Do you have problems with the WiFi on the iPhone? Try these solutions

iPhone does not connect Wifi

Your iPhone won't connect to WiFi? Every time a new version of an operating system is released, new problems appear. These problems are usually related to autonomy, overheating or, what this entry is about, the WiFi connection. Some users have reported that you have problems when connecting to your WiFi network, something that can be quite annoying and even have a negative impact on our data plan. In this article we will show you several possible solutions to one of the most common iPhone problems.

What we want is for you to find a solution to typical WiFi problems on the iPhone or iPad. ¿What to do if it does not detect WiFi networks or disconnects? Low signal? Look at the following solutions that we propose because they will solve the problems you have with your iPhone's Internet connection using wireless networks.

Restart your devices

The first thing we will try is to disconnect and reconnect the WiFi from our iPhone, iPod or iPad. It is what we have more at hand (from the Control Center) and it is the most comfortable and fast. If this doesn't fix it, we will restart our device. The next thing we will try is restart our router.

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Forget the WiFi network

Something that can work is forget our WiFi network. To do this we will go to Settings / WiFi, we will touch on the «i» next to our WiFi network and we will touch on «Forget this network». Once forgotten, we reconnect manually to see if the problem is solved.


Reset Network Settings

If the above does not solve the problem, we will go to Settings / General / Reset / and touch Reset network settings. This will reset the network settings, so we will have to re-enter all the passwords for the WiFi networks and, probably, reconfigure the APN of our operator.

Reset network settings on an iPhone that won't connect to WiFi

Activate / Deactivate the WiFi assistant

From iOS 9 our iPhone, iPod or iPad can connect to the mobile network if the WiFi does not provide us with a good connection. This option is also possible that it is causing us a failure, so we will try to activate / deactivate it to make sure that it is not the root of our problems. To activate / deactivate the WiFi assistant we will go to Settings / Mobile data and activate / deactivate Assistance for WiFi.

wifi support

Disable location services for WiFi Network Connection

If the problem persists, we still have one thing to test. To deactivate the location services for WiFi network connections we will go to Settings / Privacy / Location / System services and we will deactivate Wi-Fi network connection.

Wifi network connection

Clean restore using iTunes

And, as always, if none of the above worked, we'll do a clean restore with iTunes to rule out software issues.

Does your iPhone still not connect to WiFi? We hope that with these tricks you will no longer have any problem when connecting to a wireless network from the iPhone or iPad.

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  1.   Juan Fco Carretero (@ Juan_Fran_88) said

    I am with beta 2 of iOS 9.1 and all the problems I had with the wifi in iOS 9.0 and iOS 9.0.1 have disappeared

    1.    mariapaulabr said

      hello how can i download the beta version ios 9.1? update to 9.0.1 and it does not allow me to activate or connect to wifi

      1.    Ihan said

        None worked for me
        My problem is that I connect to a network and when I move away from the modem it disconnects

  2.   David said

    I know this is not here, but the twitter and facebook applications are very slow on iOS 9. I slide up or down and the applications jump. It is exasperating that with an iPhone 6 these lags are experienced

  3.   daffodil said

    yes, I'm still fatal iOS 9.0.1 with iphone 6 super slow too lag

    1.    Andrea said

      It tells me to disconnect from the internet and I cannot update iOS 9.3 and it cannot with anything

  4.   Pablo said

    I was slow with the Wi-Fi connection on my iPhone but today from one moment to the next it did not want to connect anymore, I already tried everything described on the page, I was restarting the break even with the internet company but nothing worked, I restored the iPhone to factory, start from zero h either, what can I do?

