Why is unlocking a Vodafone iPhone so expensive?

If you have finished your stay with your operator, you only have to call customer service to have your iPhone released. If you still have permanence and you are lucky that your iPhone is Movistar Spain or AT&T (USA) you can use liberation services like the one we discussed the other day in this post, which charge less than € 10 to free you forever.

But if you are Vodafone Spain and you have permanence it's an odyssey. I have had the need to use my iPhone with another operator and Prices for the releases by IMEI that they gave me on the webs they seemed to me abusive, I am not willing to pay 115 (or up to € 160) to unlock my mobile, for a little more I rescind the stay with my operator. Lately we have talked about this a lot on Twitter and we want to know your opinion why do you think that unlocking a Vodafone iPhone is so expensive?

After this odyssey I ask myself: Why is there so much difference between a Movistar release and a Vodafone?

More information - Unlock your iPhone forever: unlock by IMEI

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  1.   Juan said

    Because they are thieves

  2.   Manu Nose said

    It cost me € 6 to unlock my iPhone4

  3.   Faker said

    Because the release of Vodafone workers is bought and this is the rate that is set

  4.   Manu said

    It's very easy ... most of these releases are done "from within." People from the call center etc ... and in Movistar it seems that half the call center joined the bandwagon, therefore there is competition and prices have fallen. For Vodafone, there will only be one person who is filling his pockets with spades while the bargain lasts. that simple.

    1.    texas said

      Well, I didn't want to say it so loud or so clear, but with one that says it… in any case the accesses to the data bank in companies go by levels and do not believe that there are so many people with that level of access. I have had my first 2G iPhone in September 2007 and from there to here I have had them all, including the 5 that I have since last 28th and I have NEVER bought an iPhone signing a permanence with an operator, whoever wants to be deceived is cheat and if you want to say that they gave it to them, let them say it, the operators always sell you the mobile phones and they charge you very expensive, with one method or another and that is told by someone who was a commercial for Vodafone and Movistar for companies during Eight years.

  5.   Cellfreak@hotmail.com said

    The difference is that the release of Movistar takes place in South America and that of Vodafone in Spain. In Spain for less than 150 euros they will not play the position.

  6.   Calpev2 said

    I finished the stay and they charged me € 6 and released it, they contacted Apple, then Apple sent the release code and through iTunes it was released when I restored it

  7.   Calpev2 said

    I finished the stay and they charged me € 6 and released it, they contacted Apple, then Apple sent the release code and through iTunes it was released when I restored it

  8.   Mario Montero said

    That it is a robbery is clear, but what people are deceiving themselves with what more than one client tells me "they have given me the mobile phone", and one shit ... they have given you the mobile, you have paid during stay 3 iphones and on top tied. Well, wing to pay the taste and the desire if you want to go to another company.

  9.   sblancorico said

    I managed to free him with Vodafone, but it was an odyssey. This is the email I sent you and thanks to that I got it.

    On March 1, I requested the release of my iPhone 4 at the end of the stay. They told me that March 22 at 7 pm would be effective. On the 22nd they told me that there was a problem and that another request had to be made. Today, March 23, they tell me that we have to start from scratch and that it will be effective ON APRIL 13 !!!!! A month and a half to free a mobile !!!!! I am outraged with the treatment of clients. I demand that the cell phone be released immediately.

    If I didn't get seriously angry, I'd still be fighting them. I did a portability to Pepephone and of course I did not pay them the last receipt, and it is seen that they still have some shame, because they have not claimed anything.

    1.    Invited_ said

      How many more comments are you going to use your outraged email for? That I already know him to post uncle !!

    2.    The Magnifying Glass said

      Jhonny !! people are very crazy !!!

    3.    the_jotaene said

      And you looked in lists of defaulters?
      Even if the letter does not reach your home, they do not forgive you the debt ...
      Try to ask for a credit and you will see how it jumps

  10.   Free IMEI said


    Access to databases and the available ways to do so are not the same for all operators, for Movistar there are many, there were previously none for AT&T and now there are quite a few, for Vodafone there are very few, for Orange there are none ... There, it depends on whether or not it can be done and the price ...

    A greeting.

