The 10 tricks you need to overcome the levels of Plants vs Zombies 2

plants vs zombies 2

Just a few hours ago, PopCap released its star game of the summer to all countries: Plants vs Zombies 2. In the review we did, we talked about what the main objective of the game was and especially the two functions that are in the game to prevent zombies from entering our house. But, as I told you, in some levels you will find more problems and It will not be as easy to pass the levels as it had been until that moment.

Thanks to these 10 tricks, hints or help that we write below you will be able to pass the levels of Plants vs Zombies 2 much faster of what you spend now. These cheats will be important for the levels of the game. Ahead!


Sunflowers are more than important

The most important thing in the game are the suns. Without suns we cannot buy plants to kill zombies and for this we must use sunflowers to the maximum. To do this, these are our tips:

  • Plant two columns of sunflowers before starting to plant the plants that drop "bombs." Defend the sunflowers with a potato or an underground mine.
  • Using them double sunflowers instead of the individual ones even though they are worth more.
  • Implant nutrients if necessary, if we are facing an imminent forced death.


Take advantage of the effects of plants in the rows without obstacles

In some levels we will find that the rows are not complete because there will be many spaces of water or covered by tombstones. In these cases where the zombies will go much faster we must use those plants that have a greater zonal attack, let me explain, we must put plants that cause the most damage in the rows that are complete, generally, 2 and 4. Thus , we prevent excessive spending of money from taking effect.


Use nutrients at the right times

As I already explained, in Plants vs Zombies 2 we have a new tool: nutrients. They are limited so we have to know how to use them correctly. The more the plant is worth, the greater effect the nutrient will have on it. It is important to use the nutrients in the zombie waves and, in the plants that are worth more or that have a greater effect on the attackers. We usually use the nutrients in sunflowers and coconut tanks.


New cards in the Purple world

When we get to the Purple world we have some cards that we can play with. The choice of these cards is always random, from those cards we must choose those with which we want to play. But, on many occasions we will not have luck and we will get bad cards. How to solve this?

Very simple, we exit the application, click twice on the Home button and then delete the multitasking application. Then we open Plants vs Zombies 2 again and the Purple world cards will have changed.


Winning Formation in Last Stand III: Pirate World

According to iMore, if we use the training that is in the upper photograph we can overcome this difficult level. Making use of the Bonk Choy and the Spikeweeds we can pass this level of such difficulty in the blink of an eye.

I have already tried this training and yes, I passed it ...


Restart level to avoid the loss of a Yeti treasure

As Dave "the crazy" explained to you in the game's tutorial, when we see a level with the Yeti next to it, it means that we will have this being hanging around the level, but if we kill him, we will have a treasure. But what if we get the treasure and lose the level? Well, we have lost the treasure that we longed for so much.

If you have the treasure and you are about to lose, just restart the level and the same yeti will appear again with the same treasure and move your pieces to successfully finish the level to get the treasure.


If we enter a Yeti level, we have to finish it

A fundamental rule of Plants vs. Zombies 2 is the following:

If we enter a level with Yeti and take the treasure, we have to finish the level to enjoy what we have taken. That is, if we take the treasure we have to finish the level and win the zombies, once again, otherwise, we have lost the treasure that we had caught.


How to kill seagull zombies effectively

In some levels, seagull zombies will appear flying over the water and the land. They cause a lot of damage to plants and for this we have to eliminate them as we see them. How? Very simple, using a kernel-put. That is, if we see a seagull zombie we must be prepared with a kernel-put, otherwise, it will be very difficult to kill the seagull that is on the side of the zombies.


Zombies always follow the same routes

Let's take a good look at one level. If a zombie comes from row 1, another from row 3 and finally, another from row 5; if we lose the level, we will know that when we restart the level there will be the same number of zombies in the same rows. That is, the levels are predefined, they do not change. It is important to check which routes the zombies follow in case we ever have to restart the level.


Always reinforcements in the first columns

We all know that the last thing zombies attack are the first columns. So, we must take advantage of that to place powerful plants in these columns so that the zombies can die as soon as possible. The plants that should most be placed in the first columns are: kernel-pult, melon-put or cabbage-pult ...

To kill zombies!

More information - Plants vs Zombies 2 now available worldwide

Source - iMore

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  1.   igove said

    I'm at level 3 and I can't get past it, but not because it doesn't kill zombies, but because it stayed there… I don't understand, what to do ???

    1.    Luis Padilla said

      I think it must be a failure, because the same thing happens to me, I cannot advance from day 3 of the mummies.