    Thank you

  5.   Juan said

    AFTER UPDATING TO IOS 9.2 IT DOESN'T ALLOW ME TO ACTIVATE OR CONNECT TO WIFI .. it shows me the icon with a black circle when scrolling from bottom to top .. Help

    1.    Adan said

      The same happens to me, I tried everything and it's still the same

      1.    Maria Fernanda said

        I took my mobile to have it checked at ishop (it is an authorized distributor of apple in mexico) they did tests and they told me that the wifi was working correctly that it was possibly an update problem that would restore it (which they told me in apple too and out of fear not I have done it I thought that with the update it was going to improve so it was worse on occasions it does and sometimes it takes time to connect to the Wi-Fi network that is to say when I get to a site that I have the network already on the mobile this also happens to my best friend) I suppose it is the update that has not yet corrected the error Adam is the option to restore it, you have a backup before you can do it in icloud and deactivate search for iphone before doing the restoration from iTunes and without backup leave it as new. Try it for a day like that and you check it, you can download your contacts from the copy of icloud because if you restore it from itunes you can pass the error (it was what a main support advisor told me e de apple) you have to try and if not always this technical service

    2.    yahily said

      The same thing happens to me as well and according to what they say is a problem with the antenna, and they also say that the system is not valid because there are these problems, Apple should do the same as it did with the 4s and offer us a change of equipment.

    3.    Judith Olivera said

      This is happening to me now .. And the iPhone restarts every so often, how did you solve it?

  6.   Miriam said

    It happened to me exactly the same after updating to 9.2 my iPhone 6 is in dark gray the wifi icon,

  7.   javi said

    I am activated but I do not see a Wi-Fi signal, none does not detect them

    1.    livier said


  8.   Max said

    I also have that problem on my iphone 4s, from one moment to another I stopped grabbing the wifi, I still had the option to activate / deactivate it, the only problem was that no network was detected, either from my house or from any other side, but after resetting the network settings, the problem got worse (you could say) in the control center the wi-fi icon was replaced by a gray circle, preventing me from activating it, I have even in the configuration options it prevents me do it, blocking the entire screen, with a grayish color as a sign that it is not possible to interact in that part.
    The truth is that I no longer wanted to try any of the other methods so as not to be wasting my time, now I only have to go to a technician to check the matter and verify that it is not a problem with the software, but with the hardware.

    1.    Dzzy said

      The same thing happened to me and I solved it in a strange way ... I removed the sim, I restarted it without sim and it already let me access the wi-fi settings and connect normally

      1.    jeanpierr said

        Thanks Dzzy ami tmb it worked for me.

        1.    lucia said

          Thank you very much I tried many things but this was the only thing that worked for me

    2.    Juan said

      Hi MAX, the same thing happens to me with an iPhone 6, I don't know what to do anymore. Did you find any solution?

  9.   Alice said

    since the last update on my iphone the wi-fi connection is a catastrophe… I have to be less than 3m from the router to receive a signal !!!! If I move away more than 5m I lose it !!!!

    1.    Alexis said

      The same thing happens to me Alicia, if you find a solution please let me know.
      Thank you very much in advance and greetings

    2.    Yolanda said

      The same thing happens to me, they have told me that the antenna may be damaged. If you found a solution, please share it, you are desperate.

  10.   Guillermo Maple said

    I have an iPhone 6 and I don't have the campar tif internet icon !! How do I make it appear? Funny

    1.    Nelber Vega said

      Guille and others the same thing happens to me when I move away from the router, the signal is lost, so I opted to change the antenna, I acquired a new antenna (iphone 5), I replaced the technical service and the phone remains the same, it loses signal when moving away from the router…. friends, the problem is not an antenna, the problem is in the wifi chip of the main board :(, it is solved by applying controlled heat (reflow) on the chip in question without abusing and thus achieving connectivity without it being lost again … Good luck to everyone

  11.   Carlos B said

    I have a 6 plus with IOS 9.2 and the connection with wifi does not work well, other cell phones with Android on the same network fly and I like a slow car !!! I have already tried everything and it remains the same, also when all the other calus detect the Wi-Fi network, mine does not, I have to try several times to achieve it. I'm re hot !!! But for example, if I have a good 3G or LTE signal, my cell phone flies much faster than with Wi-Fi !!! please help !!