    1.    texas said

      But less what I was commenting on with some nuance, it must also be said that this is a bit like fruit, the farmer sows it and picks it up, sells it to a cooperative, that cooperative to a warehouse, the warehouse to the wholesaler, the wholesaler to the fruit bowl and fruit bowl to the customer, that is…. The one who earns the least is the one who does the work, the one who gambles his… .. the one who is doing something complicated that may cost him a great displeasure, and those who win are the resellers, although there are so many, the profit margin it is very little, especially for the final seller to the customer

  11.   Cameltone said

    I am in contract with at & t usa..buy 2 3gs and an iphone 4 on ebay… I contacted at & t to unlock them and this is what I found—> Current customers will be allowed five (5) unlocks per account, per year, so long as their account is in good standing with no past-due amount or unpaid balance and has been active for at least sixty (60) days ,,, <——, and already unlock the 3 iPhones and everything for free and in a week…. .

  12.   Adrian toro said

    Well, I called movistar, demanded the release to finish the contract, I don't remember if they gave me a code, connect to iTunes and that's it. In 1 call of 2min at no cost (not counting the 2 iPhones paid for the permanence contract ...)

  13.   More said

    To me, with Movistar, at the end of my stay ... call 1004, and in 2 minutes ready! no need for iTunes or anything ..!

    1.    More said

      with Vodafone, k is the case… (at the end of the stay) call 123, and 6 euros. !

  14.   thennis said

    Well, my iPhone release with Vodafone came out for only € 6.

    1.    gnzl said

      I mean when you have permanence left.

    2.    marten said

      How did you do it??

  15.   thecalifornication said

    For movistar clients: with one year of permanence completed, they will release it, even if your contract is for 18 or 24 months

  16.   frogmen said

    It seems to me that they do not refer to that, read a little, what we are talking about is releasing your iPhone even with a permanence contract and without your operator knowing about it. I had an iPhone 4 and at the end of the stay, I called vodafone and they released it for 6 euros. I gave that phone to my wife and I bought a 4s with one year left. I have to release this phone illegally and that is why you have to pay more than 100 euros, when in the same case with Movistar you have to pay much less.

  17.   Erick arias said

    It surprises me more that movistar charges so cheap knowing how thieves both operators are.

  18.   Pierre said

    I think it is because the use of the telephone networks belongs to movistar, and vodafone has to pay for it. Another idea is so that you fulfill the contract and do not break it indirectly.

  19.   aitorsf00 said

    I ended my stay in Spain and after 1 month of waiting and several calls they released it, and they did not charge me anything, that is if the same with another from Movistar and in 5 minutes ready ...

  20.   yusepe said

    Vodafone is more expensive than other operators because there is no competition, from what I have been told there is only one person who knows how to do it so they have no competitor. In other words, you take advantage of it while you can.

    The real question is why has only one person (called hacker) been able to get the algorithm to unlock the iPhone VODAFONE by IMEI?

    Is this person a Vodafone worker who unlocks mobile phones by charging in black?

    Is Vodafone the one that really charges the 115 euros and is hitting its customers (without permanence) because of what is heard in the forums, so that they have to go to this expensive and abusive solution?

    1.    theglobepub said

      Hello, I have released 2 vodafone iphones, bought in a second-hand store, I just had to get hold of or find a friend who had vodafone without permanence and that's it, call 123, and for € 5 they released them
      Greetings and I hope it serves someone

      1.    Jose tovar said

        What you say is false. (or you have not told it well). Not because you are from vodafone without permanence, you can call and they will release all the iPhones you want. Vodafone only releases the phone if the caller is the owner of the line with which the terminal was delivered, that is, to release the second-hand phone, you would have to contact the owner of the contract with which the iphone was given, and for him to call vodafone.

        1.    Truss said

           A second-hand iPhone4 has recently been released to me without being the owner of the line to which the terminal was delivered ... Of course, I had to wait the 2 years of the permanence that the owner would sign ...

          1.    gabrielxlea said

            Hello, I also bought it second-hand. I would like to know how you told them, I called and they told me if it was a contract and I said no. and she told me that the card does not release her that I can do.

            1.    Juan Jose Garcia Flores placeholder image said

              good I am the owner of this line, I have an iPhone and I want to release it ... right? , you will be reported to consumption and I will not pay the line ... fixed.

          2.    ababol said

            Good morning, I am in the same case. I bought a second-hand iphone and… Once the tenure of its "owner" is over, have you released your mobile without problems? What data have they requested? I want to try it because I am sick of the abusive conditions of some companies, greetings

            1.    Ana said

              Hello, I would like to know if you have managed to free?

