iPhone locked by IMEI

On this page you can find out if an iPhone is locked by IMEI. ORn iPhone can be locked by IMEI because it is Stolen, has been lost or due to a debt with the operator.

Check if they are selling you a reported iPhone before buying it. IMEI-locked iPhones cannot be used with any carrier and in most cases cannot be unlocked.

IPhone locked or stolen?

Use the following form to find out if an iPhone is locked or has been stolen:

You will receive all the iPhone data in the email associated with your Paypal account or the email that you write if you pay with a credit card. Normally you will receive the information within 5 to 15 minutes, but in specific cases there may be delays of up to 6 hours.

The report you will receive will be similar to this:

IMEI: 012345678901234
Serial Number: AB123ABAB12
IMEI marked as stolen / lost in Apple database: No / Yes

Also if you wish you can also check if it is locked by iCloud, from which company is your iPhone, if it has a permanent contract and if it can be unlock by IMEI By choosing the option in the payment drop-down, you will only have to pay a little more to expand this information.

How to know if an iPhone is stolen

It is vitally important that when purchasing a new second-hand Apple iPhone device we conveniently find out if this iPhone is locked by IMEI. The main reason why companies choose to block a mobile device through its IMEI code is because its owner has misplaced or illegally stolen it. That is why we must make sure about the validity of the IMEI code linked to a device, thus verifying that its origin is totally legal.

That is why the service we provide will allow you to find out in just an instant whether or not the iPhone you are planning to purchase is IMEI blocked. Thus preventing possible scams and the acquisition of a device whose origin is not legal.

Can you unlock an iPhone locked by IMEI?

Generally, it is the telephone companies that have the power to lock and unlock the devices through the IMEI code. That is why, if we want to unlock an iPhone that has been previously blocked by IMEI, we are going to go directly to the telephone company responsible for the blockade, to formally confirm that the device has been recovered and is in the hands of its legal owner, for example, you can use the relevant purchase invoices.

It is for the aforementioned, that we offer you this service that will give you the possibility of knowing instantly if the iPhone you plan to purchase is locked via IMEISimply fill in the information corresponding to the IMEI code of the device you wish to purchase in the following form, as well as the email to which you want to receive the response report in which you will know the status of the IMEI block. Only by filling in the data in the form you will receive an email with a report of the requested data within approximately fifteen minutes (in some specific cases it could be delayed up to 6 hours).