  12.   Zpol said

    I also have the same problem, super boring because in my house the signal from the operator is very low, and by obligation I have to connect to the Wi-Fi, but since the update to iOS 9 ... I am literally disappointed with the iPhone, instead of improving ! They go down with such absurd problems I hope a solution is found soon, I am buying an android It is very exasperating to have to stick to the modem for an IPHONE 6 plus to connect well

    1.    Maria Fernanda said

      have you already solved it?

    2.    Erika said

      Hello, I have the same problem, my wifi did not serve me more than a meter away from the router, and with the last update it has been worse, I literally have to be next to it to be able to get a signal, I wanted to know if you could solve it, or if someone knows how to do it, this problem makes me desperate.

      1.    Carlos Manuel said

        I updated with the ios 9.3.1 and now it connects to the wifi but does not navigate: is someone the same thing?

        1.    Cristian said

          I have problems with my iPhone 6s Plus, the wi-fi appears, it asks me for the password, if I enter it, it says incorrect password, verified the other computers, the password is fine and connects normal and that happens with all wi-fi networks, the wrong password appears I don't know how to solve it I've done everything but it doesn't work

        2.    Carlos said

          Friend happened to me precisely today! It asked me to update my iPhone update and my wifi fails sometimes, I mean, the signal is full but it does not send and does not receive data more than sometimes.

          1.    Light and Shade said

            Hello good! I have a 6GB iPhone 64S Plus, I bought it yesterday and I have the same problem: wrong password. Did you find a solution?

  13.   Fonseca said

    I have exactly the same problem since upgrading to IOS 9.2. The horrible cell phone overheats and the bad wifi, I thought my cell phone was damaged, now there are android that measure up to iOS and at a much more comfortable price. I had always chosen iPhone for its quality and durability, but apparently these phones are more expensive every day and provide less quality and comfort to the customer. They became just a brand and nothing more.

  14.   Maria Fernanda said

    to me it connects and disconnects sometimes from wifi (ios 9.2.1) it is already less ios than with ios 9.2

  15.   Flower said

    I have to be very close to the router to access a network! This problem consumes all the megabytes of my plan! I already tried everything they say and nothing.

  16.   Ginette said

    hello someone help me update the iOS 9.2.1. and the wi fi icon is gray it does not turn on.

    1.    Loyal memo said

      hello ginnette sorry .. could you solve your problem with the wifi icon in gray or is it still the same ... I have an iphone 4s with ios 9.2.1 and I have the same problem

  17.   Loyal memo said

    hello I have the same problem with the recent update of iOS 9.2.1, the truth is that Apple does not have a mother now is to wait until February 5 for the next update

    1.    Yadira said

      I have the same problem and I can't find a way to solve it

  18.   Juan Camilo Aguirre said

    Ahh that bad I until days ago I began to see the weak Wi-Fi connection and I have to be
    Nearby so that the connection is not lost I have version 9.2 and I thought that my wifi had been damaged or something but when reading all the messages I see many problems just like mine

  19.   Rafael said

    I have the iphone 6. It does not connect the wifi. And I always get a text message with the following. REG-RESP? V = 3; r = 1911692942; n = + 51942899868; s = 0256B2AC6EFFFFFFFF18D7C755DC4666E840B3E908770F9F631481CFC9
    I already did all the steps but nothing. Any suggestion?

  20.   Juan Manuel said

    Having tried the previous options and without an effective solution, I tell you that in my case the only thing that worked was deactivating the low power mode! If any works for you, try this!

  21.   Holbert said

    It happens to me that it connects but does not navigate. I tried going to the network, I give Forget this Network, then I connect again, I pass the Proxy to Automatic mode and I say Renew Lease. The only thing is that every time you disconnect from the network or lose the signal due to distance, you have to do the same.

    1.    CINTHIA said


      1.    Animal said

        Corriendito I'm going right now to change the wifi microchip to a mobile of hundreds of leuros with a Russian tutorial and disassembling another previous iPhone, how I did not think about it before.