      1.    Monica said

        The exact same thing happens to me, I opened the way with the key and now there is nothing else to do …… .. I stagnate !!! I see that I am not the only one !!!! I will restart the ipad to see what happens …… .. I'll tell you about it !!!

        1.    Charlie said

          Yeah what's up? Notify xfa

          1.    Luis Padilla said

            I have the same problem, I managed to get out of the jam on day 3 but I got stuck again on day 9. I had to restart from scratch, losing all progress. I have started again without associating my Facebook account. It seems that is the problem. I already tell you.
            Sent from my iPad

            1.    Monica said

              tsss but what a stress to be uninstalling and installing !!! mmmm that's what I'll do (I don't know how) because I still can't find a solution: '(

              1.    sauces said

                I want to go to the last world and it does not give me what I do, it helps: c

              2.    sauces said

                I can not pass it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

              3.    sauces said

                Please someone tell me that you can do something to go to the last level of plants vs zombies 2

          2.    Charlie said

            I already did! Just unzip the App and install it again and now (;

      2.    Ander Serna Hdz said

        uchala the one from ancient egypt I would feel FAILED no offense I already passed all the levels but in the dr zomboss way
        ancient egypt seas pirates wild west far future dark ages great wave beach and frozen caves i despair for the eighth world aaaaaaaaaaa !!! how desperate

    2.    Hugo said

      hey I already passed it on mummies day 3

    3.    omar said

      I already passed all those levels now I am stuck in the world of the great wave and from there I also pass the lost city frozen caves and also unlock the dark world

  2.   John said

    The error that remains stuck in level 3 is to log in with facebook, delete your profile and create another without logging in to facebook, or if you do not delete and download the application again, and create a new profile without face, to me it worked

  3.   edgar_suarez said

    To avoid these errors, what I did was install the game, open and wait for the top bar to update, close the multitasking game and restart the iPad, everything works for now; D

  4.   sandra said


  5.   Naye said

    The same thing happens to me, I do not pass level 3.! I did start a section with Facebook .. Then I have to delete it and reinstall it .. Or as I do, it helps

    1.    Luis Padilla said

      Try deleting your Facebook account, exiting the game, and logging back in. If it doesn't work for you, you'll need to reinstall it.
      Luis Padilla
      IPad News Coordinator

  6.   Zidaco said

    someone else gets stuck on day 9?

    1.    sauces said

      yo no

  7.   Max success said

    How do I get the stars

    1.    Luis Padilla said

      Once you complete the world, many more stars appear in the levels you have already completed for you to do again.
      Luis Padilla
      IPad News Coordinator

  8.   Max success said

    I stagnate at level 3 and I don't know how to advance the range

  9.   Abraham Diaz said

    To avoid all these failures, they have to install the game from their itunes and download it to their device, since this failure is in world 2 almost reaching the final level, I tell you why I was there! And I had to delete the game and I lost my advance!

  10.   alvaro said

    I do not know what happens but level 5 of the pirate world does not advance, someone knows why

    1.    Luis Padilla said

      It is a problem of having the associated Facebook account.

      Luis Padilla
      IPad News Coordinator

  11.   Xavier V said

    First I had problems with level 3, I uninstalled and reinstalled and played with another nick without connecting to Facebook and it was solved halfway, I passed that level, but then every time I finish a level it hangs, the worst thing is that everything is finished Egypt with 3 stars and 1 pirate hangs in the world again. I DO NOT want to reinstall everything, it seems to me the last straw that they cannot fix that fix. Besides, now they sell everything! It's already making me sick, it hurts, because it's a very nice game

  12.   Joseph said


    I have nine keys in Egypt and I have already unlocked all levels in Egypt as well. Can I do something that will benefit me with the keys that I have left over? The keys to Egypt are useless in the Pirate Sea.

  13.   jars said

    Disgusting that you stole this post from a blog in English

  14.   David said

    I just finished downloading the additional package, I'm going to start playing and the application closes, does anyone know of a solution? thanks 😀

  15.   Patrick said

    How do I open the last world?

  16.   zeydorf said

    as I enter the last world, it does not let me in

  17.   David Castro said

    Someone tell me how chin #% £ ¶ I unlock world 4 please !!

  18.   rakkel said

    How do I get the 15 keys to go from the Egypt level to the pirate level? yuda !!!!! '

  19.   erick ayala said

    TO open the last world you must gather 24 stars in the WILD WEST and the world of DR CEREBRDO opens !!! is pulent !!!

    1.    erick ayala said

      this is my gmail any thing

      1.    help please said

        Hi, I have not been able to open the last world either and I already have the 24 worlds of each complete game. The only thing that I do not have complete are the challenges, I barely have 77%

      2.    Maria Castillo said

        I have the same problem .. I have all the stars but it does not allow me to play the 4th. world. help!!!

