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You can exchange your money in foreign currency for balance in iTunes or funds in PayPal

In Europe it is a less common problem, the European Economic Area allows us to travel through a large number of European countries without having to change currency thanks to the Euro. However, on occasion we have traveled to the United Kingdom, Poland or Switzerland, countries with a different currency. The problem lies when on the return trip we look at the wallet and we realize that we have an interesting amount of money in currency that does not work in our country. Goodbye worries, in some airports You can exchange your money in foreign currency for balance in iTunes or funds in PayPal.

ATMs called TravelersBox that will allow us to make interesting monetary changes. For example, we can change excess money in iTunes balance, recharge our Starbucks card (only in the United States of America), or transfer it directly to our PayPal account.

Obviously not free, in fact they are going to keep 7% of the total that we enter, but it makes little difference when you consider the ease of use and how quickly we are going to get most of our money back. Another interesting aspect is that we will be able to donate directly to certain non-governmental organizations the money that we are no longer going to use, another nice method of helping others, without a doubt.

These TravelersBox ATMs are now available at Canada, Turkey, Georgia, Italy, Israel, Japan, Philippine Islands, Hong Kong, Australia, India and Malaysia, although everything indicates that they will be expanding throughout the world until they finally become normal. A mechanism that will allow us to change that extra money quickly and without the need for negotiation, since when we board at untimely hours we cannot go to the exchange kiosks, in addition to that in many airports there are not even any.

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Miguel Hernández