Roborock Q7 MAX+: Powerful, fast and self-emptying

We analyze one of the most versatile robot vacuum cleaners on the market with advanced features such as LiDAR navigation and self-emptying, excellent autonomy and capable of cleaning and scrubbing your entire home in record time.

The variety of models within the category of robot vacuum cleaners is enormous. There are many robots that work with mobile phones, vacuum and mop, but as we add features the list gets smaller, especially if we don't want to spend a lot of money. Today we analyze a serious contender for the king of the mid-range, the one that is characterized by good performance at a good price. The new Roborock Q7 Max + arrives stepping very strong, with functions more typical of the high-end but with a super interesting pricee, and with a self-emptying base that is the icing on the cake.


  • Suction power 4200Pa
  • 5200 mAh battery
  • Autonomy of 3 hours (300m2)
  • WiFi connectivity
  • LiDAR navigation with 3D mapping
  • Sensors 4
  • Water tank capacity 350ml (for 240m2 of scrubbing)C
  • Dust container capacity 470ml
  • Self-emptying tank capacity 2,5 liters
  • Voice control via Alexa and Siri (via shortcuts)

The brush is different from conventional models, here we are going to find one made entirely of rubber, without bristles, which according to the brand is perfect to avoid problems with the hairs that tend to "destroy" traditional brushes, and the truth is that being somewhat skeptical at first I have had no choice but to agree with the manufacturer. To the main brush we must add a single lateral rotating brush that helps to collect lateral dirt. These brushes, together with the adjustable suction power according to the type of floor, make it a very satisfactory vacuum.

The water and dirt tank are part of a single tank. Obviously it consists of two compartments, but in this way it is possible to save space. Both tanks have more than enough capacity to clean an average home, even large, so that there is no fault with Roborock's decision in this regard. This joint tank is very easy to remove and replace.


In the operation of a robot vacuum cleaner-mop there are different sections to deal with. Vacuuming is essential, as is the mopping function, but there are other elements that may not be so obvious but that can completely spoil the experience of using any robot. The navigation system is one of the fundamental aspects in a robot vacuum cleaner. There is nothing more frustrating than the robot not finishing the cleaning because it is lost, stuck or because it has to return to its base and cannot find it. And unfortunately it is something very common in many robots, but luckily it is something that does not happen with this Roborock.

El LiDAR navigation system together with the 4 sensors that this Roborock Q7 Max+ has make it go around the house without the slightest problem. Seeing him move around the chairs, go through the doors, avoid obstacles... is a joy. Forget about those robots that go bumping into everything, this is something else entirely, if you had to drive it yourself, surely you wouldn't do better!

In the application you can see the entire route of the robot through your house, and the cleaning pattern it follows is perfectly distinguishable: first the edges of the room, then inside, drawing parallel lines until it covers the entire surface. In this way, it is possible to clean in record time (less than 90 minutes in a house of about 140m2). No other robot comes close to this time, in part because they all had to do a full recharge to complete the cleanup., something this Roborock doesn't need at all. It leaves its base and after 90 minutes it returns to its base with more than half of the battery still available. A real joy.

And at the end of the cleaning comes one of the best parts: the self-emptying. Robot tanks are small, enough for one cleaning, just enough for a second, not enough for a third. That means that practically every time you do a cleaning you have to empty the tank or you will not be able to complete the next one. Well, you don't have to do anything here, because upon completion and arrival at its base it will send the entire contents of the robot's tank to the large self-emptying tank, with a capacity of 2,5 liters, up to a week (or even more) without having to empty anything.

As for scrubbing, the result is good, but do not expect it to remove embedded dirt as you can with a mop by making several passes and "squeezing". It is perfect for daily maintenance cleaning., leaves the soil moist but dries quickly, and above all it does not "dirty" as if others do. It is not his star function, but he defends himself well.


All the control of the robot is done through its application, which is at the level of the features of this Roborock Q7 Max +. From its configuration process to its management and the real-time visualization of the cleaning, they are of the highest level. There are many options and they have been implemented within the application in a very intuitive and easy to use way.

Different ways of viewing the cleaning map, the possibility of cleaning by zones, by rooms or the entire house, choosing different vacuuming and scrubbing powers, defining the types of floor, placing furniture... it is the most complete application that I have tried many times. distance from the others. Programming of all kinds, the possibility of memorizing different maps, even defining different floors for the same home, you will have no problem adapting the operation of the robot to your home, whatever its type.

From the application you can even configure voice control, compatible with Alexa and although it is not compatible with HomeKit (what is Apple waiting for to add this category of devices to its home automation system?) we can use iOS Shortcuts to fill that gap, so from your iPhone, Apple Watch or HomePod you can start cleaning with your voice. Of course you will receive notifications with each event (cleanup start, end and "accidents" that may occur). And you can check the status of the accessories that require cleaning or change.

Editor's opinion

This Roborock Q7 Max+ is the best robot vacuum cleaner-mop that I have tested for its navigation system, autonomy and the cleaning result it offers. It also has the self-emptying system that provides extraordinary comfort for the user. And it does all this for a price typical of a mid-range, but with superior features that only some high-end have. This model with the self-emptying system is sold on Amazon (link) (thanks to a ÔéČ150 discount coupon)

Roborock Q7 Max +
  • Editor's rating
  • 5 star rating
  • 100%

  • Design
    Publisher: 90%
  • Navigation
    Publisher: 100%
  • Cleaning
    Publisher: 90%
  • Price quality
    Publisher: 100%


  • LiDAR Navigation
  • Self-emptying system
  • Very well designed application with many options
  • Great autonomy


  • Limited scrubbing system

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