      3.    roles said

        Is it really like this to unblock the last world? Thanks

    2.    Bill said

      Erick I have 44 stars in the wild west but still I can't go to the other world, what can it be?

    3.    Tony said

      I cannot play level 25 of the Wild West and the 4th World does not open either, I already have 24 stars

    4.    Ander Serna Hdz said

      erick ayala and how is the last world of doctor zombie e?

  20.   Lalo Monjaraz Guerrero said

    What is the 4th world when it is in the future?

  21.   Hahaha said

    What tricks !! (sarcasm)

  22.   esteban said

    It seems that the game arrives until there no more because I gather the 24 stars to go to the fourth world and nothing happens ... aaaaaa I want to turn this game around

  23.   Luis said

    Sorry I got stuck on screen 5 of the Egyptian world (you have to pinch the zombies and the point does not appear). Does anyone know how to pass it?

  24.   Gabriel guzman said

    I'm done with taking out the stars ...
    old world 40/40… pirate seas 38/38 wild west 38/38
    I will not have the 4th world !!! What do I have to do for help ... or is it a scam ??? Hahaha…. if anyone knows

  25.   David said

    The last world is unlocked if they have all the plants. Buy the missing plants

  26.   Military service said

    How do I unlock the last world, I already passed the one of ancient egypt, pirate seas and the west and still I cannot access the 4th world 🙁

  27.   Angelita lele said

    uffa i'm new to the game but i've passed level 25 and i can't get past 26 they give me the xfa cheat

  28.   I want to spend everything said

    I want to spend everything

  29.   Laia said

    Could someone tell me how I could spend the 18th of ancient egypt? Please help me.

  30.   manolite said

    Quieeerooo the fourth world !!!!

  31.   Bright star said

    Hello please help me .. I am at the level of the Wild West and I have passed 24 days and I have a key ring but there is no way to open the last world .. help please

  32.   Victor said

    I have passed everything

  33.   Yolanda said

    I can't enter the fourth world! I read that I had to pass the 10 levels of the Wasteland of Evil, I did it and nothing ... I already have all the challenges and all the stars, it is a scam.

  34.   viviana said

    Hello, I already unlocked the 3 worlds, I have the key but the room appears totally black and I cannot enter, please help

  35.   Hayabusha Alfamnc said

    Friend I have a ZTE Cel I download it I want to open it but it takes me out, what do I do?

    1.    mange kyuby said

      you have to get all the keys and get all the plants -_-

  36.   Patty said

    Does anyone know how I happened to the 4th world por fa ?????

  37.   Jeison said

    Viviana and Patty the same thing happens to me that I have it on Android I don't know if it is because for that world it must be an update, I will try to pass all level 3 and I warn you

  38.   Govt said

    what happens is that you should not open the game with a facebook account if not simply give a name to your nick and ready for those who stop at level 3

  39.   Oscar moreta said

    Well, I have it installed on my iPad 4 and I have passed all three worlds, that is, 24/24 in all my problem is that the last world does not open, can any of you help me?

  40.   jose wood said

    I don't know how to pass level 24 of Ancient Egypt…. Can somebody help me?

  41.   mary said

    Someone can help me finish level 25 of Egypt but I do not unlock the pirates and the cowboys and I finish the game and can anyone help me?

  42.   hello said

    How do I pass level 18 in the world of Egypt, I can't, I don't know how to do it, please, a little help, thank you !!!!!!!!

  43.   kamaleon said

    As I pass the bonuses because as soon as I lose, it returns me to 1. And I still do not know how the last world is unlocked, I am in the first 25/25 in the second 24/25 and in the third 24/25. Someone knows?

    1.    Joseph said

      The same thing happens to me. How we enter the 25/25 world of Pirate Seas and the Wild West

  44.   fabian said

    i am locked in level 5 egypt. my tablet does not let me do the pellisco to the zombies, is there a request to the problem?

  45.   bbb said

    How do you pass to the last world

  46.   David said

    I can't access the main baddie of the pirate world and the cowboy world, I can't get the blue pea, and the pear

  47.   Look said

    In the pirate seas world I can not open level 25 no mr leave as I open it please help

  48.   Maito said

    I can't enter the 4 world like c does?

