A WhatsApp bug prevents you from writing in groups


WhatsApp continues to cause headaches for users and the latter is driving many people crazy trying to find out why suddenly unable to type in your group chats, whereas there is no problem doing so in conversations with a single recipient. Without knowing exactly the cause, many users are complaining on social networks without an official response from the instant messaging application owned by Facebook. We give you the details of the problem and a possible solution below.

Without an apparent cause this afternoon I was faced with the problem that I could not write in one of the group chats that I have on my WhatsApp, or rather, I could write but my messages did not arrive as you can see in the header image . I could read the messages and the notifications reached me perfectly, but I could not get any of my messages to be sent. In other groups this did not happen to me, nor in private conversations. It did not matter if it was with WiFi or 4G network, and I also did not manage to solve it with a restart of the iPhone or by asking to be expelled from the group and then re-admitted. I even removed the app and reinstalled it, but to no avail.

Searching through social networks I found many people with the same problem, and I found the solution: send voice messages. Even though I couldn't send written messages yes it allowed me to send voice messages, and after sending a couple of messages of this type the surprise was that suddenly I could write without problems, sending my messages perfectly. At the moment the problem has not reappeared in that or in any other group. Have you suffered the problem? Has the same solution worked for you?

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  1.   the_avi said

    More than failure, I see it as a good idea or functionality that they could implement for group administrators, and thus moderate "tired" participants.

    1.    Encarni Luque said

      I was afraid that they had blocked me in the group or silenced, but it was not like that.

  2.   Lizz11 said

    It works for me in all the group chats that I have without any problem

  3.   Cristian said

    Can someone who owns the page help me with something?
    I have an iphone 6 with ios 9.1
    The screen works fine but sometimes it freezes and does not recognize the touch, I lock and unlock it and it works
    Any solution?
    I have seen that many have the same problem
    Help please, I have commented a while ago and there is no help

    1.    Carlos said

      Restart by pressing the Home button and the On / Off button for 10 seconds until the apple logo reappears ... if this is not solved, download it from an iOS 9.1 website and re-install it from iTunes updating it not restoring it, it is very simple, in this same page there are tutorials on how to do it ... if this is not solved do the same by restoring it from iTunes.

      Regarding whatsapp ... it is true ... enough of continuous criticism, we already know that you are angry with them because they do not update you at the rate you would like but from there to say that it is a bad app there is a long way !!!

    2.    Monitor said

      Your device, iPhone 6, is under warranty. Use it and have Apple fix it for you.

      1.    Faby said

        It happens to me that I do not receive group messages. Even if they remove me and include me again, I do not receive messages. Not so with personals. I do not know how to do.

  4.   Luis Gallego said

    It works great for me!!! On this page always the same with whatsapp ... always criticizing her for criticizing ... no, that no matter how much you want Telegram it will be only for louts "geeks" like you, whatsapp is the queen of messaging whether you like it or not heavy !!!

    1.    Sebs said

      Hahahaha as is

  5.   maria said

    What happens to me, I'm in Argentina ... I don't know if I will have to see the country or not ...
    is that the corrector has changed to English ,,, and it is in Castilian in the configuration .. which brings me problems ... yesterday the arrows of the voice messages were changed to blue for a while ... I don't know something is wrong ... very rare ...

  6.   Juan said

    What will the comments have to do with the news?

  7.   Dorita said

    Hello, I am or I was talking to a friend on WhatsApp and from one moment to another my messages for her do not come out, they stay on the clock and she writes to me and I can read them but I cannot answer because they do not come

    1.    Encarni Luque said

      To my tb they kept the little clock, the messages began to arrive again, although slow, first with the little clock, after deleting some photos (I had few) and emptying the caches

  8.   Sofia said

    I have that problem but I already tried to send audios and it does not work for me: v

  9.   Jesus Retamozo said

    But what an excellent Post!
    Thank you very much Luis Padilla for sharing it just worked for me. Thank you!
    greetings from Lima Peru. Blessings in Jesus.

    1.    Luis Padilla said

      Thanks to you 😉

    2.    Manual said

      I have pressed the three dots on the right and I have touched group information and it automatically started working as if it had added all the participants

  10.   TXEMA said

    And who can you claim? Or who can solve it?

  11.   Margarita Rodriguez said

    I can't send messages by WhatsApp group, but I can't send

  12.   Charles Espinola said

    In my case, on an iPhone 11 what I did was reboot the phone and it worked again.

  13.   Fernando said

    I sent a voice message, he didn't leave. It gives the same problem.

  14.   Hector Gomez said

    I have that problem right now and sending audios has not solved anything, I already installed the application thousands of times I restarted the equipment to factory status and nothing ... someone who can help me ...

  15.   Iliana Garcia placeholder image said

    I have the same problem, I can only send messages in individual chats. In groups I only receive but I cannot send even if I am the group administrator.

  16.   Dubai said

    I can't open a wasap group the phone gets slow and the other chats and groups open normal except that

  17.   Yahaira said

    Help, I can not write in WhatsApp groups, when I try to do so, he barely pressed the first key, he takes me out of the chat immediately, he does not let me send audios, neither searching in the group information, nor leaving a group and re-entering, It just won't let me write a single letter, but in individual chats I can chat normally.

  18.   Carlos said

    So I woke up today, I can not send messages for any group

  19.   REBECA said

    I can't even send voice messages, how can I solve this? I occupy the groups a lot because I am a teacher… HELP ………… ..