  22.   goni said

    I had the problem that my IPHONE 6 with my own home WIFI that has 3 MB speed, it was too slow, I could not even enter YOUTUBE, using 3G data it was different, my iPhone became an airplane but the cost is high .
    What I did was go to configure my Laplink ROUTER and change the channel that was set to automatic for 1, and that's it, my iPhone now flies with my WIFI.
    I clarify that I did not do the test with other WIFI only with mine.

  23.   trucutu said

    Excellent. iphone 6+, 9,2.1. it worked for me to activate wifi assistant. Thanks a lot

  24.   Hector said

    When I connect to any Wi-Fi network (even sharing Wi-Fi from another phone), it throws me an error of incorrect password, this happens to me in all Wi-Fi networks that I try to connect.
    If you could help me, I would appreciate it, since it causes me many problems and I am spending a lot of data.

    1.    Alberto said

      The same thing happens to me, you already solved it

  25.   junior said

    Update to the 9.2.1 version and the sim car does not read me and the wifi does not appear so that it appears I put the modem next to it and I have wifii I put the password and it tells me invalid being correct.

  26.   pepper said

    update my iPhone 6 with ios 9.2.1 for error 53, and now I cannot access the wifi networks since the icon appears in a very faint gray color and it is not possible to activate it, could you help me

  27.   Margaret said

    Hello Friends, I was the same as you and after hours of looking for a solution I went to modern and changed the name of my wifi and password and guess it worked magically, it is the router that sometimes goes out of configuration and this happens, hopefully this will help you DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE THE CHANGES!! Greetings from Chile

  28.   Antonio said

    Reset Network Settings worked for me. Thank you for posting this solution to this problem.

  29.   Germán said

    Hello friends, I have an Iphone 4s and I have the same problem with wifi. does not connect, the icon is grayed out and I have tried all the above options and it has not worked for me. The only thing that I found to be visualizing it in a youtube tutorial was applying heat to the iphone with a hairdryer and activating the block with temperature. Once it crashes, wait for it to restart and restart again. Restarted for the second time, wifi is activated and can be accessed without problems. This solution is for a while and when the Wi-Fi icon turns gray again, you have to repeat the procedure. I understand that this problem is software and apple has not given any solution yet. I hope it works for you and I also hope that apple fixes this problem.

  30.   DanieleMcFly said

    Hello, I tried to update my iPhone 5 to iOS 9.3 final having the beta, it gives me an error that tells me to disconnect from the internet, I did all your steps and it tells me the same thing, I need your help please.

  31.   Francisco said

    Hello everyone, I just received my new iPhone 6s Plus and the Wi-Fi signal is correct but there pages of which I open them and another I park without a signal, some applications open it and another I get the cone that has a connection that I do is a problem from the end or is it the update I have the 9.3.1 installed thanks

  32.   Alexis said

    I have iphone 6 plus with ios 6.3.1 and I do not get a wifi signal ... I need an urgent solution .. I have already reestablished settings, restored from 0 and nothing .. no network appears

  33.   Rafa Porter said

    Thanks for your help, genius friend .., I just bought a second-hand iphone 6 and first I couldn't find a network in my gym and then the wifi was slow .., and thanks to your advice I already solved the problems ..

  34.   daniel said

    I have a problem with the wifi of the iphone 6, I was doing fine until I updated the iphone, suddenly in a week the wifi started to go bad, until today, it no longer works for me.
    What happens is that although this connected does not work, and I can not search for any other network, if someone can help me it would be appreciated.

  35.   Omar said

    I have an iPhone 6 and the Wi-Fi signal is terrible! I have to be glued to the router to receive a signal, more than 3 meters away my phone does not detect the signal! IF SOMEONE HAS THE SOLUTION, PLEASE COMMENT

    1.    Yolanda said

      Hello, I have the same problem. Have you been able to solve it?

      1.    Omar said

        Hello Yolanda, I tell you that I went to a service and they changed my signal antenna, it was bad. It had to be glued to the router, the same with bluetooth, My 3G and 4G data worked perfectly, it cost me 45 dollars and now my wifi / bluetooth works wonderfully, it was the antenna.

