    Hello friends, I have had problems that it did not happen to the apple and after many tests the only way I have managed to get out of that loop is in the iPhone watch application in the first section Apple Watch you enter and unlink your Apple Watch from the iPhone and then you try to load and you start by pressing the crown and the power button at the same time until the apple appears.
    I hope this serves as it served me, although I have battery drain problems.
    A greeting.

    1.    Fabian said

      I have the iPhone watch as discharged, however it was connected to the battery all night and the watch is hot but it does not turn on, what can I do?

      1.    Edwin said

        The same happens to me

  7.   Ariel said

    I have a problem with messenger, when I open it, it stays stuck in loading (in the waiting circle) from there it does nothing else, what can I do?

  8.   Maria Vega said

    I was in the sun with the Apple Watch on and when I wanted to see the time it no longer worked! He died! I already loaded it and it still does not work, it does not respond to anything. Can somebody help me. I don't want to tell my dad.

  9.   Jonathan Vila Arissa said

    Since yesterday when I turn my wrist it does not light

  10.   Juanjo said

    Hello. My apple watch suddenly drains the battery in record time, less than 3 hours. Without using any app. And also, every time it goes black and I want to use it, I have to key in the unlock code. Has it happened to someone else?? Thanks

  11.   Flower said

    Hello, I have a query last night looking at the screen of my apple watch I do not know what I pressed and a screen appeared that said to erase everything in red I tried to leave but I could not and it is like the cell phone was disconnected and the same screen continues .

  12.   harrynews said

    Greetings I have a situation with my apple watch, it got hot and I put the overheated symbol on the screen, and after there is no charge and it does not turn on, only when connecting it puts the cable with the green part that is charging but it does not turn on or anything

  13.   jhoan manuel said

    The apple appears I connect the charger and it sounds but it does not turn on I do not know if it is the cable or the clock

  14.   Daniel hourcade said

    It does not turn on the Apple Watch, a red circle appears with the symbol! (also in red) in the middle and below the following: http://www.apple.com/help/watch

  15.   Rodrigo rapela said

    hello to me I stay in airplane mode and it does not allow me to do anything, because it does not link ... can someone help me or do I have to go to the apple store? Thank you

  16.   carlos irazoqui said

    friends, my apple watch stuck, it does not allow me to force a restart, since I press the 10 buttons for 2 seconds, and nothing happens,
    that I can do?
    I always use it in airplane mode, and when I wanted to load it, I didn't load it?
    help if they can
    thank you big hug

  17.   Monica said

    I have not received notifications for two days. On Wednesday it suddenly turned off at noon (for three years it is the first time it has done so), I put it to charge and it seemed to be fine; but it does not link me with the iPhone, it says that it is connected but it does not open the applications nor can I see the use of the watch on the iPhone, it is as if the two devices are not understood.

  18.   paul said

    mine turns off and on by itself all the time and without touching it, I don't know why

  19.   Lourdes said

    Hello, good afternoon, too many unsuccessful attempts appear on my Apple Watch screen continuously, reset the watch and then pair it. But he does not answer me anything else

  20.   Gustavo Boronat said

    I updated in IWatch 3 to version 5 and the screen became monochrome

  21.   Tonny said

    My aple watch is a series 1 and when I load it after a while it tells me many failed attempts to link again, and I have linked it several times and it has happened again.

  22.   Juanjo said

    I can't slide, most of the time, the notification menu and the battery menu. Do you know why it can be?

    1.    angela said

      The same thing happens to me, I have a new aw se, I have taken it to the Apple technical service, they did the test for two hours with another iPhone and everything is fine, it happens to me once a day at any time and I have not had solution, have you been given a solution?

  23.   samuel said

    Hello good day.

    I use the watch basically to practice swimming, this week suddenly in the free bath swimming mode, I realized that where it indicates the meters that you are swimming suddenly it put an exorbitant amount 200000 meters, at 10 minutes I checked it again and no longer It indicated nothing, simply 0 meters or long, but it is curious because later when you end the session both on the iphone and on the same watch if it indicates it well, could someone tell me what may be happening and the solution.

    thank you very much greetings

    1.    angela said

      The same thing happens to me, I have a new aw se, I have taken it to the Apple technical service, they did the test for two hours with another iPhone and everything is fine, it happens to me once a day at any time and I have not had solution, have you been given a solution?

  24.   ALE339 said

    my apple watch series 3 has a black screen but it has a full battery. I feel it vibrate when you enter a message but I can't see anything

  25.   Victor said

    Hi, my watch does not register any functions. No steps, heart rate or anything. Then he does everything. I rebooted it, deleted it and everything I could find on the internet. Please I need help with this. Thanks

  26.   angela said

    I have a new AW SE a month ago, it happens to me that when I want to go to the notification and control center, I cannot access it, because I cannot slide the screen with my finger down or up, it is as if the screen is stuck, everything The rest works fine, even if I slide sideways to see other covers, everything is fine, just sliding up and down, this happens once a day and I have already taken it to the authorized service by apple but they have found no fault, I refuse to having to reboot every day to get it fixed. Please help.

  27.   Martin said

    My Apple Watch Series 3 won't turn on. And you see a white line above the clock