Editorial team

In Actualidad iPhone we carry more than 10 years reporting daily about everything related to Apple, in the form of news, tutorials, analysis, reviews, applications, security and a lot more without ever forgetting objectivity, which has allowed us to become one of the most widely read Spanish-speaking blogs related to Apple.

The Actualidad iPhone team is made up of a team of publishers with extensive experience in Apple products. In fact, many of us continue to hold our first iPhone like gold on a cloth. In our blog you can find a solution to any problem, strange as it may seem, through our tutorial section. If you can't find it, you can contact one of us so that together, we can try to find a solution.

You can also find complete analysis, through our YouTube channel, of all the products that Apple launches on the market annually. In addition, we also analyze the launches of the most important terminals in direct competition from Apple, making comparisons and analyzing point by point the advantages and disadvantages ... without losing impartiality at any time.

The editorial team of Actualidad iPhone is made up of a group of iPhone experts Apple.

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  • Luis Padilla

    Bachelor of Medicine and Pediatrician by vocation. Apple user since 2005, when I bought my first iPod nano. Since then, all kinds of iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPod, Apple Watch have passed through my hands ... By choice or necessity, I have been learning everything I know based on hours reading, watching and listening to all kinds of related content with Apple, and that is why I like to share my experiences on the blog, on the YouTube channel and on the Podcast.


  • Miguel Hern├índez

    Editor, geek and lover of Apple "culture". As Steve Jobs would say: "Design is not just appearance, design is how it works." In 2012 my first iPhone fell into my hands and since then there is no apple that has resisted me. Constantly analyzing, testing and seeing from a critical point of view what Apple has to offer us both at the hardware and software level. Far from being an Apple "fanboy" I like to tell you the successes, but I enjoy the mistakes more. Available on Twitter as @ miguel_h91 and on Instagram as @ MH.Geek.

  • Angel Gonz├ílez

    Passionate about technology and everything related to Apple. The iPod Touch was the first device from the Big Apple that passed through my hands. Then several generations of iPad followed, an iPhone 5, an iPhone 6S Plus ... Tinkering with devices, reading a lot and training at Apple and its essence as a company have given me enough experience to tell the ins and outs of Apple products for some years now.

  • Karim Hmeidan

    Hello! I started in the Apple world with an iPod Shuffle, everything was wonderful, the possibility of surprising you with random songs that you included in the iTunes playlist. Then came an iPod Nano, an iPod Classic, and the iPhone 4 ... Fascinated by the Cupertino ecosystem I found my niche in Actualidad iPad, after this we made the leap to Actualidad iPhone with a great team with which I share the "geek" of Cupertino, and with whom I continue to learn every day. Disconnect? Yes, but with an Apple gadget ­čśë

  • Tony Cortes

    Apple creates devices to make our lives easier. But it is a constantly evolving universe, and I always like to be up to date. I am excited to learn and practice new experiences with my manzanitas and share it with the readers. Hooked on the universe created by Jobs, ever since my Apple Watch saved my life.

  • alex vincent

    Born in Madrid and telecommunications engineer. I am a lover of technology and especially everything related to Apple. Since the iPod and later the iPhone came out, I have messed around with the Apple world, configuring and discovering how to organize an entire ecosystem where all my products could be interconnected.

  • Manuel Alonso

    Fan of technology and Apple in particular. Along with the MacBook Pro, the iPhone (and the iPad), it's man's greatest invention after fire. You can also read me at I'm from Mac.

Former editors

  • Ignatius Hall

    My first foray into the world of Apple was through a MacBook, the "white guys." Soon after, I bought a 40GB iPod Classic. It wasn't until 2008 that I made the leap to the iPhone with the first model Apple released, which quickly made me forget about PDAs. I've been writing iPhone news for more than 10 years. I have always liked to share my knowledge and what better way than Actualidad iPhone to do it.

  • Jordi Gim├ęnez

    Everything that has to do with technology and all kinds of sports I am passionate about. I started with this from Apple many years ago with iPod Classic -whoever never had one of those to raise their hand- previously he was already cackling with all the technological gadgets he could. My experience with Apple is extensive but you are always ready to learn new things. In this world, technology advances really fast and with Apple it is no exception. Since 2009, when the 120GB iPod Classic came into my hands, my interest in Apple was awakened and the next to come into my hands was the iPhone 4, an iPhone that was no longer tied to a contract with Movistar and to date that almost every year I go for the new model. The experience here is everything and in the more than 12 years that I have been with Apple products I can say that my knowledge is acquired on the basis of hours and hours. In my spare time I disconnect, but I can hardly ever get too far from my iPhone and Mac. You will find me on Twitter as @jordi_sdmac

  • Paul Aparicio

    I love electronic devices, and especially those of the Apple brand. My great addiction is listening to all kinds of music on my iPhone, due to its great sound quality, although I also enjoy trying different apps that may be useful at some point.

  • Gonzalo R.

    Architect and geek, passionate about the internet, new technologies and the Apple world. I constantly write and learn about the evolution of the iPhone and everything related to this brand, which I am always documenting.

  • Paul Ortega

    Journalist specialized in iPhone. I travel the world discovering new devices from this great brand, with which it is possible to do amazing things and have an easier life.

  • Louis of the Boat

    Apple technology lover who seeks to share knowledge and learn from others. I try to put passion in everything I do, so I hope that my advice will help you improve your experience with your iPhone.

  • Cristina torres

    Currently I am dedicated to the blogger world and the organization of events. I love the Internet, and also everything to do with Apple. I enjoy learning new iPhone tricks so I hope to reveal all the tricks you can find on your smartphone.

  • Jose Alfocea

    Always eager to learn and teach. I love reporting on everything I know, and this, added to the fact that I am always up to date on iPhone, helps me to better communicate the news of this brand.

  • Carmen rodriguez

    My passion for technology was born with Apple and takes root in me a few years ago and now I can't stop learning and wanting more. For this reason, I write to inform about the best news of iPhone and other devices of the brand with my experience and knowledge.

  • Nacho Aragonese

    I am moved by the love of Apple technology, a brand in which I have extensive experience, both in the use of devices and in documentation on products such as the iPhone. I am always up to date to write the best reports and news.

  • Carlos S├ínchez

    Computer scientist, an iOS user since its inception and a Mac user for more than five years. I love traveling, but always with my iPhone to report in the most rigorous way possible, and to take the best photos that can be taken with a smartphone.

  • Ruben gallardo

    Writing and iPhones are two of my passions. And since 2005 I have the luck to combine them. The best of all? I still enjoy like the first day talking about any novelty that Apple brings to the market for iPhone phones.

  • Alex Ruiz

    Lover of new technologies, and user of iOS and OSX. Of course, I am a fan of Apple, and that is why I write in this magazine so that readers are aware of the best iPhone news.

  • Juan Colilla

    I'm a guy who loves the Apple world. I love learning as long as it is about subjects that I like or matter. Therefore, in my articles you will find things that will be useful in your day to day with your iPhone.

  • Alvaro Fuentes

    Journalist passionate about gadgets and mobile telephony. I always stay informed about iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook Pro, so my goal is that all readers are aware of the news.

  • Cesar Bastidas

    Since I was little I have been passionate about technology and everything we can achieve through it. I trained as a systems engineer at the ULA in Venezuela and I am currently writing technology content and for Amazon. I aspire to continue growing and learning to be a better copywriter every day.