    2.    Lorenzo said

      I have the same problem Omar. Please someone help us! I only have wifi if I stick within half a meter of the router. my data flies !! please help

  36.   mafer said

    someone has a random wifi connection?

  37.   Georg said

    I have iPhone 6, the WiFi in gray, the blutooth does not start, it just keeps spinning, I already restarted, restored, put the freezer, restored everything that could be restored, activate and deactivate the WiFi in the location option and nothing.
    Anyone know if there is solution or better xambia r WiFi antenna.
    Apart from that it heats a thousand and discharges ufffff

    1.    PACO said

      Hello georg the exact same thing happens to me !! It happened to me 3 days ago !!! Could you already solve it ???

  38.   Pedro Pablo said

    I have the same damn problem of the circle, I already restarted, restored and nothing

    1.    mafer said

      have you updated it yet? 9.3.2 is out

  39.   Jenny said

    Mine goes off the WiFi when I connect with my iPhone, if it's another cell phone nothing happens, but when I connect my iPhone it stops working for everyone, what do I do?

  40.   Net said

    Hello everyone, I have the problem of deactivating the wifi icon, my computer is a 4s IOS 9.2.1, I tried the solutions in the post and nothing, the only thing I need to do is update the computer but I read in others post that it is not recommended to update since being 4s will lose some functions. Hope they share a solution if someone finds it. Greetings!

  41.   Marcelo said

    After the update that I did, I can no longer activate the wi fi, I have already updated the iOS to the latest version and nothing that is solved now I cannot connect with the wifi only with the data that I do when the data is finished as I can fix

  42.   Alberto said

    PLEASE HELP every time I connect to a network and put the correct password, it launches me that the password is incorrect, do you have any solution ??? help me please 🙁

  43.   Wilda said

    I have an iPhone 6 and it does not want to work the wifi, it is Gray, I took it to the iizone store in my country, Dominican Republic, after a month and a half, they tell me that they have no solution, that the iPhone had no answer to this case, the cell phone is not under warranty; but I was willing to pay for the arrangement.

    I would like the address to communicate to the iPhone.

  44.   Mauricio Ruiz said

    I have an IPHONE 6 iOS 9.3.2 and the Wifi signals do not appear unless it is next to the router. I have already tried all the settings suggested above but it remains the same.
    Does anyone know what happens?
    Is it a technical or version problem?
    And what should be done

    1.    krystina said

      Hello Mauritius, the same thing happens to you, it worked well for me and a week ago the wiffi does not connect me unless I put myself right next to the router, my boyfriend has another iPhone 6 with the same ios 9.3.2 He no longer happens to him and he finds like 10 wifis and I can't find any, if they find a solution or something, let me know, will it be from ios or will it be a problem with the wifi antenna?

  45.   Christian said

    Hello, I have a 5s, the wifi works very well with iOS 9.3.2 but the Bluetooth does not find any device to connect and goes into a loop

  46.   jose said

    I have 6 iPhone, two 6s plus, one 6s, one6, one 5s and 5c when updating all but the 5c, the wifi fails, it does not connect or is turned off, I have changed two Apple iPhones for two new terminals, and exactly the same thing happens , I have reported apple, but I have no answer, so guys, this iphone is starting to be a poop, this has disappointed me …….

    1.    daniel said

      hello jose how good and been looking for a solution to my problem since I have an iphone 6 plus.,.,., the problem arose when I updated to ios 9.3.2. It connects me to Wi-Fi but I can't update apps or download anything, I get an impossible message to download the app. Now all my apps do not work for me.,.,. I uploaded to ios 9.3.3 in case it was solved and nothing the problem persists. I tried everything they say in the most channel and nothing ..,. I restored it and nothing.,. simply if I use a vpn the problem disappears..without the return.,.,. what apple failures.,.,., greetings,.,.