        2.    fabianx said

          Jose Tovar do not speak without knowing the facts, have you tried what your partner said?

          To unlock a vodafone phone you just have to follow these steps;

          Call 123 saying that in the apple store your iPhone has changed since it has had a fault, and that you want to associate the new IMEI to your line, you can do this even if you have never had an iPhone with vodafone, if the operator He asks that if you have copied it in vodafone, you tell him yes, period, it is better not to tell them that the IMEI is from an iphone, although later he may realize that it is that of an iphone.

          The next day you call 123 again asking that they release the iphone since you do not have a stay with vodafone, this obviously only works if you really don't have a stay.

          I used this same trick both to unlock my iPhone from orange and from vodafone, of course the orange customer service number is different.

          1.    jonny said

            Hello Fabian I need to contact you but I will explain my case to you.
            look like a second hand vodafone Iphone 4s i want to release it. but I do not have a stay with vodafone, what's more, I have bought a vodafone prepaid card to be able to use the iphone, and I want to do this trick, can I do this trick being a vodafone prepaid card?
            answer please
            I leave you my email to be able to contact us better: jonnathan12_@hotmail.com

        3.    Akhen18 said

          I correct what Jose says: A holder of a vodafone line can free up any vodafone terminal for € 6, but only one terminal per year, unless it is a Platinum client who can free up whatever they want for this price.

          1.    gabrielxlea said

            Hello Akhen18 I mean that if I tell a friend that he has a contract that he calls vodafone they would release him. I bought my second-hand iPhone and I don't know who sold it to me or where it will be. 

            1.    Akhen18 said

              Exactly Gabrielxlea, any owner of vodafone can do it, I have also checked it on 2 occasions.

          2.    Veloki10 said

            I am a platinum customer and they do not want to release an iPhone because the line I had is not registered with vodafone ...

            1.    Juan Jose Garcia Flores placeholder image said

              denounces the company to the organization in defense of the consumer, that is hand of saint

            2.    Cesar Silva said

              Veloki my iphone is from vodafone Spain but I am in Peru and I have no way to contact the technical service from there, since you are platinum, can you do the service and I will make the deposit of 6 euros please?

          3.    Daromar said

            Hello ,
            One doubt I am from vodafone and I have no permanence but my wife has changed to movistar and I want to buy a second-hand vodafone. Could I release that mobile to the number of the old vodafone even if they are different terminals?

          4.    Sagasta-3 said

             akhen that is not true, I requested the release of an iphone for a portability that I did to yoigo, through another line that I have with vodafone and they did not accept it

        4.    Juan Jose Garcia Flores placeholder image said

          you're wrong

      2.    Stherpizarronoria said

        And how did you do it, tell me please

        1.    jonny said

          Hello I would like to know how you did it to release it! 😀

      3.    the powder shop said

        this works for you
        I assure

  21.   sDF said

    It seems to me that people have not understood the post ... and I honestly do not know why ... there is no talk of releasing after the end of the stay or that they charge you X euros for vodafone ... they are talking about liberation by IMEI totally independent of whether you are with vodafone or you have a thousand years of permanence ... RELEASE THE TERMINAL WITHOUT THE OPERATOR KNOWING IT, SO THEY DON'T TAKE ANYTHING ... in the same situation, freeing one from movistar goes for € 10-15 and if it is from vodafone or from orange is an armed robbery, better a liberating card

  22.   Domi_p said

    I released my iphone 4 from vodafone it cost me 130 bucks. I paid that because in the long run vodafon is a robbery with the issue of data rate and yamadas it was more profitable for me to pay that money for the release than to continue with eyosss and I asked yoigo which is better in prices?

  23.   texas said

    This subject is much more complex than people imagine, we will start by saying that there are no "legal" IMEI releases before ending the stay with an operator. The Apple system is absolutely different from the rest of the mobile phones, while the usual thing is that in other brands, for example Nokia, Samsung etc, a «calculator» (computer application that performs thousands of operations per minute and extracts the unlock code) Get the unlocking code that is the one that the "liberator" gives you, the same one that you manually put in the mobile to be released after first inserting a sim from another operator that is the mobile, because in Apple this is absolutely different, let's say "Someone" gets hold of the unlock codes, but that is of little use, because that same "someone" has to enter that code and the release instruction on Apple's servers, which when detecting the connected iPhone in iTunes, they immediately release it. Because in some operators it is cheaper than in others, simple .. in some there are many «somebody» within ... and therefore there is competition and in others there is less «someone» and less competition, I think that a little more to good connoisseurs it is necessary to explain.

