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Download WhatsApp for free It is very easy, because currently, the application is completely free for all platforms. That is the main reason for its success, as well as the possibility of being available on hundreds of millions of devices around the world. Hence, we want to give you a hand to know how install WhatsApp for free in the simplest way, thanks to our dedicated tutorials. Therefore, take advantage of our menus and different sections to find the tutorial you need, we will provide you with all the information you may need so that you do not miss a single step throughout the installation.

WhatsApp also has an important legion of engineers behind it, but not only officially, but also unofficially, so the modified versions of WhatsApp could not be missing, which is known as the famous WhatsApp Plus, a WhatsApp application that allows us to get much more out of it, since it includes fantastic functions that the original application does not have, that is why we are going to help you download WhatsApp Plus for free easily on your device, the latest versions of the modification most popular of the most famous messaging client in the technological universe.

Enjoy WhatsApp on any device

Download WhatsApp
The case of WhatsApp for iPhone it is peculiar. The Apple platform was the one that gave birth to WhatsApp as a messaging client, it arrived in 2010 on the iOS App Store at the price of € 0,99, and this assured you a service for life, that is, you had no need to renew WhatsApp free, but WhatsApp always worked after the first purchase. Later WhatsApp became free back in 2013, however, it became an annual subscription service, it cost € 0,99 for a year of service. Something that after the acquisition of Facebook has been completely eliminated, now downloading WhatsApp for free is totally possible, and forever.

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WhatsApp was evidently launched on Blackberry Also, despite the fact that today it is a discontinued system due to the disappearance of the company, WhatsApp continues to be fully functional and free in this operating system. Although it had BBPin as a great rival in this case, WhatsApp has once again managed to rule the system at will, and most users preferred to opt for the most popular instant messaging client on the market, we do not blame them. BlackBerry is designed precisely for that, its physical keyboards provide typing speed and simplicity that other devices do not reach.

It can not be missing either WhatsApp on Android, is the main operating system on the market, it governs around 70% of mobile devices around the globe, so WhatsApp is stronger on Android than on any operating system. This platform was the first in which download WhatsApp for free It was also possible to renew the subscription of the application did not become too tedious on Android, since as the days went by the access was activated again and a renewal for one year came out of nowhere. Download WhatsApp for Android It is as easy as going to the Google Play Store and searching among the most downloaded applications, it is always and will always be among the first.

The same goes for smart tablets, download WhatsApp for tablet It is entirely possible, and we find many alternatives, especially when the device in question runs the Android operating system. We have the possibility of installing it using a SIM card in the tablet itself, or taking advantage of any other SIM card from a mobile phone. In addition, the version of WhatsApp Web can be used on tablets using desktop mode in the browser we prefer, so we will have a version of WhatsApp on tablet without too much effort.

However, the most popular of the tablets is precisely the iPad. In this case, install WhatsApp natively, that is, as an application, it is very difficult, and we can only perform this movement using a tool such as Jailbreak, however, as with Android tablets, it is possible to use the WhatsApp Web service easily and accessible from any browser on our iPad, so we can use Free WhatsApp on iPad Without too much effort, we will only have to access the WhatsApp Web service from the Safari browser itself and select the desktop version mode.

Install WhatsApp on PC

Whatsapp for pc

In May 2016, we had the news that WhatsApp had finally decided to launch a version of WhatsApp for MacThus, we can download the WhatsApp application directly to our Mac quickly and chat with all our contacts with all the comfort of the keyboard and the screen of our computer, whether it is a laptop like the MacBook or a desktop like the iMac, the important thing is that we can communicate with our friends and loved ones thanks to the application of WhatsApp for Mac.

But not everything stays here, and it is that the application of WhatsApp for PC arrived at the same time. Any computer whose operating system was Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, could download WhatsApp for PC and run it natively like any other application. The only negative point is that it is a simple WhatsApp Web client, and not a separate application. However, we can not only chat with all our contacts like the version of WhatsApp for iPhone and WhatsApp for Android, but we can also send documents to our contacts, and of course, share photos that we have on our PC.

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in recent times. Not only is it the most used application on most smartphones around the globe, but it is also it has changed the way we communicate with everyone, this application has simplified to the extreme the possibility of sending messages to our contacts. In fact, we could even consider that the way we communicate with our loved ones has changed, it has evolved a lot over time, but the essence remains the same, send messages quickly.

It supposed a significant saving in the bills of all the people, since with the growing 3G technology many applications began to proliferate, however, none was so versatile, easy to use and fast like WhatsApp. That is why, it quickly carved a hole and supplanted the BlackBerry PIN. It was easy to send an indeterminate and unlimited number of messages in real time, in addition, shortly after it allowed to create groups of contacts in the same chat, as well as the function of sending photos, raising WhatsApp to the top in all income lists and successes, whatever the platform.

Whatsapp for mobile

The application first arrived on the iOS App Store in January 2010, therefore, currently the application has been just over six years old. But with the passage of time it has gained compatibility for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian and even S40 Series. Many of these operating systems have disappeared while WhatsApp has continued to hold high. That is why we cannot doubt its success, WhatsApp has revolutionized the world of messaging as we know it.

