Jordi Giménez

Everything that has to do with technology and all kinds of sports I am passionate about. I started with this from Apple many years ago with iPod Classic -whoever never had one of those to raise their hand- previously he was already cackling with all the technological gadgets he could. My experience with Apple is extensive but you are always ready to learn new things. In this world, technology advances really fast and with Apple it is no exception. Since 2009, when the 120GB iPod Classic came into my hands, my interest in Apple was awakened and the next to come into my hands was the iPhone 4, an iPhone that was no longer tied to a contract with Movistar and to date that almost every year I go for the new model. The experience here is everything and in the more than 12 years that I have been with Apple products I can say that my knowledge is acquired on the basis of hours and hours. In my spare time I disconnect, but I can hardly ever get too far from my iPhone and Mac. You will find me on Twitter as @jordi_sdmac