  47.   James said

    When reading all the comments in this post, it is clear that there are several options for failure of the wifi: Configuration settings, iOS version problems and Hardware problems with the wi fi antenna.
    You have to try everything to discover what is the fault that your Equipment has

  48.   David Ortega said

    Good friends, if many of us have this fault, I have an iPhone 5 and it does not recognize many Wi-Fi signals. I have little signal. I would like you to help me with some suggestion or solution. Please, I need Wi-Fi. I cannot be next to the router all day. Thank you. HELP !! D:

  49.   Hugo :@ said

    I really tried everything, it connects to the Wi-Fi network but it does not navigate, I restored the phone as factory, I restored the network settings, and still it does not navigate ... Really a very bad experience sincerely, it is my second iphone, the previous one was the 5S and also from one day to the next I stop connecting to the wifi .. at least this one that I have the 6S connects but does not navigate .. I hate that I have apple.

  50.   Fernando said

    My wife updated her iPhone and she has the problems mentioned here, I didn't do it, just that I spend it every day declining the little sign where she asks me to update but it is better to do that than suffer the problems.

    1.    Hugo said

      IMPORTANT: I ​​have been trying to see the root cause of these problems, and do you know what worked at least in my case? Reset the modem, turn it off and turn it on or disconnect the cables ... Two days ago I tried this at peak times and the truth is that it worked wonderfully, previously I connected wifi but did not navigate. I understand that there are wifi frequencies that, as we well know, work in hertz or hertz, (GHz is the normal frequency of a wifi network) but what happens, there are frequencies of 5 and 2.5GHz, which being the first 5GHz they are available for distances shorter and does not support as many devices. Consider the connections you have and try resetting the modem. Greetings and I hope to help you in whatever way.

    2.    Hugo said

      Ah! I forgot, this is by way of trial and error, as the days go by I will continue to test the operation, for the moment it works like this. I hope that is the problem, maybe the iphone supports frequencies that I still do not understand, but the idea is.

  51.   Carmen said

    Super good advice. The option to Disable WiFi Assistant worked for me. Thanks a lot!! No more anger at my iPad

  52.   Juan said

    I have iPhone 6, I change the chip and the wifi stops working 🙁 I already restored from iTunes and it remains the same, someone who can help me? I am now on IOS version 9.3.5. This problem has any solution?

    1.    Isabel said

      Juan I have the same problem!

  53.   Edgar said

    It happened to me that the wifi appears in gray after updating an iPhone 10s Plus to iOS 6, has it happened to someone else? Do you know the solution?

    1.    palm said

      Hi Edgar, I had to change the screen a week ago, after two days I updated to ios 10 and after 3 days of being working well the wifi does not connect, when the signal is connected it is very weak regardless of how close it is of the router and I have tried all the possible solutions of this post, nor restoring it from the factory. It keeps failing me, I am about to take it to see if it is the antenna that has been damaged when changing the screen but I think this is an IOS error. If I get a solution I write, greetings.

  54.   Raizel said

    Palma exactly the same thing happens to me I have an iPhone 6, they changed the screen and now the remote wifi does not grab me I must be glued to the router or no more than a meter and a half away if someone found a solution to the problem I appreciate your comment.

    1.    JuditOlivera said

      Wave!! I had the same problem a couple of months ago, it was to update the device and the wifi failed, I took it to Apple to fix it and they gave me a new one, it is under warranty! And that mine above had a broken screen and they didn't make me pay anything! Good luck and regards

  55.   Rodrigo Jaimes said

    Hello Good morning my sister has the problem in iPhone 6 that both wifi fails, as well as gps and mobile data.

  56.   Gerardo said

    I have no place to carry out that iTunes backup, the IOS version I have is 10.3.2, and it seems to me that it brings problems of origin with the Wi-Fi, could it be that it cannot be solved? Slds.!

  57.   LALA said


  58.   informer00five said

    These phones are very expensive and are disposable, they do not last and what you can do online is limited

    but there are people so stupid and ignorant that they buy them because they feel cool or of a lot of money, what assholes

    I have used one, it is crap, I stay with ANDROID !!!!

  59.   Animal said

    Nothing has worked for me, it seems to me the worst thing that can happen to a mobile phone today. : /

  60.   ADRIANA said