    1.    Free IMEI said

      It is not quite like that but you are the one who comes closest ...

  24.   hopegreen said

    I will try to explain my experience in a very very summarized way:
    Last month I tried to free the mobile (iphone 4) from vodafone no longer permanently.
    1. I call 123 and ask to be released
    2. I provide the IMEI
    3. They tell me that they will charge me € 6 and that I will receive a message when it is released
    4. I received a message saying: "Your request has been made"
    5. I went to process the portability to a Low Cost operator
    6. Portability executed after 6 calls from vodafone intanting me to seduce
    7. Surprise !!! iphone locked
    8. I call vodafone:
    me: »Why isn't my iphone free?»
    vodafone: »We are sorry but the application was processed incorrectly and it is no longer from vodafone»
    I: »And what do I do?»
    vodafone: »Do it on your own by other means»
    9. Pay € 115 to release it
    Conclusion: They try to confuse the staff and I'm sure they take a part of the release money.
    Vodafone = SCAMMERS
    I hope that time will put them in their place, feeling very sorry for the people who are going to be unemployed.

    1.    Trentino said

      That passes you by trusting

      1.    Lukiluk said

        This type of comments save them because it is disgusting to read them when they do not happen to you or you are not in that situation.

    2.    Andrew said

      Sure, is that these cabr…. You get dizzy "your request has been made" only your request, the release itself has not been done yet.

  25.   joaconacho18 said

    How terrible everything they charge, here in Chile the unlocking by IMEI is FREE under any company, be it Movistar, Claro, Entel, Nextel, Virgin Mobile and VTR mobile. 

  26.   Zecamil said

    Here in Colombia the procedure lasts 1 hour, and it is at GRATIN, that is, 0 pesos, of course if it is bought in Colombian operators

  27.   Jordi 31416 said

    Hello everyone, in Spain and at least in Movistar when you have had your mobile for a month, it can be released.

  28.   Gustyle said

    In tyana it is cheap within what fits € 80

  29.   Nanosn said

    It's simple, I hope to know how to explain myself. Apple does not block any mobile phone, what they block is the imei, and the companies do it. So when Apple sells the mobile phone, it sells the imei of that mobile.
    The imei belong to the operators, and to release it, each operator asks for money. Moviestar, for example, asks for something less than € 10.
    Well now there are servers to release those imeis, what they do is request apple to release that imei, apple requests it from the operator and sees that it costs € 10 with movistar, so the owner of the server has to pay those 10 € to apple to pay the operator and unlock the imei.
    But not all operators release their imeis, for example orange, they do not do it for any price, unless you do it with them directly and I think vodafone charges € 120 or so, that's why those prices are so expensive.
    I do not know if I explained well

    1.    Nanosn said

      The prices, I have put them approximate, because moviestar is that it is slightly less than 10 and vodafone is that it is less than 120.

      1.    xsolutions said

        That is not entirely true to see vodafone will never sell the code to a company and lose a tenure vodafone as a company prefers to blacklist you as a delinquent and not let you go so happy the release codes are given by the same employees who have access to that data and give it to apple

  30.   fabiannicolini said

    Whoever wants to release his iPhone from VODAFONE for 6 euros whatever the model that goes through my thread on this page;


  31.   Harima_1087 said

    Does anyone know if El Salvador will also release it to you once the contract ends

  32.   Edusm_74 said

    I have completed my stay of my iphone 4 with vodafone, so I have already paid for it and it is mine. So why do they ask me for € 6 to release it? Is there any way to save them? And it is not for the € 6 but for how little embarrassment they are! I move to orange decided, even if it is for rates. Greetings!!

  33.   Jobs said

    It is a basic rule of capitalism, when you have no competition your enemy is your client.

  34.   javinath said

    I just released my iPhone 4 last August, and I can say that it was a lot easier than I initially expected. It was enough with a call to customer service, wait a few days, pay € 6 and my free phone to use with any company.
    Right now my iPhone works with Yoigo.