The name of the application comes from the expression in English "What's up?", a warm greeting in fashion among teenagers. With everything and that, what has always remained perennial has been its green logo, a message balloon that contains a telephone inside, simple but direct, a globally recognized icon, as could be any other of a great brand, and that is WhatsApp is part of the daily life of hundreds of millions of people around the world, like you, who are reading us. That is why you have come to this page, because we want to teach you everything about this fantastic application, so that you get the most out of it and enjoy chatting with yours. Did you know that there are already people who suffer WhatsApp addiction?

You can always update WhatsApp

Updating WhatsApp is simple, whatever your platform, you just have to go to the iOS App Store and look in the updates to know if it is time or not to update WhatsApp. One of the preferred updates for WhatsApp for iOS is the so-called "bug fixes", which often improve the overall performance of the application, but hides many of the news that will appear soon. On the other hand, in the case of Android, the work is the same, we must go to the Google Play Store, and as soon as we enter, it will inform us of which applications require the update.

WhatsApp's encryption system 

WhatsApp encryption

Due to the growth of security demands over time, WhatsApp decided at the beginning of 2016 to include a message encryption system. When possible, calls and messages sent are end-to-end encrypted, which means WhatsApp and third parties cannot listen to or read. A small security notification will be displayed every time we start a chat with a new user to inform us that all our communications are being secure and encrypted, WhatsApp has bet heavily on security and privacy, and it is not something that we can despise, today it is extremely important to keep our data safe.

WhatsApp has changed our lives

According to the latest studies, 53% of Spaniards have between 5 and 50 WhatsApp chats a day, and it is not something that surprises us, more and more of us use this application as our main means of communication, its huge number of users around the world gives good faith of it. Meanwhile, 90% of WhatsApp users are active users, that is, they use the service more than once a day, making it a real and main means of communication. The most used instant messaging application with 98,1% of all users, above the competition such as Telegram, Skype or Facebook Messenger.

In February 2016, WhatsApp broke the barrier of one billion users, the messaging service surpasses Facebook Messenger subscribers by 200 million, for example. According to the latest statistics, WhatsApp servers handle around 42.000 million messages and over 250 million videos a day, a fairly significant load, which attests to the popularity of this messaging client and how the mode is changing. in which we talk and communicate with friends, loved ones and all the beings around us.

Alternatives to WhatsApp

However, despite being the most widely used globally, there are markets that resist it, such as China, where they prefer WeChat, South Korea, where Kakao Talk rules, or Japan, where Line it continues to maintain its dominant position. However, with the fact that the application has become free for life and the launch of WhatsApp Web, more and more are joining.

Get to know WhatsApp Plus and its variants

Although they are not available for iOS (unless you have a jailbreak), many WhatsApp Plus modifications that have been made by various developers. For example, whatsapp plus holo, which was a version of WhatsApp Plus that allowed the use of a Holo interface for those Android devices that had not yet been updated. This Holo version was discontinued at the end of last year due to the fact that most Android devices already had the previously mentioned interface. However, other sources have emerged, such as WhatsApp Plus Jimmods, a modification of WhatsApp based on one of its latest compilations, making it one of the most stable versions that we can find on the net.

In this place you will find all the necessary information, all the WhatsApp modifications, the original versions, as well as simple and accessible tutorials so that you can make the most of Free whatsapp. It is important that we know in depth an application as widely used as WhatsApp, and above all that we know its limitations, its prices and availabilities. An application of these characteristics can become a double-edged sword depending on what situations, so we observe it with caution and a lot of professionalism.

WhatsApp in other countries

WhatsApp in another country

The way in which WhatsApp has broken geographical boundaries is also worth mentioning, the question arises as to whether I can use WhatsApp outside my country, and the answer is absolutely yes. WhatsApp will work for free anywhere or device that has been previously activated and has an internet connection, either 3G or WiFi. In addition, we will not lose our user unless we uninstall the application, so WhatsApp is easy to use in any country, we can continue to maintain contact with our loved ones wherever we are, we only need an internet connection.

Another good possibility of WhatsApp, is that we can use our same WhatsApp account whatever the card that we have introduced. That is, if, for example, we have activated our WhatsApp with a national card, but we are going to travel abroad and we prefer to pay the data rates that exist in the destination country, we only have to insert the card and continue enjoying it, since our contacts They can continue chatting with us through our previous number linked to WhatsApp, a good method to continue talking with our friends when we are residing abroad, even though we have another phone number there to take advantage of national rates.

The things you did not know about WhatsApp 

Whatsapp logo

WhatsApp was born in 2009. Back in 2014, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in exchange for 19.000 million dollars, what perhaps you did not know is the name of the creators of WhatsApp, Jan Koum and Brian Acton, left Yahoo in 2009 and offered their services to Facebook and Twitter, both companies rejected them, and they do not know how much they regret, and that is that Facebook could have saved billions of dollars if they had hired them. Not hiring served the creators wonderfully, who have become billionaires in the most heroic way possible.

Another aspect that you may not know is that WhatsApp has never spent a single penny on advertisingSince the company has never placed an ad anywhere to promote its app, the success was word of mouth. In addition, it is making operators lose a lot of money, first by eliminating SMS and now also adding the possibility of making VOIP phone calls through WhatsApp. However, video-calls are also on the way in WhatsApp, which could mean another interesting turnaround in the way we communicate, WhatsApp changes everything it touches, and that is that its billion-dollar legion of users will follow it there wherever i go.

We hope you find anything you are looking for about whatsap Here, we have everything you might need related to the best instant messaging application on the market. If you want download whatsapp free, here you will find everything you need.