Check Free iPhone

If you would like to know if your iPhone is unlocked, here we offer you a service to check it with full guarantee. Find out if you iPhone is free or not in the safest way possible.

Knowing the status of the linkage of our iPhone or the iPhone that we want to acquire is vital in order to change the telephone company in the future with the intention of saving on our bills, or simply for the versatility of not being permanently linked to a company. When an iPhone accepts cards from any type of company, it is known as "free" iPhone, that is, we can use SIM cards from any operator without any type of restriction and in the easiest way possible.

How to know if an iPhone is free

Therefore, if we are going to acquire a second-hand iPhone device, it is consequently that the future buyer knows if the iPhone is free or is linked to a telephone company, since otherwise, they will not be able to use it with a different operator card to the one linked to the iPhone. Therefore, an important step before buying an iPhone, is to make sure it is free and we can use it with the telephone company we want. To know if your iPhone is unlocked, we offer you an easy and fast service, you only have to enter the data specified in the form, you will receive an email with a report of the requested data within approximately fifteen minutes (in some specific cases it could be delayed up to 6 hours).