  35.   Mr ortin said

    In August I ended my stay with Vodafone, I called 123 to release the iPhone 4 and they charged me € 6 plus VAT… in less than a week they sent me an email and a technician contacted me. I connected it to iTunes and now I'm happily from Amena.

    And to think that € 6 seemed abusive to me since I had my entire stay and according to what I read, they don't have to charge anything.
    Keep trying, but I don't understand why they get on the vine in some cases.

  36.   Jesus Arriero Rodriguez said

    It seems to me that what about Vodafone is that they have a face that they step on in this way they try to keep the customer always tied to their company

  37.   Luis said

    Well, I called 123 a few days ago after ending my stay and they told me to call again in 12 days with an application number that they gave me, and then they would give me the code and how to do it, is that normal?

  38.   Ramon said

     I had the 3G with movistar, after two years I bought the 4 with movistar too, I called to have the 3G released but I gave the IMEI of the 4, the next day I released the 3G, and both were free, the 4 with just one week of life

    1.    trolls hunter said

      jaaaajajajja already clear…. an imei a terminal ... well that's how it goes xDD

  39.   Edg Suarez Montero said

    I have been released for free in movistar at the end of the stay

  40.   john conor said


  41.   P3p3lu said

    If the mobile is from orange, can it be associated with vodafone and then released?

  42.   carlosgutierrezconde said

    Because they are a few hptas I have paid a paston for my iPhone during the 18-month stay, 300 euros initially and 60 monthly flat rate, I have finished the stay on October 10 and it is impossible for them to release my mobile. the only thing they have offered me is: go to card

  43.   Sagasta-3 said

    Hello, I read and read and I do not see the light. Can someone tell me if it is possible to unlock an iphone 4 from vodafone? I carried out a portability to yoigo, but before obtaining it, I requested the release from vodafone, they told me that 24 hours before the portability became effective, I would call them and they would process the release, I forgot to make the call that day and now they say they cannot do it. I had been with vodafone for a few years, but had a permanent contract, for which I paid the penalty.

    1.    fabianx said

      My mother, yours is a joke, how do you think of trying to get your phone released if you are no longer from Vodafone, even though you have been with them for 30 years?

      If you have forgotten to make the call, you have nothing left to do.

      Of course, it is possible to release an iPhone in almost the same way that I say a little above in the comments, I can assure you since I myself have released an iPhone 4S from orange in the same way.

      But seeing how little clever you are, I think you will not make it even if you get the most clueless operator of the entire group of operators. 

    2.    Late Ione said

       I'm in the same situation. I requested the release after portability materialized and now they refuse to release it because I am not a customer. It seems that the only solution is to behave again and request it as a vodafone customer. It certainly seems like a robbery and blackmail to me and I'm not going to do it for now. I'm going to try to file a complaint and see if I can solve something that way. They are thiefs"

      1.    Santos said

        You can try but I don't think you will get much, if you are not a customer they do not have the obligation to release the terminal for you.

  44.   Carmen said

    Hello everyone, due to poor portability,
    the vodafone company (although I had ended my stay with them)
    refuses to release it, so I can't use it with my new company and the cost of
    external liberalization is very high. I would need a person with an iphone who has ended the period of stay but who belongs to vodafone to
    carry out the call center procedure and thus release my mobile. I move
    and I do it with the owner in front, of course, and I reward him with € 25.
    Only serious propositions, thank you.

  45.   Gabiflys said

    I honestly see things here that I do not understand, first if you want to Unlock your Iphone terminal with vodafone to those of you who want to change company, do not even think about requesting portability before having it free, I ended the stay, make the request for release in two days indeed my iphone terminal connect to itunes and free, as long as it was free and verified the request for portability to another company and empaz, do not think about carrying out a portability before releasing the mvl because otherwise vodafone with all the ace of the law How are you going to stop being from the company they will not release the mvl but this not only happens with vodafone, it happens with orange and all now movistar no pk no longer uploads mobile phones and from the first minute they release that and my recommendation for all those who you are having problems unlocking an iphone with vodafone! first release and check that it is so and second portabilities. regards

  46.   Leticiacd97 said

    I do not understand very well, I am from Movistar and I have obtained an iPhone from vodafone, what do I do to release it and be able to use it?

