How to permanently delete your photos on iPhone and iCloud


After consulting with various specialists, it is almost impossible to know if uA deleted image from iPhone has been completely removed or still in a folder. The key "Delete»Does not always erase an image completely or immediately. It just tells your iPhone and Apple's iCloud servers that hide this file until it is overwritten for other data.

The problem is that even though you can't see these images on your iPhone, an in-depth scan of your device can find them. In the same way it is hard to tell when a photo is deleted in iCloud, since we do not know how Apple's servers work.

To avoid these uncertainties you can learn more precise erasure systems, here are some tips.

Delete from «Photos" not in "Álbumes«

The structure of the images in the Photos app is based on Photos for storage and subsequent ordering in Álbumes, streaming, etc. This is why it is essential that we understand that where we have to delete it is in Photos.



You will not see it disappear immediately since the deleted image stays in the folder «Recently removed", located in ÁlbumesDuring 30 days until disappearing completely, this is why we will have to delete it there too.


Delete image from shared photos

Deleting the image in Photos still leaves the photos in the shared albums that contained them. If you shared your photo with someone the image is stored in the cloud for friends or family to see. Does not take up space on your iCloud storage although if you have a 5.000 image limit shared, from which you are asked to delete any to incorporate new ones.


You can see them limits of Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing in the apple page.

Delete backup images

If your iPhone does backup when feeding in an environment with WiFi, this copy includes all the images of the device, in short, a photo taken a month ago may still be in the backup of the terminal. If there is any photo that you want to delete completely because it would violate your privacy, proceed to delete old backups.

To delete a backup, follow the path: Settings > iCloud > Bonded warehouse > Manage storagethen select the device and backups that you would like to delete. delete-copy

You can also prevent photos from being included in future copies security, remove this option.

You can not do any backup

iCloud can be a great resource, but as a photo sharing resource it is not absolutely necessary. For disable iCloud syncing for photos, just go to Settings > iCloudPhotos and remove all services that depend on the cloud.


When you delete it, you will see a notice that it deletes the streaming photos from your iPhone, don't worry, it's what we are looking for.



Activate XNUMX-Step Verification.

It is not complicated at all, quite easy to use and totally recommendable if you want your information not to fall into the hands of some hacker who sells you for a few dollars to an advertising company, or worse, that you enter the circuit of fraud, blackmail or any imaginable crime.

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  1.   Miguel said

    The last paragraph "Activate the verification in two steps" I have not understood, can you explain it to me please? I do not know if it has been sneaked into a copy / paste 🙂

  2.   Antonio said

    I have photos on my IPhone 5 that I took a long time ago and I don't get the trash icon to delete them, what would I have to do to delete them?

  3.   Marti said

    Hi guys, could you help me?
    What I want is to delete photos from the iPhone roll keeping them in icloud and thus have more storage on the iPhone. How can I do it? Thanks

    1.    share illusion said

      I can't delete the photos either. I can't get the trash on some photos from 2012. How did you manage to delete them?

  4.   Marcela said

    Hello, I want to delete photos that were transferred to the iPhone from my computer so I have more storage space on the cell phone. Thanks

  5.   John Jairo Jaramillo said

    Hello, good night, please, I need you to help me with a problem I have: I have copied the photos from my iphone 5s to my pc using the cut option to delete them at once from my mobile, and they have generated a series of files or icons that say local disk and does not allow me to delete them. What can I do to solve this problem, since I imagine that these files consume space on my mobile device?

  6.   Jorge Luis said

    I have problems with an iPhone 5 I have some photos that I want to delete but it does not give me the option to delete, when I enter through the PC and I want to delete them, it does not allow me nor does it allow me to copy more songs

  7.   Jimena said

    Hello, I just want to know how I can delete the photos that were transferred from my computer to my iPhone, I don't get the icon to delete them, how can I do it?
    Thank you

  8.   Alberto said

    Good morning, how do I recover the photos I deleted from shared photos?

  9.   Estefania said

    I ask how I do to recover the photos
    That I was deleted from streaming.
    If there is a possibility of recovering them

  10.   tere said

    I have problems with an iPhone 5 I have some photos that I want to delete but it does not give me the option to delete, when I enter through the PC and I want to delete them, it does not allow me

  11.   Yuliet Mora Garcia said

    I would like and they will help me! I have made a backup copy through Drive, which now I want to delete and I cannot continue in my gallery on my phone! I delete them from Drive and they don't appear but they keep appearing in my gallery, what can I do? I have tried in Google photos I delete them but the same they appear in my gallery again! I need help please !!! Kind regards


    I already tried to delete my photos in the cloud, ilcoud and nothing comes out again on my iphon, I am bored with this

  13.   Theresa M. said

    Is there no way to delete ALL the photos and videos of an attacked, once you have downloaded them to the pc, to free up space, from the Icloud itself and from the Iphone? I can't believe it!