  49.   Caroline said

    Hello! I spent the 25/25 days in Egypt, in the Pirate world 24/25 and in the West also 24/25; I have a key and the final world does not open to me. I do not know what to do. When I passed level 24 in the West he told me that there are still more levels to pass but it is not like that because I passed them all. What I do? I need help when before

    1.    javi said

      I'm the same, if you know something, let me know

  50.   Juan said

    I am the same as Caroline but with two keys. What to do

  51.   EDGARDO said


  52.   mange kyuby said

    A tip at the last stand III: pirate world, use 5 frozen melonpultas in the background and 5 walnuts protecting them and not only will you pass that level easily, but also very fast n_n '

  53.   logan said

    I have read that levels 25 of the pirate world and west and the future world are not yet available because they need to get an update. Has anyone ever played these levels?

  54.   Pedro Paramo said

    I only need 25/25 of the Wild West

  55.   yeremi said

    He couldn't open the last world because he finished the same game twice, but twice you see everything because I can't open the last one, tell me if

  56.   yeremi said

    I play the 25 of pirates and of is salvsge west all the games are fun but from what to see that I have already finished tosdos if I can not open the last world

  57.   remaining said

    Mmm I already passed the 3 worlds and all the challenges mmm I have 117 stars and 19 keys from the west and the last level will not be opened.

  58.   alex said

    I finished the 3 worlds ancient egypt, pirate seas and wild west and I have a key but it does not open the next world for me, what do I have to do? somebody help me

  59.   roles said

    Fami told me that gathering 24 stars in the wild west will open the last map but I have not tried XD

  60.   Juan carlos said

    I am stuck in world 4, the one from the future, and it will be until the 24th but I can't play the last one, the one from the boss, and I can go to the 5th world.

  61.   white said

    I am the same, I have passed the three worlds and in the fourth I am missing the last 24/25 but the door does not open, please help, I have a key

  62.   pablo123456 said

    I can not spend day 5 in Egypt in the powerful pinch

  63.   Andrew said

    Hello I got to the fifth world that comes out ¿? In black Does not let advance Someone knows something greetings

  64.   Javi said

    Andres the same thing happens to me and I don't know what to do. HELP PLEASE !!!!!

  65.   Omar said

    As he entered the Castle, I have already finished all the worlds

  66.   olgimar said

    Rent knows how I can open level 5 I have already passed the whole game and I do not open that level

  67.   olgimar said

    someone has been able to enter the world of the castle…. help please

  68.   chochi said

    I already finished the level of ancient Egypt as I pass to the next world someone knows

  69.   ali vega said

    World one and two are over, but they don't give me a key to open world three, someone knows that help should be done, pliss

  70.   Sara said

    I am on level 6 beach of the big wave and I am stable in the 16 water, any way to pass it?

  71.   Ross said

    I can't buy the 16000 locker radish, in the box where the soles are stored it stays at 9900 even though I keep taking the soles the count does not advance… ..

    1.    Gino said

      It is best to wait for your garden to grow your plants so that they have additional powers

  72.   cris said

    The world of the great wave is over and the next world does not open to me, it comes out black. How can I access it .. I have even played the vases and nothing: (help plissss !!!!

  73.   rosary said

    Why is the last world not unlocked if I already pass all the levels?

  74.   America said

    How the last level is unlocked

  75.   Sebastián said

    Help me can someone tell me how to unlock the eighth world covered all the non-levels I even made a record in all the infinite missions answer that I do

  76.   monserrat rooms said

    holi co.o i hope to leave infinite silver

  77.   monserrat rooms said

    holi co.o I hope to leave infinite money,
    infinite suns,

    I never run out of suns

  78.   Luis said

    What is needed to start the last level

  79.   Mario Ramos said

    I'm done with all the levels and I have two keys and the last level in black (locked) is there a way to open it ??? ... And does anyone know why I have Pinchorroca locked that supposedly I had to have unlocked it on the 18th day of Pirate Seas and if there is a way to solve it and I even repeated the complete level and nothing ... Thank you in advance for your answers ...

  80.   iker rafa gal said

    I've already passed all the worlds. Now how do I unlock the world you have? This sign also I have 2 keys and 467 million in coins is already becoming somewhat boring

  81.   Angel said

    Post more trucus

  82.   Eli said

    Hello, does anyone know how I can move forward if I have already passed all the levels of plants vs zombies 2 and I have two world keys, but I have no more worlds to open ???

  83.   alex guadalajara said

    I finished all the worlds I can not enter the last one I play it on the android cell thanks

  84.   Andrea said

    I too have finished playing in all worlds and I have two keys. There is a part How an entrance to another world something like a Lightning as it is unlocked

  85.   Andrew Huertas said

    Can someone explain to me what happened. I finished all the worlds and everything, and now I came out of one that I have infinite power in all coins and gems and all the plants, what is that ????

  86.   Iris said

    I have doubts, when passing a world the next one is unlocked or should I use the keys, I go on the ice but I always use a key