  47.   memillan said

    Hello, I summarize my case:
    -I have an Iphone 4, which I had with a contract of permanence with vodafone, which I have already finished.
    - When I finish I switch it to a prepaid card (with Vodafone)
    - Now I want to release him, but with no intention of changing.
    - I call 123, after giving them all the information and they verify them, they give me an application number and tell me that in 48 hours at most they will contact me.
    - After spending two days and not calling anyone, I call 123 again and they tell me that the 48 hour thing is not like that, that it is needed to carry out the operation about 10 days maximum (according to them the code has to be given by Apple I get pissed off and they apologize
    - A few days later I receive an SMS that says that the request with number… ..has been carried out successfully. ?????????????.
    - A few days later I call 123 again and after another data verification the operator tells me that there is a problem and that the IMEI does not match the line number (cabero morrocotudo), if I have the contract in front of it and everything matches perfectly , the box, the ITunes information, the copy of the contract etc ……… The operator tells me (they look like machines) that a new request has been made with another number (which they have not informed me) and that by February 5 they will answer me. Of course and although I think that these girls are not to blame for anything, I threaten them with all kinds of legal actions ……… .etc ……… .. and that on Monday I will call and demand a solution or someone other than them and that I can give.
    Can you shed a little light on this topic for me? Of course if I finish this, they will say goodbye for life to having something with them. IT SEEMS TO ME A HAIR TAKING, A FUCKING AND THAT ENDS WITH ANYONE'S PATIENCE ………. All the best

  48.   mab said

    Hello, I work in the Vodafone Platinum customer service department, so I'm going to tell you what my daily job is. Any client who no longer has permanence associated with the line and the telephone that he wants to release, who continues to be registered with that number in the company, both in contract and if he has that number in prepaid but in its day it was a contract, and complies a series of basic requirements such as that your line is active and does not have pending amounts at the time of requesting the management, just by providing us with the phone model and the imei number and, after the information and acceptance by the client of the price of that management: 6 euros (which will be invoiced) a request is opened from our department to another that is dedicated to that and in a short time that department gets in touch to inform you of the process that you must follow for the release. . For requests, platinum customers call 22160, diamonds call 1212 and the rest of customers call 123. Regards

  49.   jose said

    vodafone uses a stupid policy with the release of their iphone 4. I was in vodafone for more than 10 years and now I switched to movistar although not very convinced. The day before running portability, I requested the release of my vodafone iphone 4, I did not know what could be done in vodafone. They did not put any problem on me at that time ... a few days later, being a movistar, I called vodafone to see what happened with my release and surprise! They told me that they no longer did it because it was from another company, well ... now I am not going to return to vodafone in my life, what's more, I have removed my relatives from vodafone and now I continue with my friends ... in a family business they have more than twenty Telephone lines with orange and the end of stay now, I was thinking of going to vodafone but now I am moving to movistar, much more efficient in its policy, at least here in Spain ... I do not recommend vodafone to anyone and liberalize their mobile phones before carrying out their portability because later it will be impossible. Vodafone with the mobile phone tries to keep its customers unscrupulous, but they are wrong because they lose them for life ... and forget about what I read about associating mobile with another person from vodafone and then trying to free the terminal, because I tried and did not It has been possible for me, in any case with the person who I have tried I have convinced her to switch to another company

  50.   Unlock with vodafone said

    Vodafone does not free you at all from a terminal that you do not have associated with an account in your name. I have worked as a telemarketer with them and the first thing that is verified is that the imei you provide is from a terminal with more than a year old in contract, acquired in the company. They charge you about 7 euros. If they change it due to a breakdown, you can look for life, although if it is an iphone, (by replacement) they will drive you crazy

  51.   Sergio said

    God! remove the advertising that appears in the middle! it doesn't interest me and it won't let me read!

  52.   amaterasu said

    I release vodafone terminals, I just want to thank you, because through forums like this, we are carrying out more checks and it is easier to catch you in your lies

    1.    whoosh! said

      xD write well, I believe you xD

  53.   Cesar Silva said

    Hello, my iPhone is from Vodafone Spain, but I am in Peru and I have no way of contacting the vodafone technical service since even on the page it asks me for a customer number and password and things like that, if someone has the service vodafone platinium to call me for the release I give you the iphone data and I send you the cost of the release thank you in advance

  54.   Mungitek said

    We carry out official releases for any Vodafone iPhone 4m 4S and 5.