How to update my iPad version

We explain the differences between restore and update, as well as the procedure of both and when to choose one or the other.

How to use Siri on Apple Watch

With the first Apple Watch already reaching their owners, we started a round of tutorials for it. In this post we show you how to use Siri

How to hide purchased apps in iOS 8

In this way we can hide applications previously purchased in the App Store that for some reason we do not want to show in the purchases section.

How to make an iPhone backup

In this tutorial we will teach you how to make a backup of your iPhone with both iTunes and iCloud so that you do not lose anything.

snap chat

Owner and lord of social networks

Collection of tweaks to save photos from Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook videos, and others to deactivate the double blue check of WhatsApp and more.

Re-enable 2G in iOS 8.1

With this tutorial we will be able to re-enable the 2G option that Movistar, Yoigo, Orange and Vodafone block.

How to recover a wet iPhone

They talk about how to recover our wet iPhone, after being wet by a liquid. One particular kit is described, but others are discussed.

How to use iCloud Drive

If you haven't learned about cloud services after past mistakes like MobileMe, you should give iCloud Drive a try.

How to go from Android to iOS 8

Going from Android to iOS is not difficult, it only takes a couple of steps to make sure you have all the content you need, let me guide you.

Where is the Reel in iOS 8?

Where is the old iOS 7 Reel? Do not worry that you have not lost any photos, we will tell you how the new Photos application works in iOS 8

How to take great photos with your iPhone

There are many images that we upload to social networks that are really scary, and it is not the camera but the eye that takes the photo. Improve your photos with a few tips.

Configuration profiles for your iPhone

Configuration profiles provide system administrators with a quick way to configure iPhone to work with the information systems of any business, school, or organization.

install new iOS 7 dictionaries

How to add new dictionaries in iOS 7

We show you a simple trick about how to add dictionaries in iOS 7 with which to solve your doubts about languages ​​and definitions in Spanish.

replace battery iPhone 5

How to change the battery of iPhone 5

If you bet on do it yourself when it comes to changing the battery of your iPhone 5 and saving money, we show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

How to get Cydia applications to work

Because Mobile Substrate is not yet compatible with Evasi0n 7, the Cydia applications that we install sometimes stop working. We explain how to solve it.

Now yes, Siri reads your emails

With iOS 7 we have received quite a few improvements. One of them is Siri, which is no longer a beta version, to be almost fully functional.

Keyboard shortcuts in iOS 7

With the arrival of the new iOS, Apple has renewed the virtual keyboard. In this post you will find several shortcuts to the keyboard functions in iOS 7.

5 simple tricks to improve iOS 7

Improve the experience in iOS 7 with these 5 simple tricks that will improve the accessibility of the device and its final experience.

How to delete messages in iOS 7

The new iOS 7 has changed the traditional way we knew to delete messages. The Edit icon has been replaced